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    [–] The Playstation Store is in an Unacceptable state on Console. JBWalker1 1 points ago in PS4

    The ps3 store was the best, the middle one, the first refresh. It was very fast, barebones, no over the top animations. It's just a grid of square icon images and names.

    What I don't get is that on Android or iOS the store opens and fully loads within like 2 seconds. Same as Netflix or whatever. So why is it that on Playstation apps like thst take 10x as long to open when there's no games running?

    [–] Congratulations Dr. Katie Bouman! JBWalker1 24 points ago in BeAmazed

    So a successful... attempt? :p

    [–] [Part II] Episode Discussion: Chapter 4 - SYZYGY JBWalker1 2 points ago in TheOA

    It doesn't matter even if they didn't own it. Shows reference each other all the time. What copyright or whatever law will it be breaking either way? :p

    [–] Gorilla's.... JBWalker1 2 points ago in AccidentalRacism

    But also there's times where a self driving car might make a mistake that you never would with no other cars around and you end up dying becuase of it. I think the person did die in the accident.

    Like the time where a Tesla pretty much drove straight into a solid non moving wall at high speeds even though there was no other drivers around that it was reacting to. Should be the most easiest thing to never happen. Imagine dying or being paralysed due to that?

    I'm all for self driving cars but we definitely have like 5+ years before full self driving should be allowed. The approval process should be like a year of testing from a third party. A manufacturer shouldn't be able to just start selling self driving cars because they said its good enough. Just like they can't sell a car full stop without having a third party safety company testing and approving it.

    [–] The scale of the Burj Khalifa against the London skyline JBWalker1 18 points ago in london

    Nice. But also since this zip line is 21km long you'd be gaining speed for much longer so you wouldn't need as much of a slope would you?

    The Worlds longest zip line is just 3km long and reaches speeds up to 90mph. Even on a shallower angle you'd be reaching those speeds soon enough, would probably break 100mph. I have no idea of the physics required to work it our though.

    [–] A wholesome father JBWalker1 9 points ago in lifehacks

    From:[email protected]

    That brings up all emails from a specific person.

    Then hit the select all button. Then move to a new folder. Then select all emails not in that folder and hit delete.

    [–] Tesla Model Y SUV will be unveiled March 14th JBWalker1 3 points ago in gadgets

    Check out the Fully Charged video of it on YouTube. The amount of features in that car is insane, it's like Rolls Royce levels of detail.

    [–] MONOPOLY TRASH TALK! w/Pyrion & Sips #2 JBWalker1 4 points ago in Yogscast

    He still won't trade if it means he has to give someone else what they need too. He'd rather never trade even if it means losing. Kinda happened last time and that's why he was only ever going to have brown Town which you can't win with alone, I called it early on, it was just a slow inevitable bankruptcy.

    [–] MONOPOLY TRASH TALK! w/Pyrion & Sips #2 JBWalker1 18 points ago in Hatfilms

    I do like 4 people though but they should just have someone chill on to join them, and not the same person every time, someone like Sjin who will see the bright side of even a game like monopoly during it's harshest times. Has Sjin ever joined them? But yeah there's several people, Tom would work too. People like Rythian are a definite no though lol.

    [–] MONOPOLY TRASH TALK! w/Pyrion & Sips #2 JBWalker1 18 points ago in Hatfilms

    They also have no understanding of the train stations as they think for whatever reason that it is 100$, even though Smith would have otherwise gotten 50$ (though one more place on the board now to get the money) so it is actually +50$ per landing compared to what Smith had before, so they would have needed to land on the train stations 30 times for the 1500$ to pay back.

    Yeah I said that in one of the previous episodes too but even the commenters here didn't understand. I think it was about the train stations again, someone sold the last train station for $600 or so and since it gives the other person $200 rent each time people were saying that it only takes landing on it 3 times for them to get their $600 back. But because of the reason you said it's actually 6 times not 3. Plus it ignores that the quick $600 you get can maybe buy you a card you need too which might earn you more than you'll ever give the other person by landing on their stations, it's not like you just get the $600 from selling a station and then do nothing with it, you invest it somehow.

    It would have given Ross so much money to do a trade for the last red/green (with giving away maybe even the 2 others from set he won't be getting) and then instantly build so many houses.

    Yup I said this at the end of episode 1 too. Ross was 1 card away from 2 sets, if he has to then just give away the 2 cards from the other set(as long as it doesn't complete someone elses set) and maybe even the train station and maybe even $100 to sweeten the deal and just complete one of the sets. Then just build houses as soon as he can like you say. He would be first with a set and houses by a long shot. Even though It's like $1,000 for a single $300 card it's still a good deal in the end.

