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    [–] Tory leadership race: Who do you want to win? JJB-125 6 points ago in tories

    Boris or Raab for me.

    Don't get the support for Rory. Yes he's had an engaging campaign but his Brexit policy is literally to pick up where May left off, trying to force her deal through Parliament with Labour votes. I can seriously see the Conservative party die under his leadership, eaten by the Brexit party for failing to deliver Brexit.

    [–] Ruth Davidson backs Javid for Tory leader JJB-125 6 points ago in tories

    Tory members will be more impressed by the Priti Patel and Steve Baker endorsements of Boris

    [–] Boris Stretches MP Backers Lead to Double Figures JJB-125 10 points ago in tories

    People see the polls, people want to stop Corbyn, people back Leavers.

    [–] The race to be the next Prime Minister - Who's standing? JJB-125 8 points ago in tories

    My prefs 1. McVey 2. Raab 3. Johnson

    Although we'l see how the debate unfolds.

    [–] So what do we make of Farage getting a milkshake thrown at him then? JJB-125 3 points ago in tories

    Started with Tommy Robinson Then UKIP Then the SDP (centrists!) Now Farage.

    It's a slippery slope. Endorse one and you give a thumbs up to these sort of attacks on anyone you disagree with. Especially considering the liberal usage of "far right" nowadays

    [–] THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF 2019 AMERICA! JJB-125 8 points ago in The_Donald

    An important distinction though is that if you're rejected by a bakery, there's plenty of other options out there. If you're booted off Facebook and Twitter, it's as if you've been silenced from a whole platform- there's no alternatives!

    Even worse the social media companies are now working together to censor conservatives.

    [–] That face you make... JJB-125 300 points ago in The_Donald

    As if the POTUS actually did anything other than search by new on /r/The_Donald and upvote every post

    [–] MPs vote to seek delay to Brexit JJB-125 4 points ago in tories

    Theresa May will be absolutely slated by the history books, yet I still feel they'll be too generous

    [–] What is your favorite piece of trivia about any of the Traitor Legions? JJB-125 24 points ago in 40kLore

    I thought it was a mortal crewmember, so shocked at seeing Horus in the flesh he was paralysed, forgot to bow and couldn't remember his name

    [–] Vote of No Confidence confirmed for later today JJB-125 14 points ago in tories

    It'll be brutal short-term if she goes, but go she must. Can't believe anything she says anymore, and can't trust her to prepare properly for No Deal. Also can't risk her hanging on for a year and leading us into the next election