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    [–] Gravity falls (MY ATTEMPT) JaylonVanderesch -21 points ago in PixelArt

    Everyone please support. I'm too old for legos, but even I want this

    it's a mystery shack lego idea

    [–] Wait what did he do JaylonVanderesch 1 points ago in memes

    This guy watchdogs

    [–] I just noticed a huge plot hole in Felina JaylonVanderesch 1 points ago in breakingbad

    Just a question. Do you think Gretchen and Elliot would really followthrough with Walt's plan? Like it always weighed on me because if I was Elliot and Gretchen, I would just phone the police about two hitmen who are positioned around the house. Of course, they wouldn't find anyone, and in that case bye bye money.

    [–] First very successful lucid dream. Very stable, very long, but did not have much control, any pointers? JaylonVanderesch 2 points ago in LucidDreaming

    Oh yeah, it might be a subconscious thing. My dad was with throughout the dream and he's like a total control freak/helicopter/overprotective/strict af parent. Similar theory: i couldn't control anything because my dad was there and maybe that's how I feel about my life. lol that got deep.

    [–] Me_irl JaylonVanderesch 68 points ago in me_irl

    I hope she sees this lmao

    [–] What are some of the 'tactics' that you put in place to deal with someone you dislike? JaylonVanderesch 2 points ago in AskReddit

    If vague enough with names and some details, I talk shit about people I dislike right in front of their face without them realizing who I am talking about.