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    [–] Evening Standard up to it's usual tricks again JBWalker1 1 points ago in london

    I mean what are they doing wrong really? How can you make a rule against quoting people? That's what most articles are, it's no different than quoting people/celebrities/politicians from interviews they've given with other people, imagine suddenly not being able to take quotes from places. Like if a celebrity did an AMA and some site wrote and article about the responses would that not be okay? It definitely should be. Otherwise news will only be allowed on the very first place it was published. The only thing the evening standard are doing wrong is producing shitty journalism.

    [–] Why Some Android Phones Slow Down As They Age - Storage fragmentation in Android plays a major role in the ageing performance of the phone JBWalker1 1 points ago in Android

    I think he knows that SSDs are faster and why but he is saying that as a fact random read speeds on SSDs(as in reading data from random parts of the SSD) is much slower than sequential(when all the data being read is stored next to each other), and was saying that if this is the case then defragging the SSD should make it faster as it would bundle the data up and making it more sequential most of the time. But people say that defragging an SSD doesn't help it read faster but why not if all that is true. It's probably a software thing at this point rather than hardware.

    [–] Secret Cinema - Selling 2 Tickets JBWalker1 1 points ago in london

    Was this for today? Don't you need to buy/rent costumes for that if you don't have one? An hours notice might be a bit of a stretch if so :p

    [–] Buying curtains to hang with a wire JBWalker1 1 points ago in london

    New Tunnel next to Blackwall Tunnel should be open shortly after so it shouldn't be that bad. The new tunnel seems dumb to me though since it mainly ends up on the same road so you're still going to have the same bottleneck on the Greenwich side... You can double the tunnels but if it links onto the same 1 road then nothing will change thattt much. I think the £billion could have been spent elsewhere. Buttt it will have a bus lane apparently so people taking a bus will be able to bypass the blackwall tunnel traffic during rush hour which will be a big plus for them.

    [–] 1080p60 footage of Tokyo from 1992 JBWalker1 1 points ago in videos

    I want to know why we can't have 1080p30fps on any video uploaded in 60fps. If the SD versions playback at 30fps then why can't there be a 30fps version for 720p or 1080p? Sometimes my internet slows down and lags on 1080p60fps but if i could change that to 30fps and heavily reduce the bandwidth needed(like 40% less maybe!) then it wouldn't lag at all and I could keep it at 1080p. Just weird it's not an option. I think there's extensions that enable 30fps on all resolutions.

    [–] Love a politician with a sword JBWalker1 1 points ago in london

    It's pretty much making an opinion illegal, which is pretty much getting rid of free speech.

    How is this guy giving this an honest shot? It sounds like a joke candidate. If this guy is having a serious run and has all these campaigning materials printed then where's all the totally logical candidates in my area??

    [–] Scandalous: Monopoly chose Liverpool and Leeds as the browns JBWalker1 2 points ago in CasualUK

    It just seems like it's the smallest place on there but suddenly the most valuable. Not that it should be ordered by size but I just dont get why its above everything else. It is nicer than almost all of them though. Still curious to why the order was chosen. The only very loose trend i can see is that the bigger cities are early on and the smallest are towards the end.

    [–] Scandalous: Monopoly chose Liverpool and Leeds as the browns JBWalker1 43 points ago in CasualUK

    This isn't legit is it? Seems like everything is all randomly placed and then St Albans is there for some reason and somehow in the top spot too.

    [–] Bright sunshine , 5% chance of rain? I don't think so accuweather, your not accurate and need to change the name off your app. JBWalker1 1 points ago in CasualUK

    This is like when most people were complaining that the polls were wrong when Trump won because they only gave him 20% chance of winning which apparently means that he definitely wouldn't win.

    [–] CasualUK donates money to charity - THE ACTUAL DONATION BIT! JBWalker1 2 points ago in CasualUK

    It suggests that I give no money and to set up a Go fund me for myself, so yeah it must detect how much money you have when making a suggestion.

    [–] Lord Sugar got Onion’d JBWalker1 41 points ago in CasualUK

    I think with his early computer businesses he was involved in he didn't understand the value of software and why he had to pay for an operating system or something for the computers because it isn't a physical object. But he got lucky and the software companies caved in to his ignorance and the software was sold to him for almost nothing which gave him a big advantage.

