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    [–] Being a male nursing major JabawaJackson 3 points ago in pics

    These ones seem like they'd require more training than the other examples. Not so sure if it matches the template.

    [–] 'Ambush' JabawaJackson 2 points ago in arma

    More like "Sanitäter!"

    [–] Beto O’Rourke vs. Bernie Sanders individual contributions - Beto O’Rourke's campaign received 128,000 "unique contributions" in the first 24 hours. Bernie Sanders had 225,000 donors. JabawaJackson 0 points ago in SandersForPresident

    This time around I'll write Bernie's name in if I have to. I'm not advocating anything, I'm just saying there is no alternative for me personally.

    I dont care strongly for Beto one way or the other, hes irrelevant to my decision. Tbh, I was rooting for him to win Senate. Unfortunate that didnt happen.

    [–] Lucasfilm Games has been unexpectedly resurrected by Disney JabawaJackson 1 points ago in PS4

    Yes! The first thing I thought of.

    Jedi academy was one of my first online console games. So many good memories and friendships formed.

    [–] Been a while but heres 1 for now . . .(volume down) JabawaJackson 2 points ago in projectsession

    Ah yes, nice video thank you. The animations are definitely coming along well and the grinds are much smoother than I remember seeing. I like the leg movements when transitioning steepness, that's the kind of subtle stuff I'm looking for. Wiping out looks promising too if theres more time to watch the falls. Moving from the placeholder textures will significantly improve the presentation, cant wait to see it!

    [–] Been a while but heres 1 for now . . .(volume down) JabawaJackson 1 points ago in projectsession

    I dont have the game, but based on the videos I see on here it looks like development is only crawling along. Can someone put my mind at ease and tell me if theres tons of subtle changes the videos dont show well? I would love to see it with some more polish soon.

    [–] Next beta test April 5th JabawaJackson 1 points ago in HellLetLoose

    I received a key for the first round, will I still be able to play? It was mentioned to me that I might need another key as the development progressed.

    [–] Ohio lawmaker wants to make it illegal to smoke in a car with a child under 6.....YES, PLEASE. JabawaJackson 6 points ago in Columbus

    The "flavorings" are probably the worst ingredients besides nicotine. The companies dont have to report what exactly the flavoring consists of to the consumer. This is for all food, not just vape liquid. PG can be harmful depending on where it's from, since PG can come from either vegetable base(usually palm like VG) or a by-product of petrol processing. (I'd like to think most, if not all major liquids go the vegetable route).

    For reference, I've been vaping for years and am definitely pro-vaping. Especially for smoking cessation. Theres nowhere near the amount of risk or chemicals as there is with traditional tobacco usage. That doesnt mean I think everyone should start vaping or that you should even be vaping with kids in the car. Even if theres literally 0 risk involved, it's still just as rude as farting in the car and making everyone smell your ass.

    [–] Millionaire who invented minecraft does not care about Muslims, says "punch communitsts" JabawaJackson 3 points ago in socialism

    I only found out a couple months ago it wasnt free anymore. I remember back in the day before it got big it was free. In like alpha I think.

    [–] this is what I imagine some of yall look like (oc) JabawaJackson 1 points ago in WarOfRights

    Pretty close, except the other side and missing my belly stretch marks.

    [–] U.S. jury finds Bayer's Roundup caused man's cancer JabawaJackson 1 points ago in news

    This is immediate dosage, correct? I dont suppose it mentions long-term effects of any amount of exposure, which I assume would be more relevant to cancer.

    [–] U.S. jury finds Bayer's Roundup caused man's cancer JabawaJackson 1 points ago in news

    Its because the mainstream image of GMOs is some scientists splicing seed DNA with high tech equipment in a lab or something, when a lot of it is just selective breeding. Though, I'm even guilty of more likely buying something that says non-GMO. Screw the pesticides and chemicals like you said. It's ridiculous they're still allowed, especially on large scales.

    [–] I want to buy FL Studio but I'm not sure if the type of music i want to make is possible to make on it. JabawaJackson 3 points ago in FL_Studio

    Definitely. I just learned about oscilloscope music from a guy doing it on FL with the zgame editor. Literally never even thought about the plugin or oscilloscope music before that.

    [–] Off-Duty State Trooper Charged After Pointing Gun At Another Driver On I-695 In Road Rage Incident JabawaJackson 3 points ago in maryland

    It's so annoying when people do this. Yea were all here reading the same thing. That's not what he looks like, its reality. That was determined at the beginning on the post. So now all people with state trooper uniforms in their closet that brandish guns at random people on 695 look like this guy? Get off it with the dismissive pseudo-ethics.

    Semi /s

    [–] HMC while this dog steals my bikini JabawaJackson 1 points ago in holdmycosmo

    What exactly is the last phrase supposed to mean?

    [–] I'm sorry for the people who spent money on Identity. JabawaJackson 1 points ago in IdentityMMO

    I fully expected this could happen, so I'm not even upset. Definitely does suck for the people who rushed in blind and spent a whole bunch. Not that it's very likely, but some companies have managed to come out strong after something like this. If they did manage to push swat out within the next 6 months and they fucking nail it, theres possibility for redemption (at least to newcomers.)

    [–] Our tank scene made with Unity JabawaJackson 1 points ago in Unity3D

    You've heard wrong. The Iraqi computer gaming & simulation development industry is weak even compared to the average.

    [–] Our tank scene made with Unity JabawaJackson 2 points ago in Unity3D

    So I'm extremely interested in warfare simulations, where can I get more info on this?

    [–] His Guns JabawaJackson 7 points ago in iamverybadass

    His bros that most likely say it too while getting swole together. My brother is very much a part of whatever this stereotype is and it makes me cringe.