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    [–] Taking a screenshot was a bad idea JagerBaBomb 4 points ago in Sekiro

    It works--I just figured that's how you do. I immediately went up to the little hut thing, saw the prompt, figured I should hide in there, and then snek boi started giving me the fisheye. That's when I saw the red dot appear, and, well, by this point I'm sure we all know what that means.

    Cut to me running like a madman the other direction as frantically as possible shouting OH SHIT over and over.

    [–] Can you imagine if From had made a Sekiro trilogy and then released Dark Souls 1? JagerBaBomb 5 points ago in Sekiro

    Fuck yeah, man. You do you. I'm more the type to sit back and enjoy my time with it. Take in the scenery, grind a bit for skill building and profit, go in and test the bosses before I fight them for real and idol out instead of dying--those sorts of things.

    Plus, like... two jobs, one of them full time. I get in time where I can. As a result, I only just got to YELLING HORSE MAN.

    [–] Artist: colourkrazy JagerBaBomb 14 points ago in adventuretime

    Yeah, he broke his stems.

    [–] Can you imagine if From had made a Sekiro trilogy and then released Dark Souls 1? JagerBaBomb 3 points ago in Sekiro

    Well, I can't say you're the norm on that one. Most people are still very much working their way through the game.

    [–] Taking a screenshot was a bad idea JagerBaBomb 5 points ago in Sekiro

    I studied his ass from that ledge for a solid three minutes, making note of where he looked and in what order, checking to see if there was any deviation. Once I was sure there wasn't, I went with my next move: to the bushes! Lots of waiting and seeing thereafter, but the same approach saw me through it; I got past this bugger on my first try with no preparation or foreknowledge of his existence. Super proud of that.

    [–] Taking a screenshot was a bad idea JagerBaBomb 1 points ago in Sekiro

    Man, this has been the highlight of the game for me so far. Just got here last night, had no idea it was even a thing, and noticed the screen shaking and the rumble. So I'm standing on this outcropping, hesitating, though I know not why; then I see sneky boi doing his scan and I about pissed myself--he was right fucking next to me.

    So I held tight. I watched him for a minute or three. I saw what I had to do, and I did it. And then I was in the tall grass and he's breathing on me omgwtfwtfwtf!

    Rince repeat until yon palanquin. Stabby eyeball time! All of this goes off without a hitch, and I'm just reacting and figuring it out on the fly. And it's glorious.

    Cue the desperate grapple race up the mountain to the last cave with me having to parry a couple snek strikes along the way. And that final leer it gives you on its parting... chills.

    11/10 with sticky rice, would tussle with sneky boi again.

    [–] I look upon my pile of unused consumables and weep JagerBaBomb 0 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago) in Sekiro

    Wish you could use items from the pause menu...

    Edit: You can! TIL.

    [–] Rape convict exonerated 36 years later JagerBaBomb 11 points ago in news

    See: Institutional Racism. And the good old fashioned kind, too, what with those jurors signing off on it.

    [–] The Bosses in this game whenever I get a little confident... JagerBaBomb 2 points ago in Sekiro

    I'd bait his first swing, which he nearly always followed up with something you could Mikri Counter. He became a cinch once I found that out.

    [–] The Bosses in this game whenever I get a little confident... JagerBaBomb 1 points ago in Sekiro

    Club dudes will power through and punish you for your insolence. Learn to deflect.

    [–] My sisters pretty princess brought her some breakfast this morning. JagerBaBomb 3 points ago in cats

    All my parents' indoor/outdoor cats lived to 22 or 23. Longevity isn't dependent on being kept inside.

    Those cats were mentally stable as all hell, too. No weird behavior while in the house at all. And no messy litter boxes.

    To top it off, one of them never hunted and the other one was terrible at it, and often wouldn't know what to do with anything he'd caught, which resulted in them escaping 98% of the time. The other 2% were lizards, so who cares.

    [–] LPT : Be careful what you tolerate, you’re teaching people how to treat you. JagerBaBomb 1 points ago in LifeProTips

    You can always hard rock them; that is, tell them to fuck off, get out of your life, etc.. If that doesn't work? Get law enforcement involved. But that's basically the nuclear option.

    [–] PC-Gamers, backup your save file now! JagerBaBomb 3 points ago in Sekiro


    [–] The birth of a legend JagerBaBomb 1 points ago in funny

    You scream, we all scream for SANDWICH!

    [–] Should I be completing Hirata Estates before continuing through Ashina? JagerBaBomb 1 points ago in Sekiro

    There's a specific prosthetic you should get while you're in there. After that? Up to you. For the record, there's a second one, but it's trickier to get to and gated behind a real bastard. I pulled some switcheroo, Scooby-Doo, run around nonsense and snatched it, so that's viable if you're clever.

    [–] The poor guy quit at the first general.. JagerBaBomb 3 points ago in Sekiro

    You can't run away, but you can idol away. *taps forehead*