    Been so long since I've heard the story but it went something like that I'm sure.

    He's never came across as thatt smart really, but maybe that's just on TV.

    [–] Renters must be able to hold private landlords to account JBWalker1 3 points ago in unitedkingdom

    The recent tax changes which very heavily negatively affected people with buy to let mortgages passed so there's a chance at least. Most of parliament probably buy all of their houses outright though so maybe not.

    [–] Dogs cannot get ‘autism’, British Veterinary Association warns after ‘anti-vaxx’ movement spread to pets JBWalker1 5 points ago in worldnews

    I know the feeling of your country getting a big chance of having something great happening to the country only for it to be ruined by people in the same country voting against it. At least with Trump there are upsides such as him destroying the image of the entire Republican party and causing them to lose seats in all levels of government in almost every state, plus he'll be gone in 2 years. The big great change we voted against in the UK was a change in the voting system to a method that will allow many smaller parties to grow and help get rid of the 2 party system that our countries currently have, like whyyyy would people vote against that??? Imagine if it wasn't just the republicans or democrats you could realistically vote for, it would change everything. We're not going to get that chance again anytime soon. Sorry gone off topic here but I'm still pretty salty over that vote even if it was 5 years ago.

    [–] Going to be seeing a lot more Tesla's at my office. JBWalker1 1 points ago in teslamotors

    Isn't the Tesla charger physically the same as other cars chargers? I see that the shape and pins are the same on Teslas to many others. Is it not possible for Tesla to make these stations compatible with other cars? They'd charge at a much slower rate due to different standards(other than the connector) but it would still be pretty great. I just hate seeing chargers that only 1 manufactures cars can use, would be such a terrible future if it was common for all manufactures to do this. Make them like more than double the price for cars from other manufactures to use so there should always be spaces for teslas.

    I need like a rundown of where we are with the current charging standards and whats being used mainly(in the UK/EU) but I can't seem to find a good AND recent one, they're all like from 3 years ago.

    [–] Where you are not welcome to sit down JBWalker1 10 points ago in london

    Yeah that's right, It does affect everyone of course and yeah I'm saying most of the time the homeless are the reason why businesses do this regardless of if its the homeless fault or not. You're not really disagreeing with what I said there.

    What's the alternative for the businesses other than putting barriers or something like spikes out the front so homeless can't sleep there and oftenly make a mess? Ideally some government or counsil policy will be made to minimise homelessness but the business isn't the government and can't do that, they could pay the homeless and set them up in a hotel or house or something I guess, but that's not their responsibility and they'd end up having thousands of homeless the next day, or they could invite them in? I don't know, none of these sound good though. I mean change the business to your house and the homeless was sleeping outside the front on your property, I couldn't do anything to stop it other than make it so they can't sleep there. Ideally I'd like them to no longer be homeless but I can't do anything about that apart from giving them money everyday to help pay for a hostel every day.

    If homeless was sleeping on my property and I could put a gate up or something to stop it I would. Best I can do is support politicians that have plans to help the homeless.

    [–] Where you are not welcome to sit down JBWalker1 14 points ago in london

    Things like this is mostly where a private business got tired of homeless sleeping on their window ledges each night and possibly using the wall as a toilet. I hate that it's necessary but if homeless was sleeping at the front of my house all the time I'd probably want something done to stop it too tbh.

    Although i'm not 100% sure here because the spikes are just at the front so it might just be to avoid anyone sitting there even for a few mins.

    [–] Does anyone listen to LBC? JBWalker1 1 points ago in london

    I think it's all a bit rubbish. They clearly choose very specific types of callers to put on the radio. They allow people on both sides for sure but they choose okay people on their side to put through but they choose absolute idiots on the other side to put through. It's very very very rare to hear someone on the side against them actually know what they're talking about, like they can be on the side I don't disagree with but fair enough if they know what they're talking about but the people that get put on air don't know anything. Then It allows the hosts to rip into them and make them look like idiots. When someone on the other side has done their research they get talked over and cut from the show asap.

