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    [–] Pleasant Surprise: Model 3 to arrive "Early next year" in Europe. JBWalker1 5 points ago in teslamotors

    That won't include UK though sadly, probably at the end of 2019. the 35,000 eur model 3 will probably be like almost 2020 too for anywhere In Europe.

    [–] First proof of a car charging faster than Tesla (Taycan @150kw) JBWalker1 2 points ago in teslamotors

    There's a phone that came out recently by Huawai or someone that had stupidly fast speeds, like double current quick charge speeds and charged 80% in like 20 mins. All they did to achieve it is to essentially split the battery into 2 so they can pump twice as many watts into the phone but each battery would receive the same.

    I think Tesla is planning on doing that for the truck. But why can't cars do that?

    [–] Ant-theft Idea: Require password to turn OFF location services / App access JBWalker1 1 points ago in teslamotors

    Apparently other manufacturers put a motion sensor into the key and it wont transmit if the key isn't moving. So in the case of the video the thieves wouldn't have been able to boost the signal of the key and steal the car because there would be no signal to boost. It won't help in all cases of course but it will stop your car being stolen from your house since you put the key down as soon as you go in. It's just yet another layer Tesla should add if it's working with others. If it makes the key boosting not work 90% of the time then thats good enough to use in addition to other things. It would probably add like 50 cents to the cost of a key. I'd definitely use a pin until they add stuff like that.

    Also buy CCTV for your house people. It's a huge deterrent right away. A 1080p camera these days cost £50 for a decent one. I got a 4mp one(double of HD) for like £75 but it is in addition to a £100 NVR. If you have a £50,000 car then a cctv system is a no brainer, I'd have 2 cameras pointed at the car because like I said £150 for 2 crystal clear cameras pointed at a £50,000 car is nothing. It might even bring your car and home insurance down by that much over just a few years.

    [–] CEO of UK Homeless Charity "Humanity Torbay" Breaks Gagging Order On The Effects of Universal Credit JBWalker1 1 points ago in videos

    Might be a London thing. And yeah now that I think of it it wasn't free, it was half off and it gets added to your oyster travel card for 6 months.

    [–] CEO of UK Homeless Charity "Humanity Torbay" Breaks Gagging Order On The Effects of Universal Credit JBWalker1 1 points ago in videos

    Disability Living Allowance are around £59/week for the UPPER tier but not needing a carer. £59 lol. Around £55/week is the upper end of unemployment benefits for young adults for a max of 6 months. I don't know much about benefits apart from those, I've not heard of sickness benefits apart from if you actually had a job at the time you got sick and even then I thinkkk it's only for a few months. Not sure what else there is because I've not used any apart from unemployment for a while(which almost wasn't worth it since you get treated like shit and they'll try their hardest to get you off it not in a good way).

    But yeah those 2 are £115 or so a week which can't even cover rent of a 1 bed flat in most of the country, and the places it is enough that's not even including utility bills, a phone, and food. Then of course there's transport which can be a lot, but I think you get 6 months free pass via unemployment. It sounds super rough. But again I've never had to go that deep into it so there might be more you can claim that i've never had to.

    Getting a job once you're homeless will be hard too. Once you're homeless I'd imagine it's hard to get out of. No stable address, nowhere to keep more than a couple sets of clothes, hard to keep appearances up, like shaving and washing hair and stuff. Then you'd probably look miserable too. Good luck getting a job.

    Then of course there's mental health. If you have mental issues then it's next level.

    [–] SpaceX will be ready to transport humans in April 2019, NASA estimates. JBWalker1 2 points ago in space

    So do they want to just keep it relatively sterile temporarily then? Like where do they see Mars in 100 years? If they see it as completely sterile now and want to keep it that way for now then what would be the point if they don't think it will still be sterile in 100 years? Unless they want it to always be like that along with all other planets but then won't that leave us to only ever having minor operations on other planets? Like a small team in a small dome without ever expanding it too much.

    [–] Construction crew steals guy's power JBWalker1 3 points ago in videos

    Is you're indoors all day the trick would be to turn it off for a minute every 5-10 mins. They'll think it's a problem with their tools because there's never a situation where the power source keeps going off and on. But yeah then you call the police.

