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    [–] What true fact sounds completely unrealistic? Ioei1031 5 points ago in AskReddit

    I have to eat more. I can't let my species down!

    [–] Is there a certain place/location that appears frequently in your dreams? Ioei1031 1 points ago in Dreams

    I see LOTS of bakeries and supermarkets. The supermarkets are usually ones that I know IRL, but the bakeries never are. Also, to a lesser extent, doll stores, toy stores, malls, gardening stores.

    [–] What are some dream "rules" or myths you know about? Ioei1031 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Dreams

    This one may not apply to most people, but it's extremely difficult for me to write in my dreams. I write exclusively in cursive, and in my dreams, it translates into weird loops that are supposed to be letters and are unreadable. For example, if I try to write the word "illegitimate", it will look something like "illlleg ()()()i ttimate" (obviously very hard to show it on a keyboard, but you get it).

    Also, and it's a VERY weird thing that i've only noticed a few days ago, but I don't become lucid in the traditional way. You see, if I look at my hand and I'm convinced that I'm in the real world, my brain will make my hand look SO realistic that I'll have no way to tell. However, once I'm convinced that I'm in a dream (usually for no identifiable reason), all the reality tests i use next to make sure of it will be ridiculously effective.

    Also, I've read a few times in dreams, sometimes books, sometimes threads on websites like Reddit. It was usually things that made sense in context and got a positive reaction from me, but they were actually nonsensical. Once i was on a website where the format was, one image, one caption. It was things such as a picture of a panda, and a caption like "when you have a car and a car and the last train rubber", like something out of r/subredditsimulator.

    Lastly, I've watched porn in dreams before, and i swear porn is 10 times better in dreams. I'm always trying to find that one website with that one video that will be the best shit i ever watch (not that i can remember the details after waking up) and it's always a feeling of pure bliss and arousal. I've never felt so strongly about porn in real life, even REALLY good porn.

    [–] I'm Evil, 1965 Ioei1031 124 points ago in OldSchoolCool


    [–] What’s an orgasmic feeling that can only be experienced once? Ioei1031 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Discovering that random thing that will become a HUGE fetish of yours. The feeling of "I LIKE THAT THING! YEAH, I REALLY LIKE IT!" is pretty awesome.

    [–] La fac de Nanterre investie par les CRS, sept arrestations Ioei1031 3 points ago in france

    Ça m'étonnerait qu'ils s'amusent à faire redoubler autant d'étudiants. À mon avis ils s'adapteront soit en faisant passer les partiels plus tard, soit en gardant les notes du premier semestre.

    [–] I survived a school shooting and nobody’s around? Ioei1031 7 points ago in nosleep

    PLEASE save the pictures somewhere. If your phone dies or gets stolen, you won't have proof anymore.

    [–] Water turning into ice – Molecular Simulation Ioei1031 1 points ago in gifs

    When the teacher is out of the room VS when she comes back