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    [–] Catching seru JPTawok 1 points ago in LegendofLegaia

    If you catch a wild lvl 2 gimard, it just becomes a gimard in your spell list. The levels on the field just dictate the difficulty/coloration of the seru.

    [–] To those that think Skull Face was a poor villain JPTawok 20 points ago in metalgearsolid

    Funny thing is, the mystery really hooked me on him as a villain, only to be let down by the lone ranger owl we ended up with.

    [–] Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition: Official Release Date Trailer [March 6] JPTawok 0 points ago in Games

    If you think a skimpy outfit is "one of the most sexualized characters in gaming" you need to internet harder

    [–] Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition: Official Release Date Trailer [March 6] JPTawok 37 points ago in Games

    They're trying REALLY hard to recoup 10 years of development, and it shows.

    [–] [Discussion] Regarding Uganda Knuckles JPTawok 3 points ago in VRchat

    I'll take a hundred knuckles raids over people playing ear bleeding sound clips or shouting racial epithets.

    [–] [Discussion] Regarding Uganda Knuckles JPTawok 8 points ago in VRchat

    I will say that after an hour and a half in game, the Knuckles meme was not the dumbest behavior I saw/heard.

    This. I find the people playing obnoxious sound clips and shouting racial epithets to be far more annoying than the knuckles raids.

    [–] (NSFW) What have you found out about someone that you would never tell them you know? JPTawok 89 points ago in AskReddit

    You don't stumble upon someone's browsing history. You click history and start looking. C'mon man.

    [–] Ghost War PC/PS4 JPTawok 1 points ago in GhostRecon

    PC had 210 last night around 11pm. Jelly of PS4s playerbase right now.

    [–] *Excessively starting to sweat* JPTawok 2 points ago in cringepics

    I used to role play in Yahoo chat rooms when I was a teenager but it was always with other consenting role players. I can confidently say I've never role played with someone who wasn't looking to role play.

    [–] Horizon Zero Dawn in pixel graphics. JPTawok 53 points ago in gaming

    HZD is the #1 reason you should want a PS4, you won't regret it. It's my GOTY 2017 by far.

    [–] Youtube needs to chill JPTawok 10 points ago in DrDisrespectLive

    I actually like that channel, he takes the time to compile some of Doc's best clips. If Doc himself were doing it and this kid was cashing in, there'd be a problem, but he ain't, so I say get in where you fit in.

    [–] Post history of a random redditor JPTawok 3 points ago in sadcringe

    When the hell do you have time to throw down a blast zone Kleenex or paper towel if you don't have pre nut clarity

    [–] Post history of a random redditor JPTawok 119 points ago in sadcringe

    The trick to avoid the guilt -

    • Have "normal" porn buried under your many incognito windows of filth.
    • Use your 5 seconds of pre-nut clarity to close the windows of shame
    • Tell yourself that was normal

    [–] PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS achieves 3 million concurrent players at 7:10 AM CDT/1310 UTC - first Steam game to hit 3M since launch in 2003 JPTawok 10 points ago in Steam

    Any game being successful via Steam is a success for Valve. They take a minumum of 30% of their sales. Last numbers I saw were over 26 million owners, so Valve has seen somewhere in the ballpark of $200m. Valve doesn't make games, they make money.