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    [–] [Monk] Bet on yourself JetGan 99 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in lakers

    Well, he is definitely betting on himself. He could have made around $7-$10 million, but decided to sign for the vet min.

    Edit: He's an anime fan too...I'm sold on him lol

    [–] [Sanford] The Sixers tried to reach out to Dedmon this evening but he declined. JetGan 1 points ago in nba

    If my teammates and coaches throw me under the bus, I wouldnt want to play with that franchise either.

    [–] “The Lakers can be cheap with the tax. They've been cheap with the tax in the past. But you can't lack creativity and be cheap with the tax.. JetGan 1 points ago in lakers

    I kinda get why the FO went this route. Paying an extra $40 million in luxury tax just for Caruso isn't worth it. If Caruso was also a solid 3 pt shooter(5+ attempts), I think they would have re signed him. If they replace him with Patty Mills, I'd be fine.