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    [–] "There are stories that are true, in which each individual's tale is unique and tragic, and the worst of the tragedy is that we have heard it before, and we cannot allow ourselves to feel it too deeply." JaylonVanderesch 2 points ago in books

    Freaking beautiful. I usually don't look through this sub, but I can really appreciate the work that authors do in bringing out emotion in readers. I truly hope that you continue to find peace before you pass. Even as I read your tragedy I'm understanding the quote exactly, I really am choosing to feel as much as I can allow for you. I'm so so sorry, but I'm glad you were loved in your lifetime.

    [–] [NSFW] I Threatened to Rape My Greatest Fear/Nightmare Gets interrupted by Lucid Dreaming MLG Memes JaylonVanderesch 22 points ago in LucidDreaming

    What does it mean?!?

    Basically, the heffalump (Purple elephant) is a manifestation of your hatred towards animals. Because you are the one killing all the Winnie the Pooh characters, who are completely innocent, the heffalump is trying to kill you so that it can defend animal kind. Your wish to rape the heffalump is a result of your repressed sexuality. As Freud stated in his dream theory, dreams are a way to express and act upon one's thoughts that are not acceptable in real life. The reason you are in a theater is because you feel that your life events are uncontrollable and are simply theatrics.

    I think this is pretty accurate, but I only have 6 PhDs so sorry

    [–] I have the best job JaylonVanderesch 3 points ago in aww

    stop minding him

    [–] I have the best job JaylonVanderesch 16 points ago in aww

    What did he/she major in?

    [–] I have the best job JaylonVanderesch 217 points ago in aww

    At leashed he graduated

    [–] I’ve been wearing the same outfit every day for 2 years. I highly recommend it. JaylonVanderesch 6 points ago in pics

    It must be nice to have a favorite outfit that you really love like this. Are there any days you want to try something new and be extra creative?

    [–] I just masturbated for the first time JaylonVanderesch 1 points ago in confession

    cuz OP wan to

    edit: i downvoted my own comment. sorry

    [–] Lmao (Repost since I forgot to censor names) JaylonVanderesch 7 points ago in niceguys

    You deserve to think better princess, you fucking slut.

    [–] I punctured a tire on my grandpas car in retaliation for abuse JaylonVanderesch 4 points ago in confession

    This is justifiable action, but come on everyone probably knew it was you lol.

    [–] I (m15) want too kill for fun but I don't want too do it alone JaylonVanderesch 2 points ago in confession

    You should watch "The End of the F***ing World"

    fun mini-series and maybe it'll impact you in a way you won't expect. Or it might not, probably not. still a great show.