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    [–] I just got a scale that reads my body fat composition, everything looks alright but the weight bothers me. JapaneseStudentHaru 1 points ago in Fitness

    It actually does say muscle mass but that’s probably what it means. My fat free weight is apparently 101.8, however I don’t think that’s right. I’ve weighed 106 before and still had fat. Didn’t look anorexic or dying at all.

    [–] I just got a scale that reads my body fat composition, everything looks alright but the weight bothers me. JapaneseStudentHaru 1 points ago in Fitness

    Oh yeah I’ve been keeping a food journal. Depo made me super hungry but ever since I’ve been restricting I’ve had less of an appetite. Depo is progestin based birth control and side effect include bloating. So in combination with my weight lifting I think it overloaded my bloat. I think I’m on track with my fat loss given how much I currently have, I just don’t see where the weight is going! Lol when I had excess water before I looked like I was pregnant at full bloat. Now I look like I did at 120 but still weigh the same.

    [–] GoFundMe for a new car. Not just any car but a Tesla X JapaneseStudentHaru 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    My car gets like 40 mpg and it cost me $10k brand new.

    If I were to sell it as it is now (about a year old with a good amount of mileage) I’d probably ask 7k and the car is totally fine. If I could buy it cheaper at its current condition I totally would.

    [–] I'm Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's. I endorsed Bernie (would do so again) and I'm stamping money out of politics, you should too. AMA! JapaneseStudentHaru 18 points ago in SandersForPresident

    Why not? Butterscotch is the shit.

    Did you ever make that Burnie ice cream just in small batches that didn’t go to market or were they just completely against every putting it in the rotation?

    [–] Left at a local 'fine dining' restaurant here in TX JapaneseStudentHaru 76 points ago in trashy

    As someone who works in a restaurant, I kind of hate it when people say “be careful about how you treat the person who serves your food”. I might give you the stuff that isn’t as fresh. Or I might not give you the extra toppings you asked for for free (we usually charge, but if you’re nice I’ll give you extra shit. If you’re mean you can pay). But I would never put something gross in your food.

    1: It compromises the food safety standards in my kitchen. 2: It makes me just as much of a bad person as they are. 3: If a customer is complaining for no good reason or being a dick, it doesn’t effect me for longer than they are in the restaurant. If I put shit in their food, that’s just opening up a huge can of worms on me that would turn a 5 minute interaction into weeks or even months of backlash.

    [–] Disturbing Belief I See Tossed Around On Here Routinely Regarding “Fairness” In Sex JapaneseStudentHaru 3 points ago in sex

    Let me do another food analogy for you. Every time my husband and I go to sonic, he gives me the cherry on his milkshake. He always jokes about how he must care about me a lot because he loves cherries. Because I know he loves cherries too, I offered him mine the next time we went.

    Of course, I’d love to eat both of the cherries every time, but my husband made it apparent that he likes them too. I might not enjoy having a cherry-less milkshake, but it doesn’t make me uncomfortable either. It’s ok to do things that don’t necessarily get you off in order to make your partner happy. Now, if I had a serious problem reciprocating, my partner would probably resent me for it and we probably wouldn’t be together. It’s fine to break up with someone that’s not compatible sexually with you. It’s not ok to expect them to satisfy you in a way that you won’t reciprocate.

    [–] Even the baby JapaneseStudentHaru 14 points ago in iamverybadass

    You should’ve shamed him for it. Like “stop staring at my tits you old pervert!”

    [–] Even the baby JapaneseStudentHaru 9 points ago in iamverybadass

    Lol when I wear a v neck I look like a skinny boy

    [–] Even the baby JapaneseStudentHaru 8 points ago in iamverybadass

    Bringing a child during an interview is even bolder

    [–] If this isn’t the most horrifying thing you’ve ever read... JapaneseStudentHaru 3 points ago in creepyPMs

    Technically you could step on an ant. Every time you go on a walk you probably step on at least one anyway.

    [–] Uh.. alright bro JapaneseStudentHaru 16 points ago in NobodyAsked

    My husband bought some super lush ropes for us to use, but I asked him to change the position of them because the way he tied them was uncomfortable. Then he proceeded to pull them off really fast and I got rope burn on my wrist.

    It looked about like this. But you’d have to be doing something crazy for a while to get carpet burn like that. Unless she tied him to a horse and dragged him across the carpet.

    [–] Essential Oils for Classroom - $500 JapaneseStudentHaru 1 points ago in DontFundMe

    My husband and I got one as a gift and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a scented candle. $30 for the diffuser (it has different colored lights so you can light up the room however you want) and like the oils cost $5? Could probably get better ones on amazon. People tell me the ones you get at Walmart aren’t very good and take a lot of oil to get a scent.

    [–] Juvia’s Place will be sold at Ulta! JapaneseStudentHaru 13 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    I love their eyeshadows, but their customer service sucked. Glad they’ll be at Ulta. Maybe dealing with them will be easier.

    [–] Juvia’s Place will be sold at Ulta! JapaneseStudentHaru 28 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    I hope the pressed singles are next. At least some of them. I want to spend all my birthday points on them.

    [–] Tips on making my eyebrows look decent until they grow out and how to keep my hands off them? JapaneseStudentHaru 1 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    Me too dude. I kept saying never again but I keep doing it.

    I made friends with the Benefit Brow girl at my Ulta and she made sure I didn’t touch them, but I recently moved to a place that’s not very close to an ulta and I done fucked my brows again.

    Really dig into that brow pomade and line your brows at the thickness you want them to be and then fill them in with hair strokes. It won’t all be filled with real hair but if you do it right it won’t look ridiculous.

    [–] No prison time (except for time served) for day care owner who hung toddler from noose and pleaded guilty to ATTEMPTED MURDER! How the hell can this happen?! She also hit and ran a cyclist! JapaneseStudentHaru -3 points ago in rage

    I’m not trying to debate about how hard it is to be trans. He was complaining about women getting it easy and said he’d happily become a woman if he could have a working vagina and no facial hair. I’m saying he could, but he won’t because both genders have difficulties and it’s actually not easier to be a woman. He didn’t say anything about worrying about the trans stigma.

    [–] Sometimes Google Translate isn’t your best friend JapaneseStudentHaru 2 points ago in engrish

    If this were a professional that would be a terrible translation. You’re supposed to keep the translation as close as possible to the original but “as possible” means that it should still make sense afterwards.

    [–] me👗irlgbt JapaneseStudentHaru 29 points ago in me_irlgbt

    I’m a woman and I’d rather stare at a woman’s ass in the context on a video game. They rarely give men any booty. Real men have curves!