    [–] Hardware 3.0 is coming next year with 10X processing power! JBWalker1 0 points ago in teslamotors

    you cannot beat performance per watt at this level.

    Does power usage at this level matter? How much of the battery goes to the computer? 0.5%? I've not seen numbers for each.

    [–] Woman livesteaming thinks she's got her uber driver JBWalker1 1 points ago in videos

    It's just like watching a talk show. We can watch Stephen Colbert or Conan talking for an hour with celebrities for an hour on TV, or listen to people talking on podcasts for hours, or listen to radio talk shows for horus, and that's mostly all live streaming casual stuff is about. Instead of it being on a radio or something it's a live video of the person instead. People watch it for the persons personality just like they'd listen to a casual talk podcast for the specific hosts personality. I mean I don't really watch them either but I can see how it can be related to those other things. Some will have a really engaging audience too, like the streamer would recognise peoples names and everyone will be part of the inside jokes and stuff.

    Of course you get the ones that just show cleavage while doing Yoga and stuff but they are only a few these days, they used to take up most of the irl streams but they're only a very few of them now.

    Some of them are cool for showing the local area, like there are often Japanese/tokyo ones which are cool to see what it's like in all the super flashy arcades and stuff.

    But yeah I can just see why some people like them, I've had them on for background noise and stuff sometimes, just like modern radio.

    [–] The bus driver thought I hadn’t tapped my bus card which ended in me getting a free ride. JBWalker1 19 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    Worth it. They get like 20 people on in 30 seconds whereas if people used money it would take 30 seconds for that 1 person. Does suck if you don't have a card for the night though, but it's just like not having any change on you I guess and it's probably much more likely to no have change on you than not having a bank card, and oyster card, orrr a phone with contactless payments on(almost any recent phone). It was a good change.

    [–] V9 Update will introduce new level of autonomy JBWalker1 7 points ago in teslamotors

    Yeah I agree if it's safer it should be rolled out, what I'm saying is that it shouldn't be the car companies who are selling the car to determine that, it's conflict of interest. The companies are there to make money and we can't trust them with this stuff no matter how good Tesla may seem. I mean cars have to go through thorough testing before they can be sold in the first place right? Like all the safety and emission tests they have to pass because we can't trust them to pass themselves. So if we're making a huge change to how these cars can operate then why's it so farfetched to ask for them to be recertified for the self driving system? It's the same thing.

    Just like how medicine companies have to spend ages getting their stuff approved by the FDA or whoever, self driving should be the same with another government organisation.

    Sure you trust Tesla but if GM came out tomorrow and said they have level 4 autonomy for a car on sale tomorrow there's no way you would trust them and there's no way they should be allowed to release that car or update without detailed tests and proof.

    [–] V9 Update will introduce new level of autonomy JBWalker1 8 points ago in teslamotors

    Tbh I wouldn't want any car to have level 4 or even full level 3 without needing to pass super strict standards and like a full year of testing on roads without any accidents due to the self driving.

    We've seen more than enough times where self driving cars haven't detected something when they should have, we've even seen videos of Teslas autopilot driving high speeds into a solid barrier with people inside. The chances of simple stuff like that happening must be pretty much 0 before we move on. Car companies should have to have any car thoroughly tested by a third party if they claim it has level 3 or higher. I just don't see how we can trust a company with that stuff without it being fully vetted by a government organisation or something, especially since they're going to be making profits from selling the cars. Bugs and errors in software happens no matter how good the developers and engineers are.

    [–] Hamilton security JBWalker1 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in london

    Is it cheaper to get an Oyster card? How much is it? What shall I do when I go to London? Where can I buy a toaster in London?

    Get those types of questions all the time, not even the toaster one is an exaggeration. Can't wait until everyone has grown up with Google and knows how to use it. Though I'm not sure who the types of people are that uses Reddit enough to actually make posts asking basic questions here but also doesn't know that it's quicker and easier to just Google them, I thought you'd unlock the Google skill long before you reach the posting to Reddit level. We need Yahoo answers back.

    [–] This girls voice is insane JBWalker1 2 points ago in videos

    I'd normally record something like 10 seconds of this as a reminder of the moment, I'd do the same at concerts too. I don't understand recording the whole thing like you say though, you're not going to be watching it all back, you'd find her music online if you want to listen. Definitely wouldn't bother recording it all if 100 other people are too :p I just try to ignore it though, seeing things like it used to really annoy me but that's not good.

