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    [–] Dear Atkinson, can you please change the starting lineup for a few games? Ipswitch35 1 points ago in GoNets

    I don't think there's room for 2 3-point specialists in the starting lineup, maybe replace one with carroll

    [–] Wouldn’t this make sense? This has Marks written all over it. Ipswitch35 1 points ago in GoNets

    I actually wouldn't mind this one, but only if Jabari can prove he can play at a high level and return from this injury. That being said, I doubt the bucks accept this. Doesn't really fit their needs and I doubt they could find a place in their rotation for zeller

    [–] What's up with Jah's minutes? Ipswitch35 2 points ago in GoNets

    He isn't being aggressive enough on the p&r, or on defensive boards or when blocking shots. The nets coaching may interpret this as him being out of shape, but personally I think he just has no idea how to play in a fast paced offense like the nets run.

    [–] [Leroux] The Unusual Challenge Of A Potential Spencer Dinwiddie Extension Ipswitch35 3 points ago in GoNets

    If DLo wasn't on the team, I would say try to extend his contract ASAP so we can avoid having to overpay and dealing with competition from other teams.

    However, this probably won't happen this season because they need to judge how he will play with D'angelo. If a spencer/Dlo backcourt doesn't work out, Spencer will probably be traded.

    [–] [Game thread] Detroit @ Brooklyn 1/10/18 Ipswitch35 1 points ago in GoNets

    I've been to 2 games, the first of which was a few years ago against the Thunder, and the Nets got pummeled by 30 without Westbrook. I went to the blazers game in december where Spencer missed a game winner FeelsBadMan

    [–] Sixers fan here Ipswitch35 1 points ago in GoNets

    Stauskas is a much better fit for the system, though I think his talents overlap with 3 point specialists Allen Crabbe and Joe Harris, so I'm not sure if he will find a home here long term.

    Okafor's slow ball, post up game is kind of weird to see in our fast paced P&R offense. I hope he can become more aggressive on the boards and to set screens. I would be satisfied if he can take on a backup role to Jarrett Allen, who has done a good job embracing his role as a big body for screens and a dunk/layup only scorer.

    [–] Maturity, decision making & closing out Ipswitch35 2 points ago in GoNets

    If anything, maturity is one of our best qualities. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can only remember one technical foul (Crabbe throwing the ball across the court) this season. I've seen minimal arguments with refs on court.

    I think the lack of team play in final minutes is probably just due to inexperience. Our team is one of the youngest in the league, and maybe some of our guys lack the confidence to take the last shot.

    [–] Major respect to Spencer Dinwiddie Ipswitch35 5 points ago in GoNets

    For sure. As much as I dislike the guy, he brought a lot to the table in the late NJ days and even in the first years in Brooklyn. He was an all star for us in back to back years. From '11-'13 he was a great scoring/passing guard.

    However I think that it's great to see this level of production from Spencer, who is only 24. I think he could easily surpass Deron if he continues his rate of improvement.

    [–] Spencer Dinwiddie on how tough close losses really are. Ipswitch35 41 points ago in nba

    Damn. Props to him for keeping his cool on court, but I'm not sure how much longer that will hold up

    [–] Fuck Spencer Dinwiddie Ipswitch35 50 points ago in GoNets

    Almost had me there for a second

    [–] Major respect to Spencer Dinwiddie Ipswitch35 4 points ago in GoNets

    Idk about 'best point guard this decade' but for sure he's got talent. It would be a shame if Kenny and the guys can't figure out a way to start him with DLo

    [–] [Round 43015] who Ipswitch35 1 points ago in PictureGame

    Coy Speer

    [–] So going into this offseason our order of preference for Qbs is? Ipswitch35 2 points ago in nyjets

    Not saying he is lol. I mean for the future of the jets (in this situation) it's better to stay away from Smith and just postpone drafting a franchise QB a year

    [–] So going into this offseason our order of preference for Qbs is? Ipswitch35 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in nyjets

    IMO it would be better to have McCown than anyone past 5

    [–] Anybody remember the "being hopeless" thread on r/nba from one year ago? Ipswitch35 3 points ago in GoNets

    This is true but it's still sad to think about what could've been with any of the top 3 picks we missed out on