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    [–] Isla Fisher JPTawok 6 points ago in ginger

    What would you do with the rest of your 2 minutes?

    [–] Solo queueing into Quickplay as a Mercy main JPTawok -4 points ago in gaming

    It's a gif of an ok looking girl in gaming. That's all you need to know, see you on the front page

    [–] You better hope we don't meet in person! JPTawok 1 points ago in iamverybadass

    Where the fuck do you guys find people like this on Reddit? It amazes me guys like this will drop posts like that and not be aware they're going to be laughed off the site.

    [–] Boobs and pizza JPTawok 1 points ago in RealGirls

    Bruh you can get titties bolted on if you want doesn't make you a girl

    [–] Be safe on the internet JPTawok 1 points ago in starterpacks

    So I was basically forced into going for W10 because my old, faithful W7 machine was quite outdated and I needed to upgrade. Are their any tips or tricks to make it just a little better about privacy?

    [–] I wouldn't let her ride me either JPTawok 66 points ago in trashy

    All zero of the girls you've met with this font are devastated

    [–] When it is too hot to wear any pants JPTawok 1 points ago in RealGirls

    It's what these thots do so their husband/boyfriend doesn't stumble across their pics on Reddit and recognize them

    [–] Looking for help on finding lsd JPTawok 1 points ago in LSD

    I'm not a lawyer or a cop so I can't say for sure, I just know places like Erowid say to not even both with the whole "my friend" or "SWIM is doing..." because it doesn't add any protection and it just makes your post hard to read

    [–] Looking for help on finding lsd JPTawok 2 points ago in LSD

    Go to a big city, attend a rave. Find the guy with wide pupils. Ask him what's he's on. If you're lucky he'll hook you up, if you're really lucky you just met your new guy

    [–] Looking for help on finding lsd JPTawok 0 points ago in LSD

    IIRC that doesn't hold up in court at all and just makes you look like a jackass

    [–] pumping gas JPTawok 27 points ago in holdthemoan

    Member when this sub was actually about holding the moan and not just random /r/publicFlashing

    [–] 'I made you a present.' JPTawok 2 points ago in gifs

    "why don't you have a dog"

    [–] Question about how often I can take acid JPTawok 2 points ago in LSD

    You have to triple your dose for each consecutive day of tripping. So 1.5 on day 1, 4.5 on day 2, and 13.5 on day 3. Your head will fucking pound after you drain your brain like that, not to mention how expensive it gets. It's also even harder to hang on to profound moments and can lead to habits.

    Once a week at most id say, though I personally stick to every 3-6 months.

    [–] Simple question about 1P-LSD JPTawok 4 points ago in LSD

    If it's powder in a capsule, you can dissolve it on your tongue. Prepare a strong chaser, tastes like what I imagine drinking straight chemicals would taste like.

    You can also swallow the whole pill but in my experience that'll make the come up take 90 minutes to 2 hours before you start feeling it

    [–] Probably a cat JPTawok 1 points ago in gifs

    A kitten that's on it's way to being a massive cat

    [–] HMC whilst we roll down the road JPTawok 1 points ago in holdmycosmo

    Oh you man fat people hate 2.0

    [–] This sign for La Croix at my local grocery store JPTawok 1 points ago in funny

    Get Klarbrunn blueberry or grapefrut, La Croix is inferior

    [–] When you finally meet someone as weird as you 🤣😂🤣 JPTawok 1 points ago in funny

    Man I got some great friends but I'm still searching for my soul bro that would spin me on my head while I wear a helmet.

    [–] It's 4/22, so let's celebrate! (Four-twenty-TOO) JPTawok 4 points ago in trees

    No joke. Everyone around here smokes weed everyday. I don't know why we act like it's some special occurrence to smoke it in April.