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    [–] Box full of pitties JARF01 32 points ago in aww

    Mosh pit

    [–] The Truth about TMS JARF01 -1 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Here’s the thing, i didn’t watch it and I probably never will...but when those compilations start coming out, I’ll watch the shit outa those!!

    [–] God dammit JARF01 3 points ago in funny


    [–] 🔥 Sperm Whale 🔥 SOUND CANNON 🔥 JARF01 4 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    I’ve heard it from my professor before and this solidifies it. When humans die out, the cetaceans are taking over.

    [–] 😭🤧 JARF01 8 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    Never married 😭

    [–] FACTS JARF01 30 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    Yes yes. And Bruno is the real hero of part 5

    [–] Mainstream Crossover JARF01 6 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    Carry on my wayward son

    [–] CONFIRMED: only the indium drive is required to visit red, green and blue stars JARF01 3 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    Does it work the same with the emiril drive? Can u visit red stars with only the emeril drive?

    [–] If this doesn't warrant a raise for the HG writers, I don't know what will. JARF01 50 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    Nms is basically a comedy game. So much of the flavor text is downright hilarious

    [–] Just another boring day at sea JARF01 7 points ago in BeAmazed

    Is that a juvenile? I know that’s a big whale but I thought humpback got bigger

    [–] 🔥 This salamander is absolutely 🔥🔥 JARF01 2 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    Salamander and 🔥have been associated for many years

    [–] Aronium recipe/description bug JARF01 3 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    There’s another one that erroneously says it requires ammonia and chlorine.

    They probably changed it because mixing those chemicals in real life makes a lethal gas lol

    [–] I Created a Hub Welcome center at the Portal. Come have a drink! [PC:Euclid] JARF01 8 points ago in NMSGalacticHub

    My first thought was “Wow! How’d he find a habitable base so close?” Then I was like “oh, wait”