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    [–] Foggy morning in the Austrian countryside Jaqwan 5 points ago in pics

    Love how the first two comments thought it was Australia.

    [–] Pretty purple trees in Johannesburg Jaqwan 366 points ago in pics

    Pretty sure these trees are Jacarandas. Might be wrong but they usually bloom just as summer hits in Australia. Fantastic colour though.

    [–] The new Patta x Vans collab Jaqwan 191 points ago in streetwear

    I think the shoes are dope. Might have to pick these up just to add some colour to my wardrobe.

    [–] What's the best song of the 90's? Jaqwan 53 points ago in AskReddit

    Nutshell - Alice In Chains

    [–] WDYWT - November 19, 2017 Jaqwan 10 points ago in streetwear

    The cuffs on those jeans are bad, and your stance looks unflattering.

    [–] adidas NMD PK Triple Black w/ Tan Bumper Jaqwan 251 points ago in streetwear

    I'd just paint the bumper, other than that, cool shoe.

    [–] What is a piece of "common sense" that wasn't so common to you? Jaqwan 11 points ago in AskReddit

    That the letters from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th etc are from their word variants, first, second, third and fourth.

    [–] Deadpool 2 | Official HD Deadpool's "Wet on Wet" Teaser | 2018 Jaqwan 7 points ago in movies

    "Keep your pants dry, and your dreams wet".

    Now that's something to live by.

    [–] Let's not forget that EA's famous The Sims 4 has 21 available DLC's that costs over 400$ to purchase together with the game. Jaqwan 20 points ago in gaming

    Usually when you release a sequel to a game, it's supposed to be better than the first. Sims has always innovated, but sims 4 was a bit of a disaster. Firstly, rumours suggest that sims 4 was meant to be a multiplier game, but it was scrapped in development. This leads to developers with little time to make a new game, so they supposedly took the shell of that game and made Sims 4, the reason why there is no open world. Yes, some people argue that the open world feature was removed so the game engine would be better optimised, but it doesn't excuse the fact that we have to wait for a loading screen to visit a neighbours home. There's also a lot of little details that are annoying, such as sims walking around town will wear crazy outfits or how venues are populated with the same people. Modding is the best thing about the game, so much content and you can download hundreds of files that won't make your game lag like sims 3.

    Ultimately, it's up to you if you like it or not. There will be more pointless expansions for EA to gain money, or you can play earlier sims games, which all have their strengths and weaknesses.

    [–] Chilly morning Jaqwan 6 points ago in streetwear

    I think the capris should literally and figuratively sHiT on you.

    [–] Chilly morning Jaqwan 18 points ago in streetwear

    These capris are making you awfully mad.

    [–] Chilly morning Jaqwan 21 points ago in streetwear

    Never knew a pair of capris could trigger a boy this bad.

    [–] Chilly morning Jaqwan 6 points ago in streetwear

    You must really hate capris.

    [–] Chilly morning Jaqwan -2 points ago in streetwear

    You're opinion man, looks to me like trousers creeping up the leg.

    [–] Why do I keep getting 'ghosted' (don't know how else to describe it)? Jaqwan 1 points ago in dating

    I was talking about texting specifically, but it seems that how you speak to others may not be the problem. Maybe its just the guys you talk too. All I can say is keep trying!

    [–] Why do I keep getting 'ghosted' (don't know how else to describe it)? Jaqwan 1 points ago in dating

    Are you usually formal or jokey when you chat with guys? I've found that trying to be too funny or being too serious can deter people from talking with me again.

    [–] Does muscle even help when you're a short dude? Jaqwan 2 points ago in amiugly

    Alright, that's good dude, remember it in the back of your head. It'll take time to realise you are overreacting, but I'll leave you be.