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    [–] No Man's Sky Next Trailer JBWalker1 1 points ago in Games

    You can also build a base and stuff and collecting resources help unlock new parts/rooms for the base and they're used to build the base too. Resources aren't that pointless anymore since you'll use them.

    [–] No Man's Sky Next Trailer JBWalker1 6 points ago in Games

    They always have a sale when the update drops. It's very over priced at £40/$60, you can get it for £20-28 in the sales. It can be easily as cheap as £15 on PS4 all the time. Not sure why they keep the price so high on PC.

    [–] Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States - Remote-access software and modems on election equipment 'is the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.' JBWalker1 5 points ago in technology

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking, why does it need to be updates other than candidate name changes? It's a tally machine like you say, the software should be made to be as simple as possible. It should just be display 3 candidates names and description on the screen, press one and it'll add 1 to the tally and punch a hole in a backup paper ballot and then drop it in the safe. The text description part can be changed via a basic text file which should be the only thing accessible after the machine is manufactured. This is like "hello world" level stuff almost.

    at the end of the day someone can check the tally on each of the machines and if a recount is needed then they have the paper ballots. Easy. It's annoying how some huge $100 million deals are made to make these machines that somehow take years to develop and then aren't fit for purpose. A college student could do it better for $10k

    [–] No Man's Sky Next Trailer JBWalker1 3 points ago in Games

    I mean they also get quite a boost in sales during every big patch too and they probably sell enough to be sustainable. They should easily have enough money with a team of fewer than 20 people, and only about 10 at launch. I think they just released when they did because they had a deadline and Sony probably said they won't help fund the game anymore if they keep delaying or something. I don't know but it doesn't really matter much to me now anyway, can only hold their past against them so much. They've also already said there will be more updates after this so this isn't their "we're done" patch, it's just yet another update.

    [–] No Man's Sky: NEXT Update v1.5 JBWalker1 2 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    They normally have a sale when they release the update so wait until then. This is for Pc though where it's still expensive, on PS4 you can always get it cheap

    [–] No Man's Sky Next Trailer JBWalker1 5 points ago in Games

    As for the previous updates you can probably just YouTube the last 3 trailers for 1.1 1.2 and 1.3, they'll cover like 90% of what you need to know. Since launch they've added base building, a mission system, vehicles, own space freighters, and a bunch of other stuff. The world and terrain still sucked but they added more to do which was my other main problem. So if the terrain is sorted with this patch and even more stuff to do instead of grinding then it'll be a pretty complete game finally imo.

    [–] No Man's Sky Next Trailer JBWalker1 19 points ago in Games

    I've played it after the first update which added base building and even that made me like the game a lot more, It actually gave me something to do in it instead of getting bored. Not played the last 2 big updates since I've been waiting for this so it's going to be awesome going back into it with so much added. Glad I waited, the trailer and music has gotten me pretty pumped for it! Can't wait for the full patch changelog too since the trailer normally just skirts over everything really briefly, there's normally a bunch of other great stuff that isn't in the trailers.

    Say what you want about the game before but it's quite rare for a game to be pushed and updated this much after such a bad launch. Games with that bad of a launch would normally just get cancelled for any future development and sales. Full time development for another 2 years so far is awesome. Hello Games is probably one of my top 5 devs which is crazy since they were probably in my bottom 5 with all the rubbish at launch and then they went dark for almost 100 days and people thought they took the money and ran.

    [–] How I live on a £69,500 salary while saving to buy a two-bedroom flat JBWalker1 5 points ago in london

    380k aint gonna get you sh*t anymore. Currently only 10 properties in BG for under 380k

    How are you only getting 10 properties? Just on Rightmove alone it says theres 47 properties between £200k and £375k in Bethnal Green(can probably take away a few because of shared ownership bs). That's only properties within a smaller than 1 square mile area too which is pretty small, add just half a mile(like 1 or 2 tube stops/5 min bike ride) or so to each side and that'll probably be 150 houses to choose from within what she's looking to spend(well I did £5k less since £380k wasn't an option) .

