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    [–] Making a meme out of every line in Part 4 until Part 6 gets confirmed: Day 6 ImaAnimal 0 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    holy shit you just don't appreciate the beauty of young adolescent teens having fun and growing up through different scenarios and events. how it just builds up to the epic finale >! handholding scene !< was worth the 23 prior episodes. their relationship slowly progresses throughout many heartfelt scenes which portrays beauty. perfect execution. now take urself and ur flaccid pancake and go sit over there. missing out on a masterpiece.

    [–] How do people reach 10k karma? ImaAnimal 1 points ago in teenagers

    i checked like 2 months ago but the karma leaderboards thing has been down since i forgot my rank

    [–] How do people reach 10k karma? ImaAnimal 1 points ago in teenagers

    bruh you just never contact me anymore i never said i didnt like you

    [–] Anime quotes everyone knows ImaAnimal 8 points ago in anime

    "it's not like i want you to joi.. join my club anyways! b-baka!"

    [–] when you are a god in gambling but no one takes a risk on you ImaAnimal 145 points ago in Animemes

    >! 𝓎𝑒𝓈 !<

    >! i copied, cut, and rearranged your text to form that since i don't have that font !<

    [–] Area 51 Raid ImaAnimal 8 points ago in Animemes

    i can see the panties