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    [–] That face you make... JJB-125 300 points ago in The_Donald

    As if the POTUS actually did anything other than search by new on /r/The_Donald and upvote every post

    [–] MPs vote to seek delay to Brexit JJB-125 3 points ago in tories

    Theresa May will be absolutely slated by the history books, yet I still feel they'll be too generous

    [–] What is your favorite piece of trivia about any of the Traitor Legions? JJB-125 23 points ago in 40kLore

    I thought it was a mortal crewmember, so shocked at seeing Horus in the flesh he was paralysed, forgot to bow and couldn't remember his name

    [–] Vote of No Confidence confirmed for later today JJB-125 14 points ago in tories

    It'll be brutal short-term if she goes, but go she must. Can't believe anything she says anymore, and can't trust her to prepare properly for No Deal. Also can't risk her hanging on for a year and leading us into the next election

    [–] Why Theresa May’s Brexit deal deserves support - Britain’s tradition of political stability is even more valuable than EU membership JJB-125 2 points ago in tories

    Why it doesn't deserve support: it totally sells the UK down the river and could well lead to No Brexit at all if (when) the transition/backstop continues after 2022 and we get voted out.

    [–] UK 'Won't Offer Asylum To Asia Bibi Amid 'Security Concerns' JJB-125 12 points ago in The_Farage

    Shouldn't be offered asylum here anyway. Plenty of closer, safe countries.

    [–] CONFIRMED JJB-125 3 points ago in The_Donald

    After all that, the rule of law has won out. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE

    Horrible that the Dems should want to destroy the very basis of law just for a political gain. Punish them in November!

    [–] GOP Sen Kennedy: Democrats Turned SCOTUS Hearing into ‘Intergalactic Freak Show’ JJB-125 229 points ago in The_Donald

    the Democrats: No policies, so they try and destroy those who have actual workable policies.

    [–] Hate Speech JJB-125 78 points ago in The_Donald

    At the very least he slept through the 8 years of Obama...