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    [–] Nose rings are trashy as fuck IngramBirdman 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    And it actually means something, in certain cultures. If you know a Sri Lankan married woman, she could likely tell you what hers means.

    [–] Nose rings are trashy as fuck IngramBirdman 4 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I will never not let bad English affect me, however, and I think I'm pretty well into adulthood.

    [–] Nose rings are trashy as fuck IngramBirdman -4 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Yeah, but this sub is mostly people complaining about what they wrongly think are popular opinions of groups they don't like.

    [–] Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, church in Italy IngramBirdman 1 points ago in europe

    Is it safe? I imagine everyone would instantly perish when the rock face collapses. Or do some types of cliffs never collapse?

    [–] Despite popular belief, sharing similar personalities may not be that important and had almost no effect on how satisfied people were in relationships, finds new study (n=2,578 heterosexual couples), but having a partner who is nice may be more important and leads to higher levels of satisfaction. IngramBirdman 16 points ago in psychology

    "Discredited" is a little strong. For example, if you and your wife consistently fall into opposite categories, the test is saying something about you two. It's not scientific, is not very useful, but can tell an introvert that he is, in fact, an introvert at some level.

    There was a point in time when businesses were actually judging people based off these scores (yikes)

    I enjoy the wild Jungian world, because in how we speak of his ideas and constructs, we reveal something about ourselves. I consistently score INTP, and, if nothing else, it communicates that I can be thought of as INTP-ish.

    I just never claim it's a fact, and often explain how a Myers Briggs test can be fun and slightly informative, but is obviously not the end-all of personality me as sures.

    [–] Ellen Page Doubles Down on Chris Pratt ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Church Claim: ‘There Aren’t Two Sides’ IngramBirdman 9 points ago in ainbow

    It's pretty difficult to be sure that criticism is justified of other cultures, but Ellen and Chris are both of from the U.S. and are generally familiar with its variations, commonalities, etc.

    So I agree that she probably wouldn't, but I don't think it's because she's not being fair.

    [–] Call for retraction of 400 scientific papers amid fears organs came from Chinese prisoners IngramBirdman 3 points ago in worldnews

    There's also no risk of it happening again because we use that knowledge. This is a current problem of another society. It's a practical decision to ensure ethics are upheld in the future.

    [–] Is this an unpopular opinion? IngramBirdman 1 points ago in askgaybros

    Mkay dude. None of this isn't understood, I just personally never thought of any of it as sexual. If I had understood that most people see sex everywhere, I'd have felt the same way right off the bat

    [–] Is this an unpopular opinion? IngramBirdman -1 points ago in askgaybros

    Then I agree, though I still don't see how it's sexual.

    [–] Is this an unpopular opinion? IngramBirdman -3 points ago in askgaybros

    There's no debate here? I find that to be a little prick-ish.

    I, for one, never saw drag as sexual, or dance as sexual, or even bare thighs as sexual. If lots of other people do, though, then I understand and so would agree with you.

    Still... do people really sexualize drag so much? What is this, the 60's?

    [–] The LGBTQ community sucks. IngramBirdman 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Wow, I never though of it that way

    [–] No one should be fired or publicy shamed for being accused of sexual assault without it being proven in court or admitted by the person itself. IngramBirdman 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    You can swear here, it's the internet! I think witch burnings employed the use of force, and would therefore parallel modern law. In that case, the principle would fit. Also, witch killings persisted in the Americas for a while.

    [–] Extraverts don't show who they truly are, making it difficult for others to judge them. IngramBirdman 2 points ago in psychology

    I'm also intrigued, because he's providing an unscientific perspective, a really elaborate interpretation of how people are. It's fun to see through his eyes. He's like Julian Jaynes. He made really odd, fascinating, and large claims that inspire investigation

    [–] Is this an unpopular opinion? IngramBirdman 17 points ago in askgaybros

    I'm sometimes torn about that. Is drag necessarily sexualized?

    And is the child doing sexualized drag? Obviously gay men are not usually attracted to the female form, and drag is a form of breaking gender norms and expressing femininity as a man. So should we instead look at what'a considered feminine and then wonder why feminine traits and behaviors are sexualized to the degree they are?

    I mean, it seems like a nonce dream, so I'd never be comfortable with a drag child. I just don't know if the concept of a child cross-dressing and dancing is exploitative in itself