    I think she's just going about it wrong with the £380k house because like you said it's the savings part that is the hardest because prices rise as fast as you can save sometimes. If she can get a £320k mortgage, then why not just get a cheaper place in the exact area for a while and then upgrade as time goes on? There are a bunch of 1 bedroom flats/apartments in the area for under £300k so because of her salary shed be able to get right away, would just need 1 years of savings and a much smaller mortgage then she would be able to get. Or she could go straight to a 2 bedroom which there are a few shabby flats in the area for £340k, also just 1 years of her savings + her max mortgage she can get. Both would have her buying and moving in very quickly and then she wouldn't be paying rent anymore which will help her save for her ideal £380k place much faster.

    I just don't get how she can get a £320k mortgage in an area where you can get a place for that much but still be living in a house share, she doesn't need to be. £70k a year and living in a house share isn't a London thing, that sounds like a her thing.

    [–] Photoshop request JBWalker1 1 points ago in Unexpected

    It would have been stolen at that point if it wasn't his though since it wasn't docked ;p somebody would be facing a £200 charge on their card if they didn't return it to a dock because someone stole it.

    [–] The unpixelated back cover JBWalker1 2 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    People will start getting the disk within 4 days for sure. They'd have to be in retailers hands by then surely and someone always manages to get copies as soon as the retailers get their stock. So yeah I think we'll find out everything in 4 days, they'll probably release the trailer by then since it would be dumb if someone is playing Next on Twitch when we don't even have a trailer yet.

    [–] 12p refund from Uber for having a leaking, flat coke delivered. JBWalker1 1 points ago in CasualUK

    Same here, right away it refunds the full meal plus the delivery. Not sure what OP is doing differently unless it's what happens if you report it too much as a deterrent.

    [–] Munro Teardown Shows Tesla Model 3 Solidly Profitable JBWalker1 4 points ago in teslamotors

    How does he know what each manufacturer pays for each and every part? Like he says the Model 3 is profitable because of thing like they pay $29 for the rear view mirror whereas the Bolt pays $165 for theirs and he mentions tracking down the supplier and stuff. But surely getting a generic quote from a manufacturer wouldn't be that accurate, like Chevy wouldn't pay anywhere close to what this guy gets quoted. Then there's the bits about what about the parts that Chevy makes themselves? They're obviously not buying parts from everyone else otherwise none of their cars should be profitable. And how is the $165 vs $30 part even possible? surely someone at Chevy would be like "hey why are we buying this part in mass bulk quantities but still paying more than what I can buy a singleee similar one in the shop for?"

    [–] Native 4K Resolution At 30 FPS With PS4 Image Quality Requires 7.4 TFLOPS GPU – AMD Developer JBWalker1 2 points ago in Games

    Yeah it's fair he isn't saying its not, he's saying it's zoomed in whereas when you're actually playing the game you're not going to zoom into a small part of the screen to notice it. So if it takes zooming in to see enough of a difference then what's the point in using the extra power.

    [–] Large album of people and their signs from Friday JBWalker1 10 points ago in london

    The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocous one is so well done. Image 31.

    [–] The bill to extend the rebate for electric cars is making progress and has gained a few cosponsors yesterday JBWalker1 25 points ago in teslamotors

    2028 sounds insane though. Surely by then that would be too much tax money lost if suddenly a large percentage of new car sales will get a large rebate. 10 years from now new car sales being electric cars will surely be normalised by then, and you don't need an incentive for something that's normal.

    It shouldn't be straight up 10 years from now, making it 5 years and then the option for another 5 years when it expires sounds like it would make more sense. No downside to it really.

