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    [–] Wholesome: Outstanding citizen remains calm and calls 911 as outrageous driver endangers everyone on the roadway. JabawaJackson 11 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Whoa that puts some things into perspective for me, actually. I also come from a small midwest US town (village on my birth certificate) with these problems. I never even thought about other developed nations having these sorts of issues, I seriously considered it an American problem. It definitely makes sense though, and I'm not sure why I thought that. Not well-traveled, I guess.

    [–] Total newbie at FL, which plugin I should start learning? JabawaJackson 1 points ago in FL_Studio

    I've been on fl for over a decade and just recently discovered autogun. Really wish I knew about it starting out.

    [–] When you tell your friend you've been getting bullied Online... JabawaJackson 2 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Theres only less douchebags because theres less people on it. Plenty on PC as well.

    [–] Anyone else not able to play the game because of player killers? JabawaJackson 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    That's part of the roadmap, I believe. I've been fortunate and have only run into a couple KOSers in the last few hours.

    [–] I have a question about the online missions maybe someone can help JabawaJackson 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    So far all the strange people missions have been solo, though it says other players can join and try to sabotage you. And no doubt they'll have a solo option after beta for story missions.

    [–] Good to see feminists embracing the SD movement... JabawaJackson 8 points ago in Tinder

    Because our current system works perfectly and doesnt need any improvement. /s

    My views here are pretty much the same as drug legalization. It's going to exist no matter what, so why not make the best out of it instead of exacerbating the situation. Black markets only thrive under prohibitions.

    [–] Respect his authoritah! JabawaJackson 12 points ago in iamverybadass

    Nah that's still fortnite.

    [–] DayZ Now In BETA Access, After 1799 Days Of Being In ALPHA. JabawaJackson 11 points ago in Steam

    Zenimax Online Studios does ESO. They're owned by the same parent company as Bethesda, Zenimax. Not arguing, just adding.

    [–] U.S. teacher missing in Mexico killed by drug cartel member, officials say JabawaJackson 4 points ago in news

    If this is ignorant, then so is the original claim. I've been to places in Mexico that are much safer than some areas of America. Parts of Detroit are more third-worldy than some of Mexico. Were not nearly as awesome of a country as we'd like to think and too many die from violent crimes here too.

    [–] Scum-bard UPDATE 1.0.0. New octaves support. JabawaJackson 2 points ago in SCUMgame

    Is this able to support live midi instead of a midi file?

    [–] Bad teammate or not enough practice? JabawaJackson 2 points ago in RocketLeagueSchool

    Any goalie packs that require you to move toward your goal to block are really great, and most people struggle with that. The thing about RL is that it's too new (in the professional sense) to have grounded "rights and wrongs" when it comes to higher-level strategy that you would see in something like football or soccer or any other major sport. What works for me ( or whoever is giving advice) might actually deter your own improvement. It's really about finding your own path through the way I mentioned before with the Bruce Lee quote. If something isnt working, change it. If you think what you're doing is right, but needs improvement; tweak it. I'm almost 3 years in and I'm still constantly fine-tuning my playstyle and especially settings like camera (dont be afraid to go crazy with the camera, write down your settings if you're still nervous). Maybe someday there will be actual tried and true professional foundations for learning and playing rocket league competitively, but as for now it's still in its infancy as a sport. The honest, easiest way to gain rank is to find a team with players that all complement eachothers style and develop that up. Otherwise you're going to have a long, self-doubting, frustrating journey. Good luck!

    [–] Bad teammate or not enough practice? JabawaJackson 6 points ago in RocketLeagueSchool

    Best advice here is to just not say anything in chat. Tone doesnt translate to text. I wish psyonix would go with a different VoIP system.

    [–] Bad teammate or not enough practice? JabawaJackson 2 points ago in RocketLeagueSchool

    Everyone has their own style, dont take just one person's word. Use whatever you feel is helpful, add what is uniquely your own, and discard the rest. I climbed to champ 2 without a team as a seriously defensive player. I ended up doubling down on my defense and it paid off; noone wants to defend on any rank. Chances are you're going to be battling for ball control with your own team if you're trying to be the team carrier. You might win at the lower ranks, but it's going to mess you up the further you rise. With all that said, while I think tactics/strategy are the #1 most important skill that everyone neglects, mastering mechanics is definitely a priority. Better to take those chances at the low ranks.

    [–] Best sidechain-method for a premade drum loop JabawaJackson 3 points ago in FL_Studio

    Whatever works, though it seems you're neglecting yourself of some powerful information.

    [–] Perfect cinematic timing. JabawaJackson 2 points ago in reddeadredemption

    I agree. I can deal with the little bugs. I even get some enjoyment out of them sometimes. But I should not catch a wanted level for self-defense. In fact, the NPC attacking should. Then let me go after them for bounty. I also shouldn't be getting shot at by law for accidenally bumping into someone. There really needs to be some leeway for surrendering. Sometimes I just let myself suicide by law to get it over and come back to pay the bounty.

    [–] Perfect cinematic timing. JabawaJackson 12 points ago in reddeadredemption

    You sure? I've had like 5 horses now and they've all had the same stuff. Maybe I'm just unlucky or not picking a variety.

    [–] Kinda new to rocket league JabawaJackson 3 points ago in RocketLeagueSchool

    With how bloated plat/diamond is, I imagine it would take years to get there as a beginner. I've been playing since spring 2015 and have hovered at champ 2 for like a year.

    [–] Gritty makes the scene at today’s counter-protest JabawaJackson 33 points ago in philadelphia

    That's messed up you think that about not only fellow humans, but American citizens and probably neighbors as well. That kind of mindset leads to some fucked up shit.

    [–] Psyonix servers these days ... JabawaJackson 2 points ago in RocketLeague

    I'm blessed with east coast gig internet. I still have an issue every once in a great while, but nothing major and it's fixed within a few seconds.

    [–] Florida teenager who strangled his mother to death after arguing about his bad grades was a Kekistani JabawaJackson 93 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in Fuckthealtright

    The whole ties to Steve Bannon and gaming is so crazy. Anyone who wants to go down a good rabbit hole should read about it. If I remember right, he had an important role in founding GOG the gamergate movement too.

    Edit: not GOG, the gamergate movement.

    [–] Do we deserve a Star Trek video game with the same level of quality as games like The Witcher 3 or God of War? JabawaJackson 1 points ago in startrek

    This is is sound advice regardless, but bethesda maintains their own engine; it's at least conceivable they could improve and keep it in the dark until release, if they put the effort in.