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    [–] TIL of FM-2030, FM for his initials, while 2030 meaning the hope and belief that he would make it to the age 100. FM also believed that by 2030, everyone will be ageless and have a chance to live forever. Jaqwan 2 points ago in todayilearned

    In his own words, "Conventional names define a person's past: ancestry, ethnicity, nationality, religion. I am not who I was ten years ago and certainly not who I will be in twenty years. The name 2030 reflects my conviction that the years around 2030 will be a magical time. In 2030 we will be ageless and everyone will have an excellent chance to live forever. 2030 is a dream and a goal."

    So many interesting things about this man. He also wrote a book about Transhumanism and was cryogenically frozen.

    [–] Feeling good Jaqwan 3 points ago in aww

    Thought that was a bicep in the thumbnail.

    [–] Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life [Alternative] (1997) Jaqwan 36 points ago in Music

    Graduate is a great song. Definitely the best from this album imo.

    [–] new piece (@nathanachorn) Jaqwan 5 points ago in streetwearstartup

    That jacket is beyond nice. What a great piece.

    [–] Thought you guys might need a laugh Jaqwan 12 points ago in streetwear

    He did but in a separate image. I have no idea why.

    [–] Thought you guys might need a laugh Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwear

    I understand that more clearly since reading over my past comments. I've had stuff stolen in the past so I've just taken my opinions from my personal experiences.

    [–] Thought you guys might need a laugh Jaqwan 9 points ago in streetwear

    That’s why a lot of artists go independent, that’s why they get worked up when people repost their stuff without recognition. They live off people buying their art. If their social media isn’t plugged by big named accounts, they lose money.

    You get worked up when your boss makes more money than you. So why is your boss considered your boss? Because he didn’t want to be controlled by anyone. So why don’t you find a way to be you own boss, because it’s do-able, and complaining won’t help.

    [–] Thought you guys might need a laugh Jaqwan 31 points ago in streetwear

    Bro what are you on. If someone steals something of yours and doesn’t credit you, everyone would get pissed. Low blood pressure/high blood pressure, it’s not good, it feels shit.

    [–] Thought you guys might need a laugh Jaqwan 33 points ago in streetwear

    The last part of your sentence literally makes no sense. Dude got his photo on NiceKicks and they gave him no credit, so I’d get worked up too.

    [–] Thought you guys might need a laugh Jaqwan 3964 points ago in streetwear

    Artist hates it when people repost his art without his handle :/

    [–] . Jaqwan 325 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    A good example of this is the Adani mine in Australia for polluting coastal waters. How big was the fine they received? $12,000

    [–] Triple J - Hottest 100 Countdown 2017 Jaqwan 5 points ago in Music

    True Lovers should've been in the top 20, such a fantastic song.

    [–] IMG_8242 Jaqwan 3 points ago in streetwearstartup

    I would put the text right under the picture, but it’s a great tee even where the text is placed now.

    [–] I'm Stephen, solo operator of effulgence. Ask Me Anything. Jaqwan 1 points ago in streetwearstartup

    Hey Stephen, great seeing your brand moving up in the world.

    What advice would you give to anyone wanting to make their own cut and sew pieces?

    [–] What song do you fucking despise? Jaqwan 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Grits - My life be like

    [–] Mind blown! Jaqwan 23 points ago in funny

    What about my man Chewbacca :(

    [–] When the price drops by 10% and your friend thinks the bubble finally bursts Jaqwan 7 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    I think it’s the emergency procedure when there is a person or car on the train tracks.

    [–] 19 Year Old Norwegian Student Hides Spy Camera In His Clothing To Take Secret Street Photos In The 1890s Jaqwan 78 points ago in pics

    The expressions make these photos amazing. I would've thought that the exposure time would make most of these photos blurry.

    [–] Yoyo - apparel dropping 2018! Jaqwan 3 points ago in streetwearstartup

    These designs are great, will definitely be looking out for the drop!

    [–] Foggy morning in the Austrian countryside Jaqwan 4 points ago in pics

    Love how the first two comments thought it was Australia.

    [–] Pretty purple trees in Johannesburg Jaqwan 361 points ago in pics

    Pretty sure these trees are Jacarandas. Might be wrong but they usually bloom just as summer hits in Australia. Fantastic colour though.