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    [–] Gina Gerson and Kira Thorn BTS before an orgy scene. Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in Exxxtras

    It happens is America a ton. They’re just not publicized for respect to the women.

    [–] BTS with Jenna.Haze Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in Exxxtras

    Nope. She’s literally an adult video pro. All business.

    [–] What’s the dumbest thing your significant other has said or done? Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in AskReddit

    Marrying me. Demonstrably her dumbest decision she’s made.

    [–] What’s a tourist attraction you’ve been to that was 100% not worth the hype? Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in AskReddit

    New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Seven hours of mine and my cousin’s time that will never get back. It’s boring af, uncomfortable, can be miserably cold and worst of all the fireworks show at midnight is shit.

    [–] What’s a tourist attraction you’ve been to that was 100% not worth the hype? Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The fame the Mona Lisa has is almost an insult to just about every other painting at the musee de louvre. Mona lisa was “huh, cool” whereas literally every other painting right outside that room was amazing.

    [–] Received a job offer in Germany (currently Pennsylvania based). Trying to figure out net financials and if it’s an overall good idea to move. Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Hey, so I know this thread has been up for a while, but here's my 2c:

    I was in a _very_ similar situation. I was working for a US company in Germany. I did so well with customers (in spite of me not speaking German beyond 1st grader level of vocab and grammar), that a channel partner approached me and offered me a very sweet deal very similar to your (nice pay raise, housing, car, and the whole thing) to be their pre-sales go-to guy for the DACH region. I'm based on the US and much like you I have a life here, house, family, etc. My wife and I deliberated and labored about this decision for weeks. At the end I declined and in retrospect glad to have done so. Never underestimate the culture shock aspect, not only yours, but that of your family. It's not quite the same as moving coast-to-coast in the US that while cultural differences are apparent at the end of the day we work under an unspoken set of cultural values that are fairly similar. Not so in the case of other countries. Once you start spending weeks and weeks in a row in the region you begin noticing things and interactions and their cultural values which from our perspective seem back asswards. Sure you could placate some of that by moving to an expat colony, but that will only help you smooth out the rough edges but you have to think how will that affect your family. Remember, you will be busy and likely traveling, your wife and family will be bearing the brunt of the transition by themselves. This could and does work for single folks or married folks without kids a lot better than it works for folks with a trailing family. If you have not made a decision yet, I urge you to think beyond the excitement and adventure (trust me I know the feeling) and think how you could really be setting yourself and family up for failure.

    [–] Gentle murder mittens Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in gifs

    You can’t prove the stopped filming at some point, given you can’t see the face, added a body double with fresh clothes.

    [–] Friday Buyday 1 February 2019 Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in guns

    Beretta 92fs from local gun shop and a bunch of close-out Winchester 9mm ammo (~$20 per 100, sold in full case only).

    [–] After a lot of auditioning I settled on these as my new bookshelfers! Focal Aria 906 Its_Number_Wang 4 points ago in audiophile

    Agreed on all points so far in this thread. It’s not that positioning is suboptimal, it’s actively bad. The magnetic field produced by the speakers can hurt the stylus and circuitry of the TT.

    [–] Figure you guys would appreciate this Its_Number_Wang 2 points ago in audiophile

    Pardon my lack of humor but isn’t the exact opposite? We pay hundreds/thousands to make sure our gear doesn’t add any extraneous noise or color so we can hear the music as close as possible to it’s recording?

    [–] Just got my first turntable! Loving it so far, not just the sound but the whole process just feels so special. Its_Number_Wang 2 points ago in audiophile

    Well said. Even though I love digital and objectively provides a cleaner sound, there’s something organic about vinyl I can’t quite describe. The whole inconvenience and constant nursing of records has something very alluring (to me). The grit of the music out of an all analog setup is incredible. Definitely no music or audio enthusiast should be without an analog setup, even if a humble one.

    [–] [Homemade] Brown butter, chocolate chip bundt cake with Bourbon glaze. Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in food

    Semi Realated: in Germany or Netherlands they have no flipping idea what a Bundt cake is.

    [–] [I Ate] Chicken cutlet, prosciutto, fresh mozzeralla, and tomato sandwich Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in food

    There are a lot of awesome foodie places in London. People give it a bad rap culinary speaking, but there are lots of alternatives and delicious food for all tastes and palates.

    [–] [Mont Blanc] 1858 Geosphere 🌍 Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in Watches

    What do we know about the movement and its accuracy?

    [–] Bad sound quality Its_Number_Wang 4 points ago in deezer

    My guess is the FLAC music is outresolving your headphones or stack (DAC/AMP) if you got them. I would try using higher quality headphones, if you've got a electronics or a Hi-Fi store close by. I've been using Deezer and downloading FLACs for the last 2-3 months and I actually love the service and sound quality.

    [–] [Targeted] Amex Delta Gold 75k + $50 credit Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in churning

    If you’re not a Delta frequent traveler who cares about MQMs and MQD Waiver then this card would be of little value.

    [–] [120/120] Happy America Its_Number_Wang 41 points ago in SharedBPM

    One of the critical parts, that’s not paid attention to by 99% of OPs here, of a good sharedbpm video is not merely matching bpm, but the contrast or irony of the lyrics with the video or the original theme of it. This video is so great, much like GOAT (goth xmas rave) precisely because of what the lyrics say and Gambino’s rendition of life in America.

    [–] [120/120] Happy America Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in SharedBPM

    Job well done, mate. Very funny.

    [–] Daily Question Thread - November 16, 2018 Its_Number_Wang 1 points ago in churning

    Can a small/nascent business apply for more than one Chase Ink (say regular and preferred)? I already have the new $0 fee for about 6 months, and want to know if I should/can jump on the Preferred for that juicy 80K bonus or if Chase will deny a second Chase Ink for a business with ~$5K annual revenue?