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    [–] How do you feel about about players from your team once they get to the NFL? IshyMoose 2 points ago in CFB

    It almost influences my choice of liking particular NFL teams.

    Every Superbowl (we had some ridiculous 13 game streak of a players on a Superbowl roster until last year) I usually cheer for the team that has a Boilermaker on it.

    Helps that Drew Brees is in gold in black, its like he never graduated.

    [–] Have you ever seen your coach around campus/town? IshyMoose 1 points ago in CFB

    I feel all coaches should do something like this, especially if there is a Physical Education program.

    [–] One year ago today... IshyMoose 83 points ago in BigBrother

    The moment that made that horrible season worthwhile.

    [–] Big Brother US20 - West Coast Episode Discussion - September 19 2018 IshyMoose 1 points ago in BigBrother

    Does it really matter, it all comes down to the veto winner voting out someone.

    [–] [Postgame Thread] Missouri Defeats Purdue 40-37 IshyMoose 4 points ago in CFB

    I was just going to watch highlights from past years Mizzou game.

    [–] [Week 2] Complain About Your Team Thread IshyMoose 1 points ago in CFB

    We would be 2-0 if only we would learn to walk away after sacking a QB on a late game 3rd down.

    [–] Espn App replacement for scores IshyMoose 1 points ago in CFB

    Yahoo apps are actually really good my favorite sports, news, and weather apps.

    [–] [Postgame Thread] Texas Tech Defeats Lamar 77-0 IshyMoose 3 points ago in CFB

    It's like he is Captain America in Infinity War, just more handsome.

    [–] [Postgame Thread] Indiana Defeats Virginia 20-16 IshyMoose 3 points ago in CFB

    Not even the best in the Big Ten. Wisconsin's line is looking solid.

    [–] What was the worst College Gameday Atmosphere? IshyMoose 1 points ago in CFB

    I was thinking they should have just done it at Columbia instead of times square.

    [–] [Postgame Thread] Houston Defeats Arizona 45-18 IshyMoose 1 points ago in CFB

    He had our Special Teams looking pretty good last year.

    [–] [Postgame Thread] Duke Defeats Northwestern 21-7 IshyMoose 1 points ago in CFB

    Loses to Duke here, and makes Wisconsin go 11-1.

    [–] [Postgame Thread] Kansas Defeats Central Michigan 31-7 IshyMoose 4 points ago in CFB

    Looks like we scheduled the wrong Michigan directional school

    [–] [Postgame Thread] Eastern Michigan Defeats Purdue 20-19 IshyMoose 6 points ago in CFB

    Picture cuts off to the left of Moon, beating USC in the Rose Bowl

    [–] This weekend, OU hosts UCLA for the 1st time since OU's Antonio Perkins set the single-game punt return TD record IshyMoose 5 points ago in CFB

    My first experience was at a bar and a Laker game was on. I was excited that I could see Jack Nicholson and all the other celebrities who sit courtside just sitting in the background.