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    [–] Sonic screwdriver JakeM917 1 points ago in doctorwho

    Yes I have one

    [–] Series 12 set photos JakeM917 3 points ago in doctorwho

    Say what you will about 13 (I personally love her even though her series wasn’t the best), but you’ve got to love Jodie.

    [–] EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Hickman Peels Back the Curtain on His X-Men Run JakeM917 3 points ago * (lasted edited 21 hours ago) in Marvel

    Something to note on the structure of the series:

    I don't know if you've been paying attention to what Tomm Coker and I have been doing over at Image on The Black Monday Murders, but we started experimenting with larger issues at a higher price point. We'd do an issue with 30 pages of comic art and 20-30 pages of data that supports the story and what we found was 1.) it provided a much denser read -- there was way more meat on the bone compared to a normal monthly comic, and 2.) because all the data was interspersed throughout the book it had an asymmetrical read that changed the normal monthly comic reading rhythms.

    And by that last bit I mean that if you are reading a 20 page comic, you know what's happening on page 19. You've consumed enough pop culture that you're not going to really be surprised when you turn that page. I mean, you might be, but you certainly saw something coming. Doing the books the other way changes all of that. The reader gets lost in the dueling sections. It's really interesting.

    Anyway, I bring that up because it's what we're doing with House of X and Powers of X. I know for the first issues of both the solicits say 40 pages / $5.99 but that's incorrect. The books are bigger than that because if we can provide good value, then it increases our odds the book will be judged solely on 'is it good?' And that's a challenge we're eager to undertake.

    And here’s what he had to say about jumping on:

    Both House of X and Powers of X start in a really clean place. So those lead-up books had a very particular mandate, which was basically, ‘just go nuts, swing away, and knock it out of the park.'

    [–] So, why does Sgt Pepper still get called a concept album? JakeM917 4 points ago in beatles

    Pretending they were another band is what opened them up to create music that was different from their previous work. While we may not be able to hear it in each song or across the whole album, it wouldn’t have sounded like it did without them pretending to be Sgt. Pepper’s. So in that way it’s a concept album.

    [–] Who's favorite Beatle is Ringo? JakeM917 6 points ago in beatles

    “Everyone and their mums is packin round here.”

    “Like who?”



    “Farmers’ mums.”

    [–] Series 12 set photos JakeM917 83 points ago in doctorwho

    So they obviously wanted to get ahead of the inevitable set photos since they’re filming out in the open and gave us the still yesterday, smart.

    [–] Within You Without You appreciation post JakeM917 3 points ago in beatles

    I used to hate the song. Used to not be a fan of the Indian sound, and to be honest I still wouldn’t listen to any Indian music on its own, but once you appreciate George’s spiritual journey and the fact that he found peace in both the culture and the music of India, there’s a sort of bridge that’s built that lets you appreciate the Indian sound, and now Within You Without You is one of my favorite George tracks.

    [–] All Things Must Pass sounds even better on vinyl JakeM917 0 points ago in beatles

    I’ve been on the hunt for a poster for mine. It’s a first US pressing but doesn’t have the poster.

    [–] Was Only A Northern Song the original shitpost song? JakeM917 3 points ago in beatles

    Exactly. He and Ringo has awful contracts with Northern Songs and were making so little off of royalties. That’s why Harrisongs and Startling Music were founded.

    [–] Top 10 Favorite George Harrison Songs JakeM917 2 points ago in beatles

    I don’t think that’s fair to say it doesn’t count. While it may have been written by Dylan, not only was George was there on the ground floor, playing on early takes and no doubt contributing a great deal of definition to the main structure of the song, but his version gave the melody a lot of depth and an ethereal feeling, and was slower than Dylan’s final result, which gives it a lot of its heart and soul. There’s not only an intertwining of both their versions of their songs, but there are so many key differences for me to not call “If Not For You” a George Harrison song.

    [–] Top 10 Favorite George Harrison Songs JakeM917 3 points ago in beatles

    Wonderwall Music and Electronic Sound of course

    [–] Guess who's back for series 12! JakeM917 4 points ago in doctorwho

    That’s just the first person who came to mind when I thought of criminals who were actually connected to and in violation of some form of legal system, and not just like a random villain like the Fisher King.

    [–] Guess who's back for series 12! JakeM917 111 points ago in doctorwho

    This is very good news for multiple reasons:

    1. I love the Judoon, and it’s made zero sense that we’ve seen them like three or four times throughout the show, considering the Doctor runs into a lot of intergalactic criminals (i.e. that dude from Rosa)

    2. This is a good sign that the writers and Chibnall are paying attention to the fans and see that we want a stronger connection to the past seasons.

    3. We get to hear Jodie speaking Judoon with her thick northern accent

    [–] watched a hard days night the movie this weekend: 10/10 JakeM917 2 points ago in beatles

    I want to watch it, but I’ll have to rent or buy it because it isn’t streaming on anything