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    [–] AITA for contemplating taking food from a food bank to help expenses while not being technically starving/homeless? JapaneseStudentHaru 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in AmItheAsshole


    My family had a very low mortgage because we bought it way back in 2000. We could afford to stay there even on my mom’s 19k a year salary. However, we couldn’t afford much else, like food, and there’s no way we could sell in that area. Our church had food banks rarely, but when they did, it was all people like us. People struggling to feed themselves and their families. Don’t be greedy and take more than you need, but food banks aren’t just for homeless people. I was around 10 pounds underweight in high school, so I guess you could say “starving” but I was doing ok. There were plenty of poor overweight people in line too and I didn’t mind because everyone needs food, you know?

    That being said, they’re not to be used just for “snacks” as snacks aren’t really a necessity. As others have said, try to create a better budget. Try to portion your food better. Food banks are a good source of canned veggies that you can supplement a poor diet with. But make sure you’re not buying too much of the wrong thing instead of rounding out your food budget.

    [–] AITA for complaining about an Amber Alert? JapaneseStudentHaru 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    TBF, most people don’t turn DND off when they’re awake until they need a ringer. I turn my ringer off when I’m at the theater and never turn it back on, for months, until someone complains that I didn’t answer my phone. Then, I turn it back off when I go to the theater.

    [–] anime irl JapaneseStudentHaru 45 points ago in anime_irl

    I’m still in college and I keep getting dreams that I’ve missed an entire class this whole time.

    I actually had a scare a week ago when I noticed a glitch in my online school that made it so I was signed up for a second semester of a class I took last year. I noticed right before I went to bed and got no sleep

    [–] Rady really used lube as primer. I'm not sure how to feel. JapaneseStudentHaru 5 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    I can’t imagine a lube sitting on my skin would prove the same effect. Idk how to explain it but silicone primers stick to your skin. Lubes are meant to slide around for a long time. I imagine makeup wouldn’t last long with that

    [–] Dino sex denial JapaneseStudentHaru 5 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    I assume they are able to lean over and expose themselves like other animals with tails

    [–] BeautyNews ladies test the Mac Fleur highlighter - has an overspray and is MATT JapaneseStudentHaru 2 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    Yeah I actually messaged MAC asking when this would be out. They didn’t respond yet, but I was so excited.

    [–] Rady really used lube as primer. I'm not sure how to feel. JapaneseStudentHaru 19 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    Yeah but IME lube is specifically formulated not to absorb into skin most of the time. Like there’s always a little left and it lasts for a long time. Especially “play” if I recall correctly.

    [–] Will I Buy It? #57 | Pixi, Sleek & More New Makeup Releases discussed by Pauline JapaneseStudentHaru 5 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    They’re not cheap in America either. $15 for all their products in the drugstore section. I would’ve gotten the milky mist if it was a setting spray but decided to test out the new elf one instead

    [–] Do you think Rawbeautykristi will become a morphe affiliate? JapaneseStudentHaru 1 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    I think she would given the opportunity. She’s always trying to get on lists and get promotions. Surely she wouldn’t turn down something like that.

    [–] Instagram Influencers being racist?? JapaneseStudentHaru 4 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    This is college right? Who makes it that far in life that ignorant?

    Also a history teacher giving away money for right answers? My major is history, I’ll sign up for all his classes

    [–] BeautyNews ladies test the Mac Fleur highlighter - has an overspray and is MATT JapaneseStudentHaru 29 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    What the hell. They knew how pretty that looked why didn’t they actually do it? That’s not a highlighter. It’s not like they’ve never done highlighter before it wouldn’t be too hard to actually make this. Oversprays should be banned. This was gonna be my first highlighter from them :(

    [–] ThatGirlShaeXO live swatches Colourpop BFF Liquid Liners JapaneseStudentHaru 4 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    In colorpop’s official swatches the black looks oddly shiny while the other colors don’t

    [–] The watcher JapaneseStudentHaru 2 points ago in aww

    This is how my husky is with my cat. She doesn’t appreciate it.

    [–] How do professional MUAs figure out undertones/nuances of clients? JapaneseStudentHaru 1 points ago in muacjdiscussion

    I thought I’d be bad at color matching when I worked at Ulta but I was actually really good at it. There are a lot of things you just know, but those things come with being immersed and having experience. I know that my undertones and color are all over the place. I prefer to match to my shoulders, but some people prefer the neck. Some prefer their legs even. It’s always up to the customer, so ask them what they like best. Pick a place to match, do some swatches, ask which one they prefer, if prompted give your opinion, and offer to apply the chosen shade all over so they can see it in action.

    [–] Why in the world isn’t there a Bob Ross palette yet?! He used the same 11 colors for every painting! JapaneseStudentHaru 1 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    I have the imagic dupe. Didn’t even know it was a dupe when I bought it lol. It’s more like face paint than cream shadow though but people say the formula is similar