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    [–] Cursed_Toddler ImberNox 14 points ago in cursedimages

    Sorry for being stupid and for not knowing the meaning of toddler

    [–] A cool little ocean side hike in Guam to an empty beach ImberNox 3 points ago in hiking

    Looks like that hidden place under the snow level with the penguins in Mario 64

    [–] blursed_chips ImberNox 3 points ago in blursedimages

    I would've give you an award for this comment just if I had coins

    [–] Firemelon guys ImberNox 11 points ago in facebookwins

    Delete this comment right now

    [–] Firemelon guys ImberNox 1 points ago in facebookwins

    The genius behind this is u/GlaidGD

    [–] This is so sweet ImberNox 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    Oh my god