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    [–] Some green! Too early to celebrate, or are we up from here? Jaqwan 2 points ago in Crypto_Australia

    I feel as if this trend of small highs and lows will continue for another month, which is good because it gives potential investors or investors in crypto a chance to get some coins for a discount. We all wish for incredibly cheap coins and now is that chance to buy. I think we'll get close to an ATH this year, but it could be the biggest drop in the next couple of months, we just don't know.

    Overall, what we have now is good, even if you are someone that has invested in crypto near the ATH mark. A lot of projects will come to fruition over the next couple of years, so the market will increase. There will be a time where you have seen bitcoin at $20k average and wish you bought it around $6k.

    This is your chance to buy.

    [–] MY FIRST COLLECTION, (Visual Ad) Thoughts? Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwearstartup

    This is very cool. Love this video, really good work with the designs.

    [–] Fortnite Proves More Important Than Cryptocurrency to Big Tech Companies Jaqwan 1 points ago in xboxone

    Of course they are going to focus on something that is a hot topic in the gaming industry that every major company is developing their rendition of. You don't see any major game dev company experimenting with crypto because it's either a waste of their resources or they haven't found a way to profit off of it.

    [–] Aussie blockchain startup BlockGrain and Mountain State Brewing Company to pilot world’s first “barley to beer” tracking Jaqwan 3 points ago in Crypto_Australia

    The idea for this collaboration is to track every process that goes into making beer; from farm to harvest, production, shipping and selling. It allows anyone who is curious where supplies come from and allows companies to monitor the efficiency of their products.

    [–] [W2C] cav empt piece Jaqwan 4 points ago in DesignerReps

    And the reps out there are not 1:1.

    [–] Another shot from our look book. Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwearstartup

    Shipping internationally? Love this shirt.

    [–] The Great Beyond - A FREE Base Building/RTS/Tower Defence Game Jaqwan 3 points ago in BaseBuildingGames

    Played this for a couple of hours, really good game, very addictive if you want to speed run through it like I tried to do. I feel as if the difficulty could be reduced and some other features added, but overall it's a great game to waste 3+ hours on.

    [–] I Need Help Jaqwan 1 points ago in selfimprovement

    Joining a discord server could help you gain some online friends. Just ask over at /r/CasualConversation if you could join someone's or look at a list of discord's that spark your interest, like music or games.

    Physically friends, however, you will have to go out and start talking to people. A gym is a great place to start, but you might not find people the same age as you. A job is also a great place to start, doesn't matter what job, you'll eventually gain a friend.

    Thoroughly look through anything to do with confidence on this sub and follow the advice. It will improve over time, and you will see a difference.

    [–] I lost a lot of motivation Jaqwan 13 points ago in selfimprovement

    I've been down this road before so I know how you feel. The main thing you need to do right now is to try and think of a goal that is reachable. So you didn't get the girl of your dreams, but how close are you, are you friends, is she just a crush you haven't had the guts to talk to yet?

    Set a goal, for example, to try and talk to her once a week if you aren't that close. Every little step is progress.

    The one thing you should start to do however is to focus your main attention and drive away from this girl. This is going to be difficult, but it will be worth it in the long run.

    I suggest getting maybe 1-2 personal training sessions so you get forced to motivate yourself at the gym, and start to look through r/gainit if you haven't yet. Been doing this for 3 months and I've basically pulled all my attention away from gaming and things that keep me distracted because I'm seeing improvement in myself which I am happy with.

    Hopefully, some info here helps but just remember, you are only 16, you could still end up with her in the later years or be with someone else and not even think about her.

    [–] So i finally started eating more but also pooping more is it normal? Jaqwan 2 points ago in gainit

    Must be your body changing itself because you are eating regularly, should be fine.

    [–] So i finally started eating more but also pooping more is it normal? Jaqwan 2 points ago in gainit

    Just have a look at how much fibre is contained in the food you eat. Might be a cause to why you go to the toilet a lot.

    [–] So i finally started eating more but also pooping more is it normal? Jaqwan 3 points ago in gainit

    It's normal to go to the toilet often when bulking. It's odd because I have IBS, going to the toilet multiple times was quite common, but now as I am eating more than 4 meals a day, I only have to go to the toilet once, maybe twice a day.

    I think over time, it might ease, but I have little knowledge about that :)

    [–] List Of Finds Jaqwan 1 points ago in DesignerReps

    No mate, will be eventually.

    [–] [REVIEW] Rhude Red Cigarette Hawaiian Shirt Jaqwan 1 points ago in DesignerReps

    Never thought this would release a rep of this. Good that there is one!

    [–] So we finally get unlimited mobile data, and then they charge is $70 a month for 1.5mbps. absolutely stupid Jaqwan 2 points ago in australia

    I think you get 40gb to start with, then you have to pay monthly. don't know if you get 40gb a month when you pay though.

    [–] I have been soda free for an entire year. Jaqwan 19 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in selfimprovement

    Whenever I get a craving for sugar, I go eat a couple of dates I keep in the fridge. Sucks because the dates I have are full of natural sugar :(

    [–] [WDYWT] My rap name is Z.M. Bill$ Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwear

    Looks like brown pants to me. The white-cream sneakers match well.

    [–] [WDYWT] My rap name is Z.M. Bill$ Jaqwan 5 points ago in streetwear

    Love this fit, the colour of the pants and the shoes look perfect together.

    [–] Jeep Number 26 racing in Oklahoma Jaqwan 1 points ago in Jeep

    Great photo, what camera are you using?