    But he didn't do that and lets see where he is. $435 with 2 reds, 2 greens, and a station at the end of episode one, and at the end of episode 2 he's at EXACTLY the same(minus $6 lol). So yeah gg.

    [–] MONOPOLY TRASH TALK! w/Pyrion & Sips #2 JBWalker1 69 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Hatfilms

    Smith handing the game to Flax on a silver platter (edit)

    I think Smith was just tired of the bs deals tbh. Nobody was going to trade anything even when offered like $1,000 for a single card that wouldn't even complete his set. Because of that the game wasn't going anywhere at all, all cards were pretty much bought, they were just going around giving each other stupid money like $30 a turn and it would start getting very boring quick. So he thought fuck it and gave Pyrion the win.

    Like I know it turned out to be a joke but they thought it was mostly serious at first, but when Smith offered Ross like $1,500 for a train station and Ross was like hmmm and acted not sure if he should accept it, what was with that?? You say yes right away surely, it means nothing to Ross and it doesn't mean that much for smith since he can only get $100 max for rent each time.

    It's just like everybody was dug in with their cards and wouldn't sell under any circumstance. They'd rather not trade with and help anyone at all even if it means they eliminate their own chances of winning too. Whats the point? I think that's when Smithy was like fuck this, called sips out on it many times, and gave pyrion some crazy good deal and effectively handing him the game. If nobody trades now Pyrion wins, people HAVE to trade, maybe that's Smiths plan all along to see if they finally trade now or rather go bankrupt instead(sips definitely will).

    But yeah that's just how it seemed to me. Man, monopoly is too serious of a game.

    [–] This looong key my friend has JBWalker1 6 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I think he's done one like this, or someone on YouTube has, I remember seeing it.

    [–] Trump Lied About Getting Special Permission From El Paso Fire Dept, Says Fire Dept JBWalker1 4 points ago in politics

    Theses photos of a large crowd outside which has like 2k in it from a guess. Saying that there were no more than the 6500 inside as if it's a fact isn't much better than what trumps doing. He lied, we don't need to exaggerate his lie even more.

    [–] Options for a single 4K camera security system JBWalker1 2 points ago in homeautomation

    Don't many ip cameras have remote views via app and some have an SD card slot for recording so you can get away with just having the camera and no NVR.

    Like my H.View 4k camera has remote view options in the settings but I don't use them. Then the £10 more expensive model has the SD card slot so you can playback the camera in a browser or app.

    The browser stream of my camera seems pretty good, like I think it's displaying at 1080p and I can see number plates 10m away.

    [–] Great Experience with Xiaomi Aqara for HomeKit Drapes JBWalker1 7 points ago in homeautomation

    Im sure he means the security concerns of having their device on your network which could be a backdoor for people to monitor and see data from other devices not from them, like your pc or phones.

    But I don't think it's too bad in this case since you can turn it into a local hub with home assistant I think, and then you can block the hub from accessing the Internet at all so even if it was shady it would be able to talk to anything outside your network.

    [–] New cycle routes consultation from TfL JBWalker1 3 points ago in london

    I don't even see how they can build a proper bike lane even 1 way on most of those Isle of Dogs sections. I have a feeling it's going to all just be paint on the middle of the road on most of it. At least the Isle of Dogs is relatively easy compared to most places right? It's mainly just local traffic I think since it's an isolated little area south of Canary Wharf, the roads aren't used for commuting other than the people who live there and most of those probably don't have cars.

    [–] What's barking like to live in? Job interview on Monday. Any nice areas to live in within driving distance. JBWalker1 1 points ago in london

    Where are you living now? Because everywhere here has bad traffic for commuting everyone knows that :p

    Also Brentwood to Barking right now at 8:30am on Google maps shows its 5 mins quicker by train and a short bus. Depends where exactly though.

    Depends when you start too though. If its normal 9am then I'd say take the public transport. But if its like 8am or 10am then a car will be a better choice.

    Is there definitely going to be a parking spot for you every day in Barking? If the company doesn't have a car park for staff then I wouldn't bother with driving, wouldn't want the hassle of finding parking each day.

    [–] [Lost/Found] An engagement ring found in E20 JBWalker1 1 points ago in london

    Is it a standard looking ring because now that it sounds like you've given the exact place you found it someone could just say it's theirs, describe one of the few engagement ring styles, and then hope that you give it to them.

