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    [–] [Giveaway] BF1 and Halo 5 Jaqwan 1 points ago in xboxone

    Halo 5 would be sweet!

    [–] Swedish Spring Inspo Album Jaqwan 3 points ago in streetweardiscussion

    Some really good looking fits in this inspo. Really want my style to evolve to this but I don't think I could pull off wearing that type of boot with a heel.

    [–] Lads are ruining Streetwear in Australia Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwear

    Depends on what type of branded clothing you wear. AM90's are a no go for me because they are mainly wore by drug addicts here in AUS.

    I've shifted my style towards what is popular on r/streetwear, which seems to be tucked in shirt, pants and vans.

    You just have to be creative with the brands you stunt. Much younger kids are coping limited shit now, so you'll really have to think outside the box with the fits you decide to wear.

    [–] Simple Questions and General Discussion - March 19, 2017 Jaqwan 1 points ago in streetwear

    I see a lot of people not liking the wdywt theme of /r/streetwear, so if you guys want more streetwear talk, come have a look over at /r/streetweardiscussion!

    [–] Cities Skyline Jaqwan 0 points ago in xboxone

    There hasn't been a lot of news about the xbox release. I'm estimating that E3, the info of the release date and details will emerge.

    [–] grave robber Jaqwan 5 points ago in streetwear

    Love that fit!

    [–] [wdywt] branding Jaqwan 14 points ago in streetwear

    Vans are like a fine wine, they get better with age.

    [–] STRÖM 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY - New Collection & $200 Giveaway! Jaqwan 1 points ago in streetwear

    This brand has been dope the day it started. Cannot wait to see it in hypebeast or highsnobiety!

    [–] [LPU/WDYWT] Thrifted a Corduroy Columbia Jacket Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwear

    I need to find me one of those, love that colour!

    [–] Thoughts on this concept. Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwearstartup

    I would honestly change the dogs face back to normal. I love everything else, would look great on a tee :)

    [–] one more design for you guys to critique Jaqwan 3 points ago in streetwearstartup

    Not a fan, doesn't really seem "streetwear" to me.

    [–] Medium sized City, curious about building limit. Jaqwan 1 points ago in CitiesSkylines

    I currently have 6gbs, I have a gaming laptop so I don't know what RAM sticks are compatible with my motherboard.