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    [–] American healthcare. JeffMcBiscuit 10 points ago in Jokes

    It's not top in the world though, you're 37th

    [–] American healthcare. JeffMcBiscuit 21 points ago in Jokes

    He wouldn't, he's just full of shit. His lymphoma would be completely free to treat for life with nhs treatments, and if he had a private plan with his job like a lot of UK professionals it would have been covered there too, just with a small excess on some of the more complex procedures.

    [–] I got banned from r/Spyro for simply asking why one of my posts was removed JeffMcBiscuit 3 points ago in AskModerators

    Q1. What can moderators do in their own subs?

    A. Anything within the sitewide rules.

    Q2. Do they owe me any explanation for their actions?

    A. No. They don't even need to inform you of their actions.

    Q3. X sub is supposed to do / be about X, can they do this?

    A. The sub is whatever the moderators want it to be about.

    Q4. Don't they have to listen to what the community wants?

    A. No.

    Q5. What if I don't like the way that sub is run?

    A. Leave and start one that runs how you want it to.

    Q6. Shouldn't I just complain about it in a load of other subs?

    A. No. You'll probably get booted from those subs as well.

    Q7. Why?

    A. See Q1.

    [–] Need help on subreddit where product name changed JeffMcBiscuit 11 points ago in modhelp

    Send the chat log of that mod offering to sell it to you to the admins.

    [–] Article 13 approved by European Parliament by 438 votes to 226 JeffMcBiscuit 11 points ago in worldnews

    So I make a meme using a screenshot from a film and upload it to Reddit.

    What then?

    [–] The US has spent $1.5 trillion on war since Sept 11 attacks JeffMcBiscuit 4 points ago in worldnews

    Probably longer, as you'd need more than a second to count out the larger integers

    [–] Citizen Reborn looking for 3D artists JeffMcBiscuit 8 points ago in gamedev

    Required Developers - 3D modellers - Texture Artists - 3D Generalists

    Payment Payment may or may not happen, it will depend heavily on funds rasied from the kickstarter and game sales.

    Requirements - Avaliable to work on assets often. - Skilled in required software for your chosen role (all software you use has to be commercially licensed) - Responsible and mature - Examples of work


    [–] My assistants are sending me nudes for promotions JeffMcBiscuit 1 points ago in TwoPointHospital

    I would swap the chuckle for breathing out of my nose slightly harder than usual

    [–] Help removing other mods. JeffMcBiscuit 15 points ago in modhelp

    You have to appeal to the most rational mod who is highest up the chain. You can remove those below you but not above, but there's no guarantee anyone above gives a shit.

    [–] A mod abused their power and banned me... JeffMcBiscuit 1 points ago in AskModerators

    That's fair enough, but you need to be aware that what they did isn't abuse of their power because as long as they didn't break any Reddit site-wide rules they can do whatever they want. That being said you did nothing wrong by arguing the ban, but this is usually the result.