    Normally people wouldn't give a street name or anything but quite a broad area and then the person who tries to claim it would have to say the streets they took that day and if one of them is where you found the ring then it'll be good enough proof that it's definitely theirs.

    Edit : only just noticed this is 2 days old. Hopefully they got it back.

    [–] Is there still a reason to pay for a TV licence? JBWalker1 3 points ago in london

    Yes that's if they're just streaming, it says in the title. You said you have Sky TV and if you do then you need a license. If you have Virgin TV or even use freesat then you need a license. If you use iplayer for live TV then you need a license. Sure some people won't pay it but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be. Some people also steal from stores.

    [–] Metro Exodus- For all those saying "why is it so difficult to install a free program...its the same thing". JBWalker1 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Epic does have a road map for half of these things already this year tbf, of course it won't release with them all. Then there's a couple of things they're adding soon which steam doesn't have, like voice chat with friends and parties in the client so you don't have to download and use discord.

    So if by the end of this year it matches more or less what steam was like let's say 4 years ago and 4 years ago we were all fine with steam then we should mostly be fine with epic too feature wise.

    I'd prefer to use steam of course but I really want Epic to be really successful and will use them when I can just so that Steam will have to lower their cut in response, then when they do I'll go back to using steam. I think everyone should want a scenario like that to happen, lots of people use epic, steam reduces the amount of money they take from devs, then most people go back to steam. Otherwise we'd be forever at a third of all fame devs income going to steam. If steam lowered their cut to even just 20% that'll be such a huge boost for PC gaming and everyone should want it. So what they'll only make 3 billion instead of $5 billion next year.

    Things like timed exclusives sound like itll only be for the first year too. Same as where they've already said that the free game every 2 weeks is only until 2020. We'll see though.

    [–] TIL that following their successful Billion Tree Tsunami campaign in 2017 to plant 1 billion trees, Pakistan launched the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami campaign, vowing to plant 10 billion trees in the next 5 years JBWalker1 1 points ago in todayilearned

    Yeah definitely. Also the type of animal because beef is apparently up to 10x worse for the environment than chicken due to them needing a crazy amount of extra land, water, and food, to produce the same amount of meat.

    So chicken could actually be taxed very little at first and I'd be fine with it. Like even if chicken was a pretty small 4% tax that could mean beef could be 20%. The chicken tax would barely be noticeable but the beef tax definitely would, so if anything it'll at least push a lot of people to have chicken burgers more instead of beef. That alone will have a significant impact.

    I'm all for anything to increase treatment of animals in farms too but I don't think this will cause that. If the government wanted to make sure animals were treated better than they currently are then they would do that without this tax. I feel like farms will be able to fudge their scores to be taxed less too.

    Hopefully the tax happens at all though.

    [–] TIL that following their successful Billion Tree Tsunami campaign in 2017 to plant 1 billion trees, Pakistan launched the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami campaign, vowing to plant 10 billion trees in the next 5 years JBWalker1 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in todayilearned

    I'm not the guy but even 66.67 million a month sounds unrealistic. Like they celebrate a world record of 1 million planted in a day but then right away go ahead and sustain like 2.3 million a day for 15 months? So more than double the world record they just broke and then like destroying the record 500 days in a row right after?

    I might have missed something though, so many links going around and lots of them contradict each other, even links by the main op himself.

    Still awesome though and probably originally had the resources for a billion and will have enough for 10 billion this time. I wonder how many don't survive though? All new trees near me have the plastic protection thing at the bottom otherwise wildlife will damage them too much.

    [–] TIL that following their successful Billion Tree Tsunami campaign in 2017 to plant 1 billion trees, Pakistan launched the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami campaign, vowing to plant 10 billion trees in the next 5 years JBWalker1 2 points ago in todayilearned

    I still think that by the time you manage to get people off of meat, even by just 25%, that we'd have highly accessible lab grown meat. Getting people off meat is needed I know but it's just an unlikely thing for the average person to do.

    I think that in 5 years time where lab grown meat will be priced similar to normal meat and better quality and stuff governments should put a tax on normal meat. Simple as that. Tax meat so its price goes around the same as or above lab grown meat. I don't think it's too career suicide, the UK already has a sugar tax so drinks like coke aren't even included in the base price of McDonald's meals anymore so a meat tax in 5 years time might be fine. A lab grown beef burger dropped to £8 last year apparently, down from hundreds a couple years ago. If they manage to get that down to £3 in 5 years then a tax on normal meat should equal then out and people will switch in very high numbers.

    A government investing £1 billion in wind farms is probably hugely less effective than investing the same in lab grown meat. Maybe they should be subsidising that instead.