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    [–] Normalisation of 'plus-size' risks hidden danger of obesity, study finds JeffMcBiscuit 18 points ago in worldnews

    There is, and it's called HAES, and not HAESexceptifyourkneesaresore.

    You are not healthy at every size, and that is a fact.

    [–] Senate rejects Trump’s rescue of Chinese firm ZTE JeffMcBiscuit 35 points ago in technology

    I know what you're referring to, but I'm trying to imagine it being economic advice somehow

    [–] My goofy home made human team is shaping up nicely. JeffMcBiscuit 4 points ago in bloodbowl

    I'm Mr Meeseeks, look at me! Have you tried protecting your ball-carrier with a cage of stronger players, Jerry?

    [–] Need help getting better. JeffMcBiscuit 3 points ago in bloodbowl

    I experience a similar issue because most of the time I play pretty recklessly. I don't often play to a team's strengths and I'm forever taking ridiculous risks against nuffle that lose me more games than anything else. I'm aware of it though and feel I can reverse my fortunes if I want but I really enjoy taking all those risks and being foolish so I tend to live with it.

    [–] How to avoid being cuckolded? JeffMcBiscuit 6 points ago in CrusaderKings

    I don't like that my wife is homosexual.

    Might explain why she's cheating on you...

    [–] Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury JeffMcBiscuit 47 points ago in CrusaderKings

    I have wanted randomisation for sooooo long.

    The idea of starting in a fresh, random shattered map and seeing what religions, kingdoms, cultures etc emerge without them always defaulting back to the de jure is exciting.

    I play with the shattered world mod and lament the death of the world generator, so this expansion pleases me greatly.

    [–] Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury JeffMcBiscuit 73 points ago in CrusaderKings

    True, but the addition of things like random maps and histories hints at future proofing replayability without any more content being added

    [–] Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury JeffMcBiscuit 28 points ago in CrusaderKings

    Hi /u/meneth.

    Where we're getting lists of people we killed, are we also getting the reasons people were imprisoned?

    [–] Unhelpful top mod that needs to be removed JeffMcBiscuit 14 points ago in modhelp

    Q1. What can moderators do in their own subs?

    A. Anything within the sitewide rules.

    Q2. Do they owe me any explanation for their actions?

    A. No. They don't even need to inform you of their actions.

    Q3. X sub is supposed to do / be about X, can they do this?

    A. The sub is whatever the moderators want it to be about.

    Q4. Don't they have to listen to what the community wants?

    A. No.

    Q5. What if I don't like the way that sub is run?

    A. Leave and start one that runs how you want it to.

    Q6. Shouldn't I just complain about it in a load of other subs?

    A. No. You'll probably get booted from those subs as well.

    Q7. Why?

    A. See Q1.

    [–] How Herd Immunity Works JeffMcBiscuit 1 points ago in educationalgifs

    I see, does that change matters? Incidentally, a debate suggests that both sides offer an argument whereas you merely evaded the point the entire time.

    [–] YouTube stars are being paid to sell academic cheating, a BBC investigation has found JeffMcBiscuit 47 points ago in worldnews

    I agree, it is fucking outrageous that they would promote edubirdie when everyone knows that Honest Joe's Essaymart is the best.

    [–] How Herd Immunity Works JeffMcBiscuit 1 points ago in educationalgifs

    So your answer to this whole issue, that you deem worth arguing with several people in this thread (and I assume all over Reddit), is "because I want to".

    Good thing medical science doesn't work that way.

    As for me answering you; you can get them separately here in the UK, just not on the NHS because the private clinics that do it are unlicensed by the government, because research shows there is no significant benefit to separating the vaccines into three and the time you would have to wait between them increases the risk of developing those diseases, and I should think it also saves a lot of money to have it in one needle instead of three.

    Now why don't you provide me with a proper answer?

    [–] How Herd Immunity Works JeffMcBiscuit 1 points ago in educationalgifs

    You still didn't answer the question. Why do you want them separate?

    [–] How Herd Immunity Works JeffMcBiscuit 1 points ago in educationalgifs

    "Because it's preference" is not a suitable answer, and you know it. Why not explain the reason you prefer to have them separate and not combined?

    [–] How Herd Immunity Works JeffMcBiscuit 1 points ago in educationalgifs

    Why don't you answer my question?