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    [–] Fire at my lease, landlord/real estate company only offering rent credit ItsaMeMattio 15 points ago in AusLegal

    Ok firstly, IANAL and secondly, I don’t live in the same state as you, so everything I say may be wrong or out of jurisdiction, but, I’m gonna go from the top down here:

    1. . Your landlord coming and cleaning everything up was nothing more than them trying to save cost on hiring a commercial cleaner, no an admittance of fault.

    2. They are under no obligation to repair their own burnt carpet and wall (because it belongs to them). If it’s a matter of safety, such as a load bearing wall that’s burnt, leave now, and then ask for compensation (although it seems you didn’t need/want to take that route). If the damaged carpet/wall is mentioned in your exit report and they ask for part of your bond for it, then that’s dodgy, but it should be fine seeing as that damage didn’t exist when you filled out your entry report.

    3. You were given a $510 rental decrease, and one of you got your accomodation paid for. For 5 days, that seems pretty fair. $2,814 divided by 28 = 100.50 a day, so that reduction makes sense, not to mention the fact the landlord straight up paid for one of the tenants accommodation.

    4. If VCAT (the Tribunal you’d escalate this to) is anything like QCAT then it is a no-cost jurisdiction, meaning that any time-based costs (such as lawyers that you pay by the hour, or time taken off work to attend hearings or electrician appointments or anything else) will not be considered in the decision. Keep in mind I’m not basing this off VCAT, so do your homework.

    5. The sound bar: mention this to the real estate in writing. Keep the email, and present it if there is any kind of bond dispute. I’d also suggest keeping your receipt for the sound bar, if you have it.

    6. The reasoning for not offering anything passed the rent credit is that they cannot determine the cause of the fire and as such are refusing any responsibility for it.

      Ok seems fair. Was anything of yours damaged other than the sound bar?

    7. They can’t blame us for the fire but are saying it’s not their responsibility.

      This is probably an insurance thing but to me that seems fair - they can’t/don’t blame you for it, they expect nothing from you for it, and they actually gave you a rental decrease and limited paid accommodation for it. That seems fair to me.

    8. What’s this talk of the landlord personally overseeing electrical work? I rent, and when there is an issue with my premises I do not expect the owner to just show up when the tradie does! The owner could be caravanning around Australia, or hiking in Nepal or living in another country permanently; you can’t expect them to be at every entry to your property.

    tl;dr buy a new sound bar

    [–] Selling Cigarettes to a Minor ItsaMeMattio 1 points ago in AusLegal

    Just let people be offended if you aren’t sure! I think they advise you immediately if it’s a sting, but I’m not sure. As for the leniency if it’s an accident, I doubt it - I think that’s the point of “25 and under” - it can’t really be argued it’s an accident to sell to someone under 18 if you’re supposed to be ID’ing anyone that looks 7 years over that limit.

    [–] AITA for not cutting up a red onion for my mother-in-law? ItsaMeMattio 16 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Omg YTA and I don’t get anyone saying otherwise! How long does it take to cut a fucking onion?!?

    From what you’ve said, there was never a point where people had to specify any specific toppings they wanted (which would be weird anyway), so she may have simply assumed there would be red onion at the BBQ.

    So then she gets there and notices there aren’t any red onions visible, and simply asks if you have any. That’s all, a simple question. And it makes you angry somehow? But no, it doesn’t end there, she notices you have one, and brings it to you and literally offers to cut it up herself because she would enjoy it on her burger, but instead of allowing her to do something that would literally not effect you at all, you chose instead to pick up the onion and fucking throw it as far as you possibly could so that she and she alone could not enjoy her meal as much as she could have.

    You could have been like “let me check”, then found the onion, then cut it up; all in the space of 2 goddamn minutes.

    [–] Ex boyfriend owes me $1500 ItsaMeMattio 3 points ago in AusLegal

    From my experiences at QCAT, they vary from $60-$120, but you can add those fees to the total claim when making the application, however it’s at the discretion of the Tribunal as to whether they award them.

    [–] ULPT: Own a coffee shop and need to boost your sales? Trigger fire alarm in the local office buildings. Their employees will have to go out and will probably want to grab a drink while they wait. ItsaMeMattio 35 points ago in UnethicalLifeProTips

    Offices have specific evacuation locations that all employees have to congregate at so that they can be checked and marked as safe. This is usually a large open area. Large open areas are generally not near coffee shops.

    While evacuating they are not allowed to stop until they are at the evacuation point, because then they wouldn’t be counted as “safe”. They can’t stop at any coffee shop on the way to the evacuation point.

    Once at the evacuation point, they are not allowed to leave until they have been marked as “safe”, and even then, they are not allowed to leave until their office has been cleared and they are allowed to return to it. They can’t leave the evacuation point to go to a coffee shop.

    Once the office has been cleared (after emergency crew have arrived, entered and swept the area, and determined no risk; an hour at the very least), staff shuffle back to the office and resume work.

    Source: Am office worker that has had to stand in a park doing nothing for 3 hours.

    [–] Subtitle and chill ItsaMeMattio 3 points ago in facepalm

    I was gonna give you an award for this but when I went to give it I realised I had no coins, and I’m a poorboi so couldn’t afford more. Sorry, thought you should know.

    [–] VCAT Monetary Order ItsaMeMattio 1 points ago in AusLegal

    No worries, hope it goes well for you.