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    [–] This is what depression looks like. JC1112 6 points ago in pics

    TIL I’m massively depressed. I always thought it had to be a constant thing.

    [–] can you please repeat whatever the hell u just said?? JC1112 1 points ago in ihadastroke

    You’re so smart Um sorry about (?) Ok Ok I’m gonna go(?) (?) (?) I’m lonely I can’t feel my mouth (very drunk) Don’t say that My mouth tastes yucky And that’s bad So I’m great at this moment(?) Lol imma take a selfie.

    Your friend was having a great time.

    [–] Dealing with MLMs as a doctor JC1112 1 points ago in antiMLM

    Thanks for answering my comment 😊

    [–] This instagram tattoo JC1112 1 points ago in dontdeadopeninside

    TIN! This game is great

    [–] Got the whole rainbow from colorful LC/MS samples with a highly fluorecent one JC1112 1 points ago in chemistry

    Quinine in tonic water makes it fluorescent. Another cool beverage is Turkish Raki, also revered to as “aslan sütü” or lion’s milk, this is because when you add water the essential oils are less soluble in the dilute ethanol solution and being to crash out. Same effect occurs with Greek Ouzo or Absinthe.

    [–] Dealing with MLMs as a doctor JC1112 1 points ago in antiMLM

    Are Rhotos the best eye drops? My stoner friends think they’re really bad for your eyes

    [–] Florida man found with 100 oxycodone pills in his butt JC1112 153 points ago in FloridaMan

    Why didn’t they just go through intergalactic customs without the seeds, go home and charge the portal device, teleport to get the seeds and teleport back? 20sec adventure.

    [–] Might as well spin my way when the boys decided to bring their girlfriends on the trip. JC1112 10 points ago in drunk

    Is the joke that your buddies came late because their gfs were busy getting ready. Or is it that your buddies came upstairs?

    [–] Not answering a phonecall from my sister resulted in my marriage ending and my son traumatized with not speaking to me in four years. JC1112 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in confession

    I understand addiction, depression, and other mental illnesses are shitty and can lead to suicide. But the cunt called her 12 nephew WHILE she blew her head off, kind of a cunty thing to do.

    [–] George predicts ALDS JC1112 -26 points ago in seinfeldgifs

    Ahh good ole sportsball

    [–] George predicts ALDS JC1112 23 points ago in seinfeldgifs

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is ALDS?

    [–] Hit a COP in Korea, swift justice JC1112 5 points ago in JusticeServed

    Nah. He got knocked out on the landing. The cop put his left arm under the perp’s right arm for the toss.

    [–] Eskimo brothers JC1112 2 points ago in fbhw

    I sure as hell hope it’s accurate, makes in much funnier.

    [–] Eskimo brothers JC1112 2 points ago in fbhw

    What’s that drop from? It kills me every time