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    [–] [Seravalli] TSN Trade Bait: Zaits moves to #1 JF_112 52 points ago in leafs

    A few other Leafs on the list:

    - Patrick Marleau is #11

    - Connor Brown is #13

    - Garret Sparks is #17

    - Nazem Kadri is #20

    - Mitch Marner is #35.

    [–] [Mazzei] Toronto Maple Leafs: Lessons Learned from the Raptors Playoff Run JF_112 31 points ago in leafs

    TLDR: Here are the three key points that the Leafs can learn from the Raptors championship run:

    1. Experience in the playoffs is critical for long-term success,

    2. Only make a bold move when absolutely necessary and,

    3. It takes a full team effort, regardless of the circumstances or any obstacles, to win.