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    [–] [Video] One Inspiring Lad Jhuxx54 2 points ago in GetMotivated

    Wow, this one truly inspired me.

    [–] They See Qs ... Qs Everywhere! Jhuxx54 7 points ago in Qult_Headquarters

    I also enjoy doing cocaine for multiple days straight while getting on my computer and analyzing “data” and call it research.

    Hell I could be a better Q than Q!

    [–] Is she really making her child work for her Christmas present? Jhuxx54 2 points ago in insaneparents

    Dick move sure, but coming from someone who never had Xmas, birthdays, etc my entire life, im not as bothered.

    Although I’d hope she gets something meaningful as a gift, i see so many kids who are becoming adults who have no idea the value of a dollar because they just had everything bought for them and they are behind when it’s time to leave the nest.

    The worlds cruel, and sometimes u gotta learn early with insane parents.

    Then again I’ve never celebrated Xmas or gotten anything for it so I don’t understand as much as most who are used to the tradition.

    [–] i'm not throwing 4 months down the drain Jhuxx54 2 points ago in sadcringe

    Well you can’t just throw away 4 months... and what then? Restart life? No thanks!

    [–] What is going on with popeyes chicken sandwhiches? Jhuxx54 3 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    Dude, I gave you one upvote up there cause I saw a funny comment about grammar but forreal though, as the guy your arguing with stated, what does “people who dislike Chick-fil-A- donating to pro hate groups have to do with those people hating free market capitalism?”

    You made a claim, that has absolutely no facts. I think chick-fil-a owners are backwards thinking people and don’t side with their views at all, but It doesn’t stop me from eating chick-fil-a . I don’t eat it often, and I like popeyes a lot to, just two different styles both delicious. I definitely don’t hate the free market.

    I also have a buddy, whose a gay republic, worked for the RNC, he boycotts Chick-fil-A and refuses to eat their and calls it “delicious hate chicken” but he doesn’t hate the free market.

    That’s what you’re not addressing i believe he was trying to stay and I’m also curious to how you correlate the two.

    [–] When she says she's home alone. Jhuxx54 10 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    Where’s she at? She still in the house?

    Owen Wilson: What is wrong with you?

    [–] Big Biscuit Jhuxx54 1 points ago in springfieldMO

    I love Gaileys but it doesn’t love me if you know what I mean.

    [–] Bike accident Jhuxx54 51 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    Aww the ancient abortion method. Was very effective.

    [–] maybe maybe maybe Jhuxx54 29 points ago in maybemaybemaybe

    Oh yes, your cat thinks you are a giant cat that is just terrible at cat stuff and has to step in to save your ass.

    [–] Blursed Santa Jhuxx54 1 points ago in blursedimages

    Little billy walks up like a narco hitman and spray n prays Santa away just like that. Little did he know he killed his own father that day. Maw always told him growing up it was the war but it’s best left unsaid at this point.

    [–] Oh ya he saw something in you.. his whole family Jhuxx54 42 points ago in sadcringe

    And every family knows you don’t marry the family hoe! By golly boy you done fucked up the entire operation as soon as the gettin wuzgood! Selfish sonofabitch...

    [–] Big Biscuit Jhuxx54 3 points ago in springfieldMO

    I was interested in seeing if they had legit chicken n waffles like I’d get down south or if it’s like every other place that’s just a shitty waffle with three little chicken strips and some syrup.

    Anyone had it?

    [–] Why Jhuxx54 2 points ago in PEDs

    As a pack a day smoker I’d never risk taking it!


    [–] What a Fucking Beast Jhuxx54 19 points ago in fightporn

    Pardon me, excuse me, just lemme scooch right by ya here... I Waited a long time for this elevator and I’m going up.

    [–] Dog becomes a Disney Princess his own way. Jhuxx54 1 points ago in natureismetal

    Hahah i was thinking the bird would jump on his nose

    [–] Well they are trying Jhuxx54 26 points ago in insaneparents

    Depends on how hot the girl is in most cases they’ll get what they ask for.

    Oh and also meth whores suck dick for cig runs.

    [–] Well they are trying Jhuxx54 34 points ago in insaneparents

    In America it’s not easy to get access to an abortion clinic, so you need ride + gas (often times long trips), and about 800-1000 cash conservatively speaking for the abortion pill...more for the procedure.

    [–] Endgame, Me, Digital, 2019 Jhuxx54 0 points ago in Art

    It’s a hard dick thrusting forcefully to penetrate the entire world, figuratively speaking of course.