    [–] Epic Announces Unreal Engine Marketplace 88% / 12% Revenue Share JBWalker1 1 points ago in Games

    I don't understand why they'd do that though. Makes no sense business wise. Like if I wanted to make stuff for the marketplace giving people extra money from their sales 4 years ago will have zero effect on if I actually do it or not. What matters is the percentage now. Like in 2014-2017 they couldn't have planned this so surely the money they made would have been spent or something? If people already paid them and agreed to the fee then why give the money back? I just don't get it, even giving the split back for the whole of 2018 so far would be huge let alone 2014! Seems so far back that it sounds like a typo.

    I guess they're paying out BIG time to get developers on their team 100% but at some point going back an extra year probably isn't going to increase the loyalty much extra.

    Not complaining though, they're making bank and just seem to want to share it. Not heard of a developer ever paying out like this before.

    [–] Hard to swallow pills (Unpopular info/opinions) JBWalker1 1 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    People also need to not expect an update a year of full development in the making. HG have also been developing the Xbox version which must have been taking up a huge amount of their time, they've not been solidly developing an update for the already released game. So this probably won't be 4x as big as the previous updates since its taken 4x as long. Expect an update the size of one of the last big updates + multiplayer, if you want to have high expectations then expect an update the size of 2 of the previous expansions. Do nottt expect anything more though. I've heard of people expecting things that would require pretty deep game engine changes, they're doomed to be disappointed no matter what.

    [–] A streamer receiving anonymous $100K donation JBWalker1 2 points ago in videos

    Isn't cancelling a donation a thing though? So they'd donate this amount but then have it cancelled right away? But if they have enough money in the bank for it to go through in the first place then it might be real? But what bank would allow $100k to go through to a twitch donation page without blocking it? Hmm. I don't get who would donate this amount to someone who already makes millions anyway, it's the mega rich donating to the mega rich. Some small streamers get so happy if you just subscribe($5), If i was donating $100k I'd donate $1k to 100 different small streamers, they'd go crazy.

    [–] CC London are threatening me now... (PT.2) JBWalker1 46 points ago in london

    Well when bailiffs get involved they always add a bailiff charge on top of your original debt too. So if they send them to collect the £0 then the bailiff fee might be £400 so they'll end up collecting £400 worth of stuff over this £0 error. That would be quite a story

    [–] To buy a fan/ventilator JBWalker1 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in london

    Because not everybody has prime so it's 3 day delivery not 1 day, and that's only free if you spend a certain amount.

    Either way pretty much anywhere. It's a fan, any big supermarket and dozens of big high street chains and even places like B&Q has them. Argos would be the safe bet though, they'd have a bunch of options and they won't be a bad price, might even be a great price. This is like asking where you can buy a kettle, even if you don't know it's such a basic thing to look up that you'd very quickly find one within 10 mins of you, or somewhere that delivers.

    [–] The Future of Byteball — The Byteball Foundation JBWalker1 3 points ago in ByteBall

    Nice some detailed plans and good news, just stuff like this brings hope. This and finally an iOS app within the same week or so is awesome. Too bad it's a long road but I guess that's how it is for everyone atm, as long as it ends good take your time.

    [–] Musk Backhands Socialist for Getting out-of-line via Twitter JBWalker1 3 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Or it assumes some have kids and some don't have a family they support.

    [–] Musk Backhands Socialist for Getting out-of-line via Twitter JBWalker1 36 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Google bought 10% for $1 billion a few years ago not 30%. Musk now owns 54% of it and I don't think there's any way he'd let it go below 50% since he seems to not want to give up the total controlling share. Its valued much higher now though so if he needed an extra billion he could probably get it while still being at 50.01%+. It doesn't seem like they need it though, but I guess that's down to how many BFRs they destroy during testing.

    [–] Disappointed AF JBWalker1 1 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    It's only 2 weeks. Probably more like 1 week since they'll probably release the trailer and info 1 week before and then give us the update. Just a week man, you've waited 55 of them. This time it's 1-2 weeks MAXIMUM, literally couldn't be any longer than that, you'll get it then for sure. It's here.