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    [–] A urinal in a bar in Barcelona. Jayhawk-relic 5 points ago in pics

    Someone's gonna shit in there.

    [–] Clean up after your dog. Jayhawk-relic 1 points ago in pettyrevenge

    If it helps gauge any, I worked super late one day and left my trash can out until the next day. HOA charged me $100. Cant imaging what her fine will be.

    [–] Not all heroes wear capes Jayhawk-relic 0 points ago in pics

    Are we gonna ignore her giant man hand? Ok then....

    [–] Synthetic lab cadavers Jayhawk-relic 1 points ago in creepy

    Fun fact: The fat layers are put back in place after each dissection to keep the specimen moist. I imagine those would essentially turn into jerky and serve no purpose rather quickly.

    [–] As of 10AM Eastern, on January 25. Jayhawk-relic 3 points ago in pics

    Sounds like a great idea. Illegally climb a tall crane with a vantage point of the White House in middle of the night. A building with snipers on the roof....

    [–] TIFU by giving myself a deadly infection. Jayhawk-relic 2 points ago in tifu

    I saw this essentially when rotating through an ER during my 4th year of med school. This girl came in with lower abdominal pain and fevers sometime near 3am. I asked all the typical questions and nothing stood out. Set up to do a routine pelvic exam. Looked under the sheet and see a tampon string hanging out. Immediately look up at her and ask her if she is menstruating. She says no ..... turns out her period was 3 weeks ago and she just left it in because she said she forgot. I pulled the string...... flood of the most putrid black discharged i've ever seen. Had to leave the room from the smell. Did not end up doing ER or being an OBGYN.

    [–] TIFU by spraying Diet Pepsi all over strangers at the airport at 6am. Jayhawk-relic 97 points ago in tifu

    It's pretty awesome when running late though. The separate security for 4 gates each makes it a breeze to catch a flight. Outside of that it sucks.

    [–] Mars with oceans Jayhawk-relic 1 points ago in space

    I call DIBS.

    [–] Self-Driving Cars Will Exacerbate Organ Shortages Unless We Start Preparing Now - "Currently, 1 in 5 organ donations comes from the victim of a vehicular accident." Jayhawk-relic 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in Futurology

    The good news is with Harvoni, Hepatitis C will be a thing of the past very soon meaning the number one cause of cirrhosis in the US will disappear. This will help lower the needed number of liver transplants significantly. The second leading cause in case you were interested is alcoholism.

    Edit: I should clarify. The above was meant as chronic causes. In acute liver failure, Tylenol overdose is number 1 in the US followed by Hepatitis B. These are reversed in order in Europe. (These are conditions that will jump you to the top of the list if the criteria are met.)