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    [–] Recommendation Tuesdays Megathread - Week of September 17, 2019 JiraiyaCop 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in anime

    I'll be honest and say HxH has a typical MC for the most part and obviously 100+ episodes. However, many of the other characters are great and the main gripe I have is the MC himself isn't very interesting. The show as a whole is interesting and each arc is very unique from the other. It may not start out spectacular, but it gets pretty good a few episodes in if you enjoy shounen action anime (it sounds like you don't so it may not be for you).

    If you're the time of anime fan who doesn't drop things and is willing to watch 'till it gets good', then I'll say the first amazing arc doesn't come until episode 40 ish if I remember correctly, being the Yorknew City arc which has a different tone and focus in the story. My favorite arc in HXh, but as a battle shounen fan I also enjoyed the previous arcs leading up to that one. The fights are strategic and the powers are cool.

    [–] Recommendation Tuesdays Megathread - Week of September 17, 2019 JiraiyaCop 3 points ago in anime

    What aspects don't you like about shounen? That would help to see if you might enjoy HxH.

    [–] Recommendation Tuesdays Megathread - Week of September 17, 2019 JiraiyaCop 6 points ago in anime

    Anime like Boarding School Juliet? It just nails the romance and the comedy so well, unlike most rom-com I've tried. What would you recommend for something in a similar vein?

    [–] Anime that you can proudly rate 10/10?? JiraiyaCop 2 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in Animesuggest

    Yu Yu Hakusho, Death Note, and Fate/Zero.

    [–] Jurassic Fucking Park JiraiyaCop 1 points ago in TrueFilm

    Jurassic Park is a deconstruction of a regular park with dinosaurs in it

    [–] Adventure (Samurai Champloo) JiraiyaCop 1 points ago in anime

    Not my drawing, if anyone knows the artist let me know.

    [–] Lack of romance in shounen drives me insane JiraiyaCop 4 points ago in anime

    Watch Yu Yu Hakusho, its a shounen that does everything right including its main romance.

    [–] Which are the best realisticish, action, crime Anime’s? JiraiyaCop 4 points ago in anime

    What you're looking for would probably be Psycho-Pass and Darker than Black.

    [–] What's a quote from anime that has resonated with you the most? JiraiyaCop 2 points ago in anime

    The things that spark your life shouldn't be the flaws and imperfection of society. What should it be? There's plenty of positive things, for one would be human connections. Apparently Squidward was more attached to Spongebob and Pat than he realized. Maybe one thing was the human connection and attachment he had to them, imperfections and all. But this again would point to imperfections in people being a not so bad thing, not imperfections in society imo. Having an oppressive government or living in poverty isn't going to spice up your life in a good way.

    [–] What's a quote from anime that has resonated with you the most? JiraiyaCop 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in anime

    I'd say this concept would apply better to people. The beauty in humans being flawed and imperfect (as far as those close to us) is something I can understand. Saying the beauty in the world comes from its flaws and imperfections is not a pleasant thought. Those flaws and imperfections cause pain, inequality, oppression, and death among other things.

    [–] a good protagonist, what's your top 5? JiraiyaCop 1 points ago in anime

    Ima go 10 cause I have several great one's on my mind when I think about it.

    Light, Yusuke, Tenma, Lelouch, Oscar, Kiritsugu, Naruto, Ginko, Edward, Nausicaa.

    [–] What are y'all reading currently? JiraiyaCop 1 points ago in Seinen

    Nice. Pluto is a masterpiece imo! One of the few anime/manga I'd give a 10/10. Incredible thrilling story, realistic characters, and its themes are impactiful. Enjoy the ride!