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    [–] Did someone say Th...e Hand of Antu'sul... No one ...? Okey :( JNile 1 points ago in classicwow



    I see the tank is finding time to slum it up in dungeons.

    [–] Blue post regarding the LFG Add-on JNile 22 points ago in classicwow

    Layering is phase 1 only, shitty behavior is phase 1-6.

    [–] Is anyone else going to be selective about random murder? JNile 2 points ago in Grobbulus

    The sins of the father are not the sins of the son. I was born on this side of the portal, yet still I spent my youth in chains. No more.

    [–] What Should I Play Wednesdays (August 21, 2019) JNile 1 points ago in classicwow

    Please stop. You're making my own indecision between the two worse.

    [–] Looking for cheap gaming PC for release? I gotchu JNile 2 points ago in classicwow

    Hell, I played vanilla on integrated graphics back in '05.

    [–] What’s your preferred loot system JNile 3 points ago in classicwow

    Sounds like it's time to unionize your class and get to bargaining collectively (/s)

    [–] Possible PVP - HONOR CODE (i signed it, would you?) JNile 1 points ago in classicwow

    Welcome to vanilla pvp servers. It's Warcraft, not Sportcraft.

    [–] Screw this guy in particular JNile 2 points ago in JusticeServed

    Real talk, I think enhancement, mechanical, biological, or otherwise, is exactly where private medicine would go if m4a passed and was strictly regulated and enforced.

    [–] Bye JNile 5 points ago in freefolk

    That's this sub, man. Salt and smoke.

    [–] MEGATHREAD: HARLEY RACE HAS PASSED AWAY JNile 14 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Straight edge and recovering addict are two very different things.

    [–] Can we get a sticky on custom swords? The Budget Buyer's guide is great, but.. JNile 1 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in SWORDS

    That's what happened. I tried tracking one down not too long ago and was devastated to not be able to find it.

    [–] Tell em, Stone Cold! JNile 5 points ago in MurderedByWords

    When it comes crashin down and it hurts insiiiiiiiiiiide

    [–] So Handsome JNile 8 points ago in Grimdank

    What is that sculpture on the left and where is it from?

    [–] (Key symbol on the left) This small handbook was passed down to me by a family member. All the pages look like the photo on the right. JNile 3 points ago in Symbology

    Go find a lodge and they'll teach you to read it, as well as other ciphers like it. You'll have to undergo a few rituals and take some oaths and all that, maybe spend a few years in line for office if you're into it, but that's half the fun.

    [–] My sword collection. JNile 4 points ago in SWORDS

    What can you tell us about the first three sabers you have there? (from left to right, beginning after the Japanese swords)