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    [–] My supernatural grandparents. Both in their 80s! InkbrushNouveau 35 points ago in SCAcirclejerk

    srs Somebody I went to school with sold Nerium for a couple of years. Their "special ingredient" is known to cause cell death. I think it's from some oleander flower, which is poisonous to begin with.

    [–] Phantom smells have been waking me up from my sleep for around 6 months InkbrushNouveau 2 points ago in AskDocs

    Do you live in an area that has a low/no cost clinic for people who can't afford insurance? You should really look into something like that as there are a lot of causes for things like this, and like your searches have shown, not all are easy to fix.

    If that doesn't work, contact your local ERs/hospitals and urgent care clinics and ask about low income assistance. Some hospitals have subsidies to help people who can't afford treatment. I've had to use them before (and no cost clinics) and had good experiences. I think there may be a cost limit or a limit to the number of times you can use the services, but I think they're at least somewhat common in areas with a lot of people.

    I get phantom smells when I get migraines, and it's most commonly scents like smoke but it's also been things like strong perfume, natural gas, rotting food, etc. I went to a neurologist, and I was also told that it could have been caused by my vitamin B-12 deficiency, which was also causing visual and auditory hallucinations for me. While I still get migraines quite regularly, I will say that since getting my deficiency treated the phantom smell part of my headaches has become less common.

    So... Sometimes it's benign. But it's still worth getting checked out ASAP. It's likely not something that requires an ER visit, but you should definitely look into income-based clinics in your region to get checked out sooner rather than later. Neurological issues are best caught earlier on to help prevent more extensive damage, if there is any.

    [–] Shampoo foams even after fifth rinse InkbrushNouveau 1 points ago in HaircareScience

    I don't know if it's still available, but I remember in the 90's or 2000's there used to be citrus and cinnamon toothpastes if that sounds better.

    [–] Fuck you, I'm smart. InkbrushNouveau 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I used to get this too. My first serious boyfriend in high school even said basically the same thing to me. Something along the lines of "You only get better grades than me because you put a lot of time into your work. I'm smarter than you, so if I tried as hard as you I'd do much better."

    What? Even if that were true (which it wasn't), if all you had to do was put a little more effort into your work to get a 4.0, why aren't you doing it? Wouldn't it be smarter to put that effort in if it's really that easy to do so? It sounds kind of dumb to avoid the effort if that's all that's holding you back.

    I've gotten it from other people as well, male and female. It's aggravating, but don't let it get you down. The best revenge is to keep kicking their asses in academics, work, and other forms of success. Some people will think of any excuse in the book to explain why they aren't as good as you, and this is sadly a common thought process.

    Now I'm annoyed! I got this so much growing up, both because I'm female and I was really poor. Why can't some people just accept that it doesn't take a penis or any other superficial qualifier tin order to be smart?

    [–] Anyone else love this game even though they had no idea what the Flipper they were doing? InkbrushNouveau 2 points ago in gaming

    Yea, the plot kind of goes off the rails after a while. I remember playing this as a kid and thinking that something was wrong because after several levels of just doing dolphin things suddenly I'm in a sci-fi game. It honestly kind of scared me until I realized that, yes, this game is secretly about an alien invasion.

    [–] What country fascinates you, but have little to no desire to actually visit and why? InkbrushNouveau 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Kazakhstan is great, and the people are so friendly. If you like red meat, you'll love the food. A lot of people complain about a lack of food diversity, but I found quite a lot that I liked. There are a lot of comfort foods, both Kazakh and Russian--doner, borscht, various dishes with horse and beef... I don't think I stumbled upon anything weird other than maybe horse, but as a westerner there aren't a ton of surprises IMO. (Sorry for the TMI, but food is one of my big worries when I travel!)

    It's a beautiful country. Even without speaking Kazakh or Russian, people will really try their hardest to help you. It's not the safest place I've visited, but it's not nearly as scary as a lot of people tend to think.

    [–] I have four labia minora -- why? (Diagram inside) InkbrushNouveau 3 points ago in AskDocs

    Even in the US it isn't necessary to see a gyno specifically unless you're having issues though. I haven't seen one in almost a decade. I just get my pap smears done every 2-3 years with my PCP. And while PP is great, in some areas they're still pretty expensive; when I was in uni, it was cheaper to spend $50 to get a pap test done at the university clinic without insurance than it was to go to PP. That may have changed since then, but state funding where I grew up was always lacking because of conservatives being in power.

    That said, I do agree with most of what you're saying. Discomfort while orgasming, possibly abnormal anatomy, and having never had a vag check up of any sort at 32 years of age definitely warrants a visit to the gyno. It's possible that nothing is wrong, but it's also possible that there is something that needs to be looked into further that can be fixed with medical attention.

    [–] Wild narc in r/legaladvice InkbrushNouveau 3 points ago in narcsinthewild

    Yikes, this sounds very much like my husband's family. Mixed family, and of course the stepparent's kids were treated the best of all while her stepchildren were treated like second class citizens.

    One of my main suspicious about the OP is that it sounds like none of the kids appreciated what the stepmother did. If it was just one kid who was resentful over the second marriage, I could maybe see there being some truth to what was being said. But if none of the three kids seem to like her based on what little was mentioned of them. She probably treated them all like shit and the husband/father refuses to see it.

