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    [–] Will you join the group? IssacTheNecromorph 16 points ago in gifs

    I mean at least you can breathe.

    [–] Will you join the group? IssacTheNecromorph 447 points ago in gifs

    Next thing you know, he's gonna be asking about his testicles.

    [–] Nascar 2003 is a masterpiece IssacTheNecromorph 1 points ago in gaming

    "They say the mind bends and twists in order to deal with the horrors of life. I think my mind bent so much it snapped in two."

    [–] Rocking dat ass. IssacTheNecromorph 3 points ago in funny

    I haven't seen that God forsaken commercial in years

    [–] Jesus our savior IssacTheNecromorph 2 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    I know he died. Are you trying to make me feel bad or something?

    [–] Ryuuko [Kill La Kill] IssacTheNecromorph 5 points ago in rule34

    People who like burger bun ass cheeks.

    [–] Jesus our savior IssacTheNecromorph 34 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    The man screamed as the escalator consumed him.

    [–] Jesus our savior IssacTheNecromorph 5 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    Well that escalated quickly.

    [–] Jesus our savior IssacTheNecromorph 54 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    Watch the fucking ceiling.