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    [–] Is Corriganville open yet? Jedi_Q 2 points ago in simivalley

    Thanks. It was open my dogs and I had the park to our self's.

    [–] Not a single griefer in sight Jedi_Q 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    I fucking love hunting in Big Valley

    [–] Lemon pepper chicken and rice with sauteed cherry tomatoes, grilled lemon, and broccoli. Jedi_Q 0 points ago in MealPrepSunday

    Are you scheduled to be executed tonight? Because this is only a meal prep if your going to die within the next 6 hours.

    Edit: nice char on the chicken

    [–] West Coast Racers Construction Jedi_Q 1 points ago in rollercoasters

    Were you there yesterday? How were the lines?

    I plan on going today.

    [–] Wow how do you get this position Jedi_Q 1 points ago in chess

    By walking into the wrong neighborhood

    [–] Freedom of Speech in France Jedi_Q -9 points ago in gifs

    Trump running things there now?

    [–] Trump is toast: This week really was the beginning of the end for the President Jedi_Q 90 points ago in politics

    My wife keeps telling me to not talk to her about it until he is in handcuffs. Then, and only then, tell her. I think she is right.

    [–] Found this in a parking lot Jedi_Q 2 points ago in trashy

    Way of the road..

    [–] Milo’s first and last day with us as a family. Lying in the same place in the same position 8 years later. Rest easy big guy ❤️ Jedi_Q 15 points ago in pics

    Think about feeding him anything he would like. Ice cream, McDebbles, beer.. That's what I did for my golden when I had to send him to the farm.. Hang in there..