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    [–] Joe Harris was 2nd among SFs in the NBA in TS% this year Ipswitch35 11 points ago in GoNets

    He is supremely underrated. I hope he puts in some work and makes his game more well rounded next season

    [–] IMPORTANT: New moderator application thread. Also please welcome our new moderator /u/zachisjew! Ipswitch35 1 points ago * (lasted edited 21 hours ago) in GoNets

    1. EST

    2. I check the sub ~6-7 times a day. I sort by new so I don't miss any threads, and you can see I comment the majority of discussion threads. Also, I always check the game threads during commercials.

    3. I've been reading the sub since I first made my account, but have only been actively participating for about a year. I could be a good addition because I could help with quality control for posts as well as updating standings, roster, or the sidebar.

    4. I would try to have more community community activities on the sub. Maybe a fantasy league or a draft predictions contest or something. Could make a special flair for the winner.

    5. My favorite NBA memory is meeting Rudy Gay on the street in NY a couple years ago. My favorite Nets memory is going to my first game in Barclays. We got blown out but it was really cool to see the arena and seeing the fans a little more enthusiastic after the move.

    6. No, but would be open to learning

    *This is my favorite sub, and I think there's a really great group of guys here. Can't wait to see the sub grow when the team gains some traction.

    [–] POST GAME THREAD: Mets (14-6) @ Braves (12-8) - April 21, 2018 Ipswitch35 32 points ago in NewYorkMets

    How is it that familia always gives up a lead off walk? It’s incredible

    [–] Daily Pack Pull/Keep or Sell Thread - April 21, 2018 Ipswitch35 1 points ago in MLBTheShow

    Depends on your needs. IMO Desmond is a good hitter and plays above his overall, so don’t make your decision solely on stats. Simmons is a cheap option, trea turner is nice if you’re looking for some speed. If you’re willing to grind the Hanley Ramirez program isn’t too time consuming to finish

    [–] [FRESH ALBUM] J. Cole - KOD Ipswitch35 15 points ago in hiphopheads

    Bruh he nearly wrecked his room for coles last 2 albums and now he gotta listen to KOD baked? RIP

    [–] is j Cole parodying mumble rappers in this album? Ipswitch35 5 points ago in Jcole

    He said skrt skrt a couple times lol he has to be

    [–] Was anyone else underwhelmed by the project? Ipswitch35 15 points ago in Jcole

    Of course every project is gonna have a different feel. I’m trying not to make judgements off of one listen

    [–] BigQuint Indeed is going to break every chair he owns Ipswitch35 14 points ago in Jcole

    Bruh he nearly did after the last 2 albums loool now he gonna do it while baked

    [–] Dame or CJ? Ipswitch35 22 points ago in GoNets

    How? We’re not parting with future picks and idk why Portland would consider a trade

    [–] If J Cole dropped a greatest hits album, what 12 songs would you put on there? Ipswitch35 1 points ago in Jcole

    My favorites:

    Ville Mentality

    January 28

    She Knows

    Let Nas Down

    Power Trip

    No Role Modelz

    Wet Dreamz

    4 Your Eyez Only

    Fire Squad

    Kenny Lofton (everyone sleeps on this track)


    Love Yourz

    [–] Connection I found from Black Friday Ipswitch35 17 points ago in Jcole


    [–] THE METS BEAT THE NATS UPVOTE PARTY!!! Ipswitch35 46 points ago in NewYorkMets


    [–] J. Cole - K.O.D. Album Cover and Tracklist Reveal Ipswitch35 18 points ago in hiphopheads

    He it’s an intro to ‘another project.’ It could be non-music

    [–] J.Cole/KOD - PRE-ALBUM HYPE THREAD Ipswitch35 19 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in Jcole