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    [–] Malignant melanoma. Patient was treated for a “spider bite” for a short time and this continued to grow. Finally went to oncologist and was told to get hospice on board, as cancer was widespread. JayTheFordMan 3 points ago in MedicalGore

    Yep. Friend of our was an Oilfield man, rough as hell and tough as boots. Was complaining about a sore elbow for a while, family pestered him to get it checked out. Walked into hospital, got x-rays, and they diagnosed him with stage 4 bone cancer and spread to organs. He died a month later.

    [–] I was cutting a frozen pork shoulder with a very sharp knife at a very bad and stupid angle. I cut my tendon and can no longer feel or move my thumb. JayTheFordMan 1 points ago in wince

    Had one of my lab techs cut himself very similarly with a glass bottle. Tendons and nerve damage. Needed surgery to fix tendons, and attempt to fix the nerves. They did a pretty good job, but took a long time to get proper thumb mobility back. Not sure how it went feeling wise tho

    [–] New bike for commuting and fitness JayTheFordMan 1 points ago in whichbike

    As u/rx8geek mentions, the Merida is probably the best value and probably best ride out of those. I ride a Merida Scultura and it's amazing for the cost, definitely a brand worth looking at more closely.

    A CX bike sounds like what you want, definitely make good all rounders.

    [–] How the alt-right’s sexism lures men into white supremacy JayTheFordMan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in TwoXChromosomes

    Which is funny because JBP is in no way sexist.

    And nor is he 'alt-right' btw

    [–] What male dominated job would you like to see a female in? I’m a 40f wanting to go a different route JayTheFordMan 5 points ago in AskMenOver30

    Need more women working the oilfields :) I for one am getting tired of the same conversations after 16 years hanging around camps that are 99.9% men.

    Welding is actually a good choice for women. I've met a few awesome female welders. Suits the fine touch and patience with the routine movements required. Big money to be had, especially at the high end of the game ;)

    [–] What’s a good “bar argument” topic to spark up a fierce debate ? JayTheFordMan 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Last bar argument I had was about the relevency of 3rd wave feminism in western democracies between a group of guys and girls.

    Amazingly no riot ensued :/

    [–] Ladies, Mums have the emotional connection with kids? what about Dads? JayTheFordMan 1 points ago in askwomenadvice

    Thanks. Good words, pretty much how I thought it is. She seems to prefer going to mum for talking through things, Dad for doing things. Seems its the way, different modes depending on person I'll keep talking, and keep the door open so to speak :)

    [–] What is a minor gesture/action that lets you know the guy is a mysogonist? JayTheFordMan 4 points ago in AskWomen

    Cool. One never really knows these days, but like many things communication and mutual respect goes a long way ;)

    [–] I don’t stretch! JayTheFordMan 1 points ago in Fitness

    47, never stretched, until now. Reached the point where not stretching leads to pain :(

    [–] What is a minor gesture/action that lets you know the guy is a mysogonist? JayTheFordMan 3 points ago in AskWomen

    I dunno, I've grown up with the idea that its just the done thing to pay for the first date. Nothing to do with Misogyny, just the 'rules'.

    These days however, I'll offer to pay, but won't fight it if she wants to do something different.

    I assume this is the 'right' way now?

    [–] What is your favorite rugged wallet? JayTheFordMan 1 points ago in AskMen

    I have a Paul Smith leather wallet that has survived insane abuse, and still looks fresh. Fantastic wallet

    [–] What's an adult problem nobody prepared you for? JayTheFordMan 37 points ago in AskMen

    Nothing more true than this.

    With age my parents became very ordinary and very mortal people

    [–] Before you buy automatic sampling system get some knowledge about it JayTheFordMan 1 points ago in oilandgas

    Yes, absolutely get to know the kit. I've seen a few systems employed that have been basically useless due to inappropriately specced systems.

    [–] 40/M looking for beginner advice/program. JayTheFordMan 3 points ago in fitness30plus

    Stronglifts 5x5 and start walking/cycling/running (I cycle :) ). That will be a good start

    [–] My lager smells like a barn JayTheFordMan 2 points ago in Homebrewing

    Sounds like good old Brett funk, maybe you got some wild yeast mixed up in their. Not necessarily a bad thing ;)

    [–] Irresponsible Woman Walks Somewhere JayTheFordMan 4 points ago in australia

    Yes, because apparently we need constant reminding lest we forget and fall back into our rapey natural state

    [–] What would you brew to non-craft beer drinkers? JayTheFordMan 3 points ago in Homebrewing

    Yeah, I'm tending to bring Saisons to dinners and for sharing if I don't know who is there. As with you, feedback has so far been a positive. Makes for good discussion too as many people have no idea this style exists.

    I find also berlinerweisse can be a good one to bring along too, especially when it's warm. Wine drinkers often respond well

    [–] What would you brew to non-craft beer drinkers? JayTheFordMan 15 points ago in Homebrewing

    Nothing, you don't need to have that kind of negativity in your life


    But seriously, I find Saisons a good go to when introducing macro drinkers to something interesting.

    [–] Existing While Female JayTheFordMan 7 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    As a guy, I'm like, yeah, what a total cunt, he deserved every last nail in his arm and all the blood and pain.

    Good on you!

    [–] Ladies, Mums have the emotional connection with kids? what about Dads? JayTheFordMan 1 points ago in askwomenadvice

    I do ask, but I wonder if I'm asking the right things. I ask the first question, but I guess I tend not to pick up things well enough to ask things like the second example. I think this is an area I should work on and be more sensitive to, as you say.

    and no, I'm never mad at whatever she says, and rarely at what she does unless its waay out of line.