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    [–] High-fiber diet linked to lower risk of death and chronic diseases JessyyG 2 points ago in Health

    Yeah, I read this earlier. There seems to be a rise in the carnivore health trend lately - I would have thought that this diet would not provide enough fibre.

    [–] Has anyone tried Quip toothbrushes? Are they good for traveling? JessyyG 2 points ago in beauty

    To clarify, I genuinely just posted this because I'm thinking of buying one and wanted to ask for advice. The post is a little ad-like, but I guess it would be coming from their website.

    [–] Video: Top 5 vegan hiking boots JessyyG 6 points ago in hiking

    Yeah, hiking boots that don't contain any animals products like leather for those people that are trying to reduce their use of these products.