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    [–] LC help please! there weren't inner tags so im not sure Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetweardiscussion

    Your post has been removed as it should be in the general discussion thread.

    [–] It's currently hailing in Perth, Australia. Jaqwan 5 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Mate, I live near Perth and It wasn't hailing.

    [–] Call for mods Jaqwan 1 points ago in streetwear

    1. AWST
    2. I'm currently a mod over at /r/streetweardiscussion and run a 350+ member discord about fashion, so listening to people's criticism, making their overall experience at the sub better so they keep coming back and contributing.
    3. Unfortunately, you need to put it in a daily thread. The sub is a mess because of it and many users complain, but the mod team hasn't done anything major about it since. Allow people to share more about discussing pickups, brands, trends etc.
    4. More Discussion. The best part about streetwear is finding new brands, talking about fits and conversing with people. Getting rid of low quality/meme posts will make this sub a much better place. I would make sure that reporting is taken seriously, and if anyone has any problems with the way the sub, they can be assured that the problem will be fixed quickly.

    [–] Mark Hamill in the movie 'Slipstream' (1989) Jaqwan 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    I watched the trailer, the acting is pretty bad.

    [–] Jack Nicholson, 1989. Jaqwan 5 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    That is the coolest photo of the joker I have seen.

    [–] Off work fit [WDYWTD] Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwear

    I thought you were Yoanty for a second.

    [–] Perspectives $300 Giveaway! Jaqwan 1 points ago in streetwear

    I'm in need of a new jacket!'

    [–] [WDYWT] When Kaytranada came to town Jaqwan 5 points ago in streetwear

    Kaytranada is lit. Those stripes are super dope too.

    [–] can i get a legit check on this vlone tee Jaqwan 1 points ago in streetweardiscussion

    The post has been removed, please post it in the general discussion thread!

    [–] [WDYWT] An Obelisk Jaqwan 2 points ago in streetwear

    Great Album, great photography, great fit!