    I don't think it's that unbiased for that reason but they definitely try to make it seem that way and maybe even believe so themselves.

    It might be specific hosts I don't know, never got to know whos who.

    [–] Sean Hannity's real estate venture linked to fraudulent property dealer JBWalker1 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in news

    You will be the one complaining when your rent goes up for them to cover that.

    But that doesn't happen today with the people that pay more tax already, houses are all similar prices to the rest in that area of the same type. If I rent a house from someone who owns 1 rental house and then rent the house next door from the person who owns 100 houses, I'm most likely going to be paying the exact same price for each even though the guy who owns 100 houses currentlyyy has to pay higher tax than the people renting the houses next door. Is he really going to raise the prices on all his properties 10% above the market rate and risk them sitting empty for a while if we increase his taxes by 10%? I doubt it because it doesn't currently happen.

    Also if the 10% extra tax makes buying more property no longer viable for him then thats fine because it'll still be viable for the other people who will pay 10% or whatever less tax which will make it viable for them. That's a good scenario surely. We want to stop the mega ultra rich and a $500,000+ 50% tax bracket will soften the impact of the ones we get.

    [–] UK: God of War launch is the biggest in the series history JBWalker1 2 points ago in Games

    How does Game stay afloat I wonder...

    They won't for long. They already went into administration once and got bought out. And now they're reporting a £10 million loss per year so they're not going to last that long. I'd imagine they'll close most stores and keep the most profitable 25% or so of them open. It's a shame to see all these big name shops that have been around forever closing and going bankrupt, Maplin is the current one shutting down. Soon it's going to just be streets full of Estate Agents, betting shops, bargin shops(like poundland, B&M), and chicken shops.

    [–] Two Point Hospital - Building a Game with Personality! JBWalker1 -9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Games

    Yes I'm going to generally care about all the people in a game like this just because they have cool little animations, never mind them not having a story or the ability to speak or probably not even names or anything :p

    It's like saying that we should care about all the little people in Planet Coaster(the new roller coaster tycoon type game) because their little animations look good. It's just funny marketing talk.

    [–] Never mess with a mans food JBWalker1 6 points ago in instant_regret

    I mean we only have 10 seconds to go on so I don't think we can assume that. He may have been the asshole just before the video started, who knows. The staff and police more than anyone for sure though.

    [–] Sean Hannity's real estate venture linked to fraudulent property dealer JBWalker1 1 points ago in news

    Are you assuming they have a mortgage to pay off or something? Because if not then if I rent a house out for £1,200 and have no mortgage to pay then after costs I'll probably get £1,000 of that profit. If I also have a £1,000/month mortgage to pay off on the property then it's not really a viable investment property I guess. I'm aware of how rental properties work in the UK and the current ongoing changes to how they're taxed and the current big shift in how buy to let mortgage properties are taxed.

    [–] Sean Hannity's real estate venture linked to fraudulent property dealer JBWalker1 2 points ago in news

    No I want them to be taxed more, depends on the cost of the homes of course but I because of where I live I always assume each of the 1000 properties are at least $250-300k each.

    [–] The UK has been powered without coal for three days in a row, setting a new record and underlining the polluting fuel’s rapid decline. Demand lower following recent warm weather, making it easier for gas, renewables and nuclear to cover UK’s needs. JBWalker1 3 points ago in UpliftingNews

    We invested too much in that. Didn't the estimate cost over it's life go from £10bn just a few years ago to £60bn+ today. I'm sure it's by far the most expensive per mwh In the world. Im totally for nuclear but not if we're going to get ripped off like that. It's already starting to be out priced by renewables, let alone in 10+ years time when we'd be paying the same price for the energy it produces and renewables will be halved.

    Same as the HS2 rail lines. Sure great that's a good idea, have a super speed rail line going from south to North, but wait it costs £400 million per MILE?? Hmm maybe it's not such a good idea. Literally 10x the cost as new rail projects in other countries, and built much slower. Im all for it being done by British companies(well by companies of the country its in) but at this point I'd be happy to outsource it to the companies that japan or whoever uses.

    We have a habit of overpaying. I think Crossrail is a decent price though, one of the few huge projects I think that about.