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    [–] A small gift Inveramsay 1 points ago in doctors

    A box of decent chocolate is more than enough and will never be turned down. A thank you card is also always appreciated, both as a nice gesture but also as proof to the bosses they've been doing a good job

    [–] Sintered vs "Hybrid" Disc Pads Inveramsay 1 points ago in cyclocross

    I hardly ever need to use the bell on my commuter, the banshee screams from the brakes are much more effective

    [–] What happens when you cut towards yourself. Sliced through muscle and radial artery. Inveramsay 4 points ago in medizzy

    You really feel like you are saving lives in the ortho outpatients when they come with fractured little toes

    [–] Girl decides we aren't allowed to have the same name on Facebook, reports me. Inveramsay 1 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook


    I haven't really hid this account so if you really wanted to track me down you probably could

    [–] The fact that we are no longer "measles free" Them damn antivaxxers... Inveramsay -4 points ago in britishproblems

    Sadly the Dr title is earned when you graduate university. I also seem to recall the wank stain working as a doctor somewhere in the US

    [–] What should I expect after getting a wrist fusion? Inveramsay 1 points ago in orthopaedics

    There are wrist joint replacements, if this hasn't been discussed look for a second opinion.

    Is difficult to really help you over the Internet and you really need to see a good surgeon to be able to make the best decision for you

    [–] What should I expect after getting a wrist fusion? Inveramsay 2 points ago in orthopaedics

    Wrist fusions aren't a silver bullet as a lot of people still have problems after the operation. In general people are pleased but it isn't perfect. Many won't be completely pain free and virtually everyone wishes they had movement in the wrist.

    Make sure you get a really solid wrist splint, ideally custom made in thermoplastic. This needs to keep your wrist completely still. Wear that 24/7 for a couple of weeks before you decide.

    Depending on what you do there may be better options.

    [–] HMF as I get a massive brain freeze Inveramsay 16 points ago in holdmyfries

    It's a knot of nerves called the pterygopalatine ganglion that causes brain freeze. It is located in your pallet quite close to the surface so when you get something cold in your mouth it starts firing. It controls some mouth related things normally when it doesn't make your head feel like it is exploding

    [–] My moms response to my brother coming out as provaxx like I did Inveramsay 12 points ago in vaxxhappened

    Don't worry, big pharma wins anyway. Many of the natural remedy firms are part owned by the pharmaceutical giants.

    [–] Options for AVN of femoral head post-chemotherapy in adolescent male Inveramsay 1 points ago in orthopaedics

    Bone cement. You use an epoxy to sink the cup and the stem in to so they don't become loose. There are uncemented options where the metal just fits in the bone press fit. These don't have as good reputation though

    [–] Options for AVN of femoral head post-chemotherapy in adolescent male Inveramsay 1 points ago in orthopaedics

    A hip resurfacing would have theoretical advantages in a situation like this but in reality probably not because of the problems associated.

    A standard total hip replacement will do him fine. Just pick whichever is doing best at the moment in the registries. Ceramic on polymer with cemented components are the good standard in many places in the UK at least

    [–] Moose runs through the snow like a knife through butter Inveramsay 3 points ago in bigboye

    The moose tastes even better with butter, lots of it. Pan fry, add some juniper berries. Serve with dauphinoise potatoes and some red wine jus. Gorgeous

    [–] Eating a meat free burger Inveramsay 2 points ago in instant_regret

    That is partly because European beef is much lower in pathogens than American beef due to how you raise and process meat animals. No way I'd buy American meat if there is an alternative.

    Ground beef can be perfectly safe to eat medium but then you need to grind it fresh rather than getting it from a supermarket pack.

    [–] They are driving around with and infant in their lap and a toddler walking/climbing in back. Inveramsay 1 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    I had a ten year old come in to hospital after dad crashed their car. Kid was not strapped in so he hit a broken pelvis, broken hand, multiple rib fractures, lung contusion, skull fracture and a small live laceration. The parents were strapped in and walked away, the kid spent a week in critical care

    [–] The apprentice daily drives this and absolutely loves it Inveramsay 1 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    When I was 19 I very nearly bought a '72 911 in black with red leather interior and gold alloys. That was the ultimate pimp mobile

    [–] this tweet make me laughing so hard lol Inveramsay 3 points ago in vaxxhappened

    Looks like she should've stayed in school a bit longer

    [–] He better have good insurance. Inveramsay 3 points ago in ThatLookedExpensive

    I remember hearing about someone who crashed a Mclaren F1 and because it was so rare there were no bits to be had. The insurance company supposedly paid the manufacturer enough to dog out the old moulds from storage and make some new

    [–] This Toyota Hilux just coming in for maintenance. I’m in the USA Inveramsay 8 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    We get people driving dodge rams 1500s here in scandinavia. I really can't work out why since they must be terrible to live with here. Quite often I struggle to get out of my Mazda 6 in tight parking spaces. I've seen the odd suburban as well.

    On top of this gas costs $6/gallon and road tax on a new Ram is $2700/year if you get the standard engine