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    [–] Gamers... assemble Jafit 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in PewdiepieSubmissions

    I'm sorry, your education is based on a myth, maybe you need to look more closely into what you've been told.

    Also fun fact, Nixon was the first president to implement affirmative action, and supported the civil rights act. Seems an odd thing to do if your entire strategy revolves around getting white racists to join your side. πŸ€”

    [–] Gamers... assemble Jafit 0 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    AnD I TyPe lIkE ThIs wHiCh mEaNs i'm bEiNg sArCaStIc

    [–] Gamers... assemble Jafit 1 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Right back atcha kiddo πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰

    [–] Gamers... assemble Jafit 1 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    No, all the nazis got banned and went to Gab instead. Twitter is overwhelmingly left-wing.

    Interestingly this has kind of backfired, because while the right's noisy obnoxious radical dickheads have all been silenced, the worst excesses of radical leftist lunacy have been left to run amok and have managed to influence the democratic party and alienate vast swathes of moderate voters. Meanwhile the only right-wingers remaining in the public sphere are the smart, well-spoken lawyer types.

    Whether you're left or right leaning, it's good to see censorship backfiring so spectacularly

    [–] Gamers... assemble Jafit 7 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    It's been the core of the Democrat's election strategy since the party was founded.

    [–] Gamers... assemble Jafit 108 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Of course, because radical left-wing opinions are vastly overrepresented on Twiter, quite far outside of what you'd find in the general population.

    It's a place for disproportionately loud obnoxious people with ridiculous opinions to be permanently outraged by reading tiny snippets of context-free information, while believing themselves to be informed.

    [–] Gamers... assemble Jafit 60 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Twitter seems to have this effect on everyone.

    [–] Huge brawl erupts at kickboxing event, Liverpool ENG. Jafit 7 points ago in Liverpool

    >Can't have that kind of venom and disgust in society.
    >Firing squad


    [–] When you use your boyfriend's Amazon account Jafit 16 points ago in AnimalCrossing

    Cicero predicted clickbait all the way back in roman times.

    [–] β€˜No way to prevent this’, Says Only Development Community Where This Regularly Happens Jafit -10 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in javascript

    Yeah it's only a mass shooting when a white guy does it, and it's a terrorist attack when a muslim does it. Otherwise nobody cares who's getting shot.

    Similarly people only care when NPM has malicious code in it because Javascript is popular.

    [–] I Don’t Type, I Only Proclaim. Jafit 15 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    I hope this is satire but knowing this sub probably not.

    [–] Food/Drink date idea. Jafit 1 points ago in Liverpool

    If she wants to go out afterwards I'd recommend eating something light. And if you aim for Bold St you'll have a wide variety of small/independent restaurants to choose from, and be close to one of the main nightlife areas. However nightlife in Liverpool doesn't really kick in until about 11pm

    [–] Takeaway scouse? Jafit 1 points ago in Liverpool

    You can get it at Dory's on Hardman st. But it's usually only open during the day.

    [–] First draft of a trackball mechanical keyboard Jafit -2 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    You'd use your pinkie to control a trackball?

    [–] Keyboards in the workplace. Jafit 9 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    >Cherry MX Blues

    \Typewriter joins the battle\**

    [–] My website broke overnight and I have no idea why Jafit 2 points ago in webdev

    Well there's a big gap of whitespace in the <head>, maybe you accidentally deleted a script tag that that was declaring all the stuff that's missing in my screenshot.

    You'll probably find a bunch of other stuff isn't working on mobile. Like the menu won't do anything since it probably requires jQuery to function.

    I'd recommend reverting your changes to the last version of the site that worked. Assuming you have any of those previous versions on hand. If you don't then I'd highly recommend learning about git version control so that you can do that next time something like this happens.

    [–] My website broke overnight and I have no idea why Jafit 3 points ago in webdev


    Looks like dmAPI is responsible for loading the full resolution images and making your images not blurry... but apparently, it only does this for mobile. Not sure why, I'm not a frontend guy.

    [–] Thoughts on our code style and package architecture for our cross border payments API Jafit 20 points ago in node

    We try to stay up to date on all current best practices.

    But you're using var.

    // were using the syncronous reaadFile function here because we nee to acquire credentials before performing any other action`
    // so we are okay with the exception here.

    Since the rest of your code is promise-based I'm not sure why you'd need to do this. Also, async-await is almost certainly a current best practice.

    try {
      var fs = require('fs');
      var homeDir = require('os').homedir();
    } catch(err) {

    I don't know what this code is supposed to do but it made me say "bruh" when I read it.

    Also the signup page for the api gives me a 504.

    [–] Hammerhead Corvette by Cody Kempf Jafit 5 points ago in StarshipPorn

    If your tutorials have donuts in them, I think you're watching the wrong tutorials. You clearly understand how to manipulate the mesh and create shapes, you just need to learn how to make better shapes.

    Maybe instead of watching tutorials just watch people above your skill level actually modelling something? There are probably a bunch of 3d modeling livestreams or timelapses that will be of some use to you. Maybe you'll see them use specific techniques or features in your software that you can then research and learn about in a more focused way rather than just consuming random tutorials. Or you could model along with them?

    In any case I'm glad my comments were useful, best of luck.

    [–] Hammerhead Corvette by Cody Kempf Jafit 9 points ago in StarshipPorn

    Please let me know what you think!

    I hope when you say this you're willing to hear honest criticism rather than looking for praise, because you have a long way to go.

    I'd say the main thing is that you're allowing the shape of the mesh to dictate the shape of the details and possibly the overall design of the ship. Rather than having details that look like machinery, pipes, panels, consoles, thrusters, hatches, etc, you've got random geometric extrusions plonked all over the ship, most likely dictated by which faces and vertices already happened to be at hand. This always looks bad, and is caused by following the path of least resistance and not having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish when you begin modelling. For this reason, it's always generally a good idea to sketch ideas out on paper before you start modelling, because when you sketch freely your brain isn't preoccupied by the task of trying to solve a series of complicated 3d spacial problems, and won't be tempted to just extrude a few faces, give it a bevel and call it a day.

    The lack of texture is a big problem, it's just a single material with a specularity value that makes the whole model look unreal. If you are going to show off an untextured model I'd recommend using a grey matte material with no specularity because at least that looks like clay, and the brain won't think that's as weird when it sees an untextured object.

    Spaceships are fun to model, but from the perspective of skills development it would be very much worth your while to spend time modelling real-world objects too, so you have an objective standard by which to gauge your skill. Because any mistakes you make while modelling spaceships and other fictional objects can be handwaved away as "that's the way this spaceship was designed", and you won't improve. Try a real-world naval ship, tanks, or cars, or even recreate an object in your immediate surroundings. It might not be what you want to do, but life isn't about doing what we want to do all the time.

    Sorry if I was too harsh, but you aren't going to improve and realise your potential if people just blow smoke up your ass and pat you on the head. I do hope you continue with your work because it's clearly something that you are passionate about, and I hope to see more.

    [–] the QUAD fa”ke Jafit 47 points ago in RocketLeague

    this is the dystopian future we deserve