    [–] Cats are good boys too InkbrushNouveau 2 points ago in aww

    My orange cat reminds me so much of the one in these GIFs. He'd cuddle with me, sleep on top of me, sit with me when I read, hug me (arms around my neck and everything)... He died about a decade ago, and he's still my favorite good boy.

    Gingers should be everybody's introduction to cats. They're seriously the most chill and friendliest of them all.

    [–] What happened to Lil’ Kim’s nose?! InkbrushNouveau 19 points ago in Botchedsurgeries

    She used to be so pretty. She's gone through so many phases of plastic surgery though. Now it looks like she's trying to be Asian.

    [–] my GF asked me not to get her any chocolates for valentine’s day. Someone else got her some and she posted a picture on snapchat gushing about them. InkbrushNouveau 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    Honestly, I would be creeped out if a guy I worked with got me gifts like that for any reason. I've almost always worked in tightly knit environments where everybody gets along, and bringing small things in to share with everybody happened often--cookies, candies, doughnuts, etc. But buying chocolates, flowers, and a stuffed animal for a specific person? That's going way beyond the point of coworkers or even friends.

    [–] To George Clooney: Say nothing! Ignore her. Trust me. She is just baiting you. Do not engage. InkbrushNouveau 4 points ago in narcsinthewild

    Ahahahah! From the section about her on Meghan's family's wiki page:

    In late 2018, media – citing police sources – reported that [Samantha] Markle had been placed on a watch list maintained by the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre of persons exhibiting signs of obsession with members of the Royal Family.[38][39] Markle responded to the news by denying that she was obsessed with the Duchess of Sussex and tweeting that the purported listing was "a British media attempt at silencing me".[39]

    [–] What is good for only a minute? InkbrushNouveau 3 points ago in AskReddit

    If you haven't tried it, fried tofu is a pretty good substitute for meat. Extra firm, pressed, coated in corn starch, pan fried till golden on most sides

    There's a restaurant here called Katsu Burger that does something similar but makes a sandwich out of it. They take a hamburger-sized slice of tofu and batter it up like you would chicken or pork katsu and then fry it up. Put it on a hamburger bun with some sauce and veggies. So fucking good. This is a really good vegan gyoza recipe as well that I've made quite a few times.

    That said, fried tofu is pretty high in calories. I love it, especially agedashi-dofu, but it's (sadly) not the healthiest way to eat tofu. If it were healthier I'd probably eat fried tofu several times a week.

    [–] It’s called HiGh-CoLOuR pores... InkbrushNouveau 36 points ago in muacirclejerk

    Can we blame Trump for this? Because he's the main person I see doing this.

    [–] Conventionally attractive woman posts conventionally attractive image. SO BRAVE InkbrushNouveau 6 points ago in BGCCircleJerk

    I'm not sure why you're getting downvoted. In much of the Anglosphere (namely North America and the UK), women who are considered thin are considered average or even a little chubby in other countries. When I lived in Japan, I was bigger than average despite being considered skinny in America. When I visited certain countries in the EU (Germany, Netherlands, Austria, etc.), I was the same size as I had been in Japan (bigger than average) and the US (much smaller than average) but I was considered average in those places.

    It's not a bad thing, it's just a thing. You can even tell when you buy clothing aimed at people in different markets. When I shopped in the US/Asia/EU at that time (I've gained weight since), my sizes were respectively XS-Small/Medium-Large/Small-Medium. My body didn't change sizes magically, the average size of people in the given markets were just different.

    [–] CA. My son met an older woman online years ago. He wants to live with her. InkbrushNouveau 4 points ago in legaladvice

    One of my couple friends is a man and woman who are separated in age by like 5-6 years. Woman is older. They started dating when he was about 25, and they've been together for almost 10 years now. They're great together, and I couldn't really see them being with anybody else.

    [–] Big cats like cuddles too. InkbrushNouveau 41 points ago in aww

    Apparently the guy and his wife/girlfriend got the cougar from a petting zoo and "domesticated" it. Obviously big cats can't truly be domesticated since that takes generations but hey, it's a cute big cat that lives with humans so that's okay right?

    Sorry for the rant. This sort of thing bothers me, and since you're asking the same questions I was wondering I'm assuming you're not a fan of people keeping big cats as pets either. It just seems cruel and people not really seeing past the cute aspect is upsetting to me.

    [–] Migraines Caused by Scented Shampoo - Help Wanted InkbrushNouveau 0 points ago in HaircareScience

    ACV won't get rid of most build up, and dish soap would be extremely stripping and damaging. ACV is okay for your hair (as far as I know), but for most people it won't replace an actual shampoo.

    [–] Dumped before Valentine's Day InkbrushNouveau 16 points ago in relationship_advice

    A lot of people use throwaways on this sub and others that require giving a lot of personal information. I'm not really sure why that seems weird.

    [–] For those wondering why Link's Awakening looks so simple, it's because it is a faithful translation InkbrushNouveau 1 points ago in gaming

    I've never played it, and I was super excited when I saw the animation style. It's adorable! I think it's a good mix of old style with modern graphics. I'm really looking forward to getting it once it comes out.