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    [–] Ran into this at a Home Depot in San Diego, CA. JacksAquariumShow 2 points ago in motorcycles

    This is a plasma bike. There’s a solid plasma beam that causes the body to hover and travel at up to 600 mph

    [–] We are so close to release. Eyes up. JacksAquariumShow 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    We’re finally going to find out if thanos saves the infinity gauntlet!!!

    [–] The way the crowd extends into the painting JacksAquariumShow -6 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    It’s so sad that this scene would never be seen or recreated again due to the recent fire in Paris.

    [–] You need to have a 280 IQ and to be in a State of Grace to get this meme JacksAquariumShow -4 points ago in CatholicMemes

    Uhhh OP, I know you’re trying to be funny, but some of us take the establishment of a global catholic hegemony VERY seriously. It’s really not ok to joke or make light of it if you’re not actually part of the community. Kind of like using the N word when you’re not black. Another parallel would be hitlers treatment of Jews during the 1930s and 40s

    [–] You Know Nothing JacksAquariumShow 17 points ago in funny

    Rick and Marty is truly a gentleman’s television show. You must have an iq of at least 160 to fully and completely comprehend the humor.

    [–] Bike dem JacksAquariumShow 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Bike dem?? What is that supposed to mean?

    [–] Self-Explanatory JacksAquariumShow 5 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    You feel bad for Ursula haverback???

    [–] SLPT: USE A SHARPIE TO RETREAD TYRES INSTANTLY JacksAquariumShow -2 points ago in ShittyLifeProTips

    This is so stupid. You really think DRAWING the tread on the tire will help with traction? Are you seriously that moronic? And the drawn on treads would just wear off anyway.

    [–] Facts JacksAquariumShow 26 points ago in Fishingmemes

    This was totally me last week. No regrets. Kids are in foster care now.