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    [–] Yeah that’s accurate Inveramsay 23 points ago in vaxxhappened

    The satanic temple is fighting pretty hard for abortion rights so this would be an option

    [–] Ever wonder if real people actually win prizes from the snap-on promotions? I am one of the 62 first prize winners of the Dream Drive ticket raffle. Inveramsay 9 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    I borrowed a nerve kit from the main operating department the other day. Six tiny instruments in a box with a total price tag at $10k+. The small aluminium tray alone is around $1500. So happy I don't pay for that myself

    [–] In Remembrance of the Original Survivor Inveramsay 3 points ago in StateOfDecay

    When Marcus got murdered by the first feral I ran in to I was very surprised. I didn't expect my main character to die and the game just move on like nothing really happened

    [–] Severe headaches Inveramsay 1 points ago in doctors

    You'll probably find better luck on r/askdocs

    [–] Lemme show you a trick Inveramsay 1 points ago in Unexpected

    Looks like he's got symbrachydactly because of the little nubbins

    [–] Arm transplant Inveramsay 4 points ago in medizzy

    Pretty unusual when the amputation level is that high. Usually hand function will be pretty bad

    [–] Ferry crashes into sea wall Inveramsay 37 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    Unlikely as they aren't expected to take damage generally. Your ship would have been built with some combat in mind and if you lost steering you'd be dead. Normally on a ferry you'd just stop and get a tug to bring you back in if it broke

    [–] Samsung's Galaxy S10 trade-in program keeps rejecting older phones for odd reasons Inveramsay 1 points ago in gadgets

    Believe me, I tried but it was a nightmare. The V20 was never officially sold in Europe so mine was a grey import from Singapore. This meant no one was stocking batteries for them. I did buy the one battery I could find off ebay but that turned out to be a good fake and the phone refused to charge it. International sellers wouldn't ship due to restrictions around lithium batteries (this phone replaced my note 7)

    [–] What should I put on my checklist when touring an apartment? Inveramsay 2 points ago in Adulting

    Go round knocking on outer walls. We had an apartment that had a solid concrete wall towards the unheated stair well. This was fine in summer but in winter we'd get condensation on that wall leading to massive patches of black mould behind a dresser we had close to that wall. I would not rent that place again.

    Look in the bathroom and check what the air outflow is like. It's there a window you can open? If not, is the extractor fan working or is there proper airflow out of the room? If there isn't proper ventilation you are going to get mould which many landlords will want you to take care of despite it not really being your problem.

    [–] 12th Century Norte Dame Cathedral currently on fire. Inveramsay 6 points ago in ThatLookedExpensive

    The Cutty Sark burnt to a crisp after someone forgot to turn off a vacuum cleaner

    [–] Need advice on a novel form of therapy Inveramsay 1 points ago in orthopaedics

    It needs to be on par with the new bisphosphonates or preferably better. If the 2-4% can stack for a couple of years it would be good but ideally it needs slightly better and get to say 10% after 3 years

    [–] Need advice on a novel form of therapy Inveramsay 1 points ago in orthopaedics

    2-4% increase in BMD is not enough to really warrant using it I would think. Remember compliance is going to be poor and the result small. It might be interesting for geriatricians or rheumatologists treating osteoporosis but to an orthopod, unlikely.

    [–] Depression is a phase Inveramsay 1 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    It really makes you wonder how many stupid people are out there, particularly in the parenting section. I deleted my account long ago due to their haphazard moderation

    [–] So that’s why it sounded like a broken timing belt! Inveramsay 39 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    That had nothing on the blowing up capacity of the 1.4TSI. I tried to sell a car with that engine, no dealer would touch it with a barge pole

    [–] Need advice on boot fit Inveramsay 2 points ago in Mountaineering

    Have you tried boots with an orthotic insole, either custom or something like a pair of superfeet? For me a pair of superfeet reds make all the difference for fitting in to both my mountaineering boots (scarpa rebel pro GTX) and ski boots. The added support makes the arch higher but the foot narrower.

    Millet boots are meant to be good for wide feet unless I remember wrong

    [–] Samsung's Galaxy S10 trade-in program keeps rejecting older phones for odd reasons Inveramsay 2 points ago in gadgets

    Adding a single AAA battery would probably quadruple the battery life of the V20. I loved the phone but the number of times I had to charge it at lunch was just ridiculous. Now that I've moved to a P20 Pro I have cured my battery life anxiety