    [–] To fight someone bigger. JBWalker1 1 points ago in therewasanattempt

    At least not since 1998 when The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table

    [–] The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Helps You Get More Done from Wherever You Are JBWalker1 0 points ago in Android

    Probably only about 2 of their phones these days which is a lot better. But with the Galaxy S you also get the absolute best specs for the time, best camera, best processors, the absolute best screens, etc, so it is more justifiable for the Galaxy S to cost more. The latest Galaxy S Tablet on the other hand does not have the top specs though so it shouldn't be priced as such. It is also priced much higher than other premium tablets whereas with the Galaxy S phone it is priced in line with the other premium phones.

    So there's still no justifying the price imo

    [–] The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Helps You Get More Done from Wherever You Are JBWalker1 5 points ago in Android

    That's even lower speced though, that's like saying the Galaxy A phone series competes with the latest iPhones, they don't. The tab A only competes in price, it's specs are much more outdated. It even only has 2gb of ram which is bad for Android these days.

    [–] The New Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Helps You Get More Done from Wherever You Are JBWalker1 20 points ago in Android

    It's also $650 whereas the latest iPad is $329. The Galaxy Tab S line is always overpriced and using old specs. They always use the 18 month old processor and charges 50-100% more than the latest iPad which has a newer processor. Like everyone else says when you're charging that much why not chuck in the latest specs? Even though It's a nice tablet and I'm not a fan of iOS I'd still choose the iPad if I HAD to buy one just because the Tab S is too expensive.

    I know it's lower specs and the screen isn't as anywhere near as nice but Xiaomis Mi Pad 4 has the same amount of memory, has a Snapdragon 660 processor which scores only about 20% lower than the 835 in benchmarks, but you can get it for $220(can even get the 3gb/32gb version for $180). So you can get THREE of those for the price of 1 Galaxy Tab S, I just can't justify the Tab S price. It should have been $400 or so, still more than an iPad but I'd understand that the screen they use costs more so that would justify the higher price.

    There must be one chinese manufacturer using latest specs, or even an 835 equivalent, for about $300 or less? I can't see any though.

    [–] CMV:Thanos did nothing wrong JBWalker1 1 points ago in changemyview

    I guess you'd implement a 1 child policy before mass killing people.

    [–] Supporting display cutouts on edge-to-edge screens JBWalker1 2 points ago in Android

    That is the product of one of the biggest companies on the planet that have been making phones for like 7 years and who is the developer of the OS that is on the majority of the worlds phones. Kinda crazy. I just don't understand why, especially when you have companies that are tiny in comparison making that phone design look like a joke. A bunch of engineers got paid a lot for that.

    Eh whatever, I guess the line will just die again like before. Time for yet another rebrand.

    [–] Orange is the New Black - Season 6 Discussion JBWalker1 1 points ago in orangeisthenewblack

    I don't think it goes that far in reality, especially not with twelveee random people. I get that there's bias but choosing 12 random people these days with that little evidence against her I don't think they'd all jump to that she definitely did it especially when you have the white prison warden saying otherwise. Plus 1 of the jury was black(intentionally low imo), and 3 looked asian but i'm not sure how relevant that is. Just 3 of the 12 people would be needed to say they're not sure, plus 1 is black. 75% of people aren't racist enough for it to be enough of a factor imo. But it is what it is I guess. I've been on jurys where people are idiots and vote guilty if it is just most likely even if most likely was only 70%(when it should be like 99%). It's just bs overall.

    [–] Avengers Infinity War 2018 1080p AMZN WEB-DL DD+5 1 H 264-SiGMA JBWalker1 1 points ago in Piracy

    Doesn't change that it's against the rules here too. Subreddits still have to follow the Reddit wise rules on top of the subreddit specific rules. It's in the sidebar too, don't post links to pirated content.

    [–] No one ever gets one over on her. She's the ultimate survivor. JBWalker1 8 points ago in orangeisthenewblack

    Seems so easy to get people in trouble there. You do something to yourself and blame someone else and the guard pins it on them without question. Happened like 4 times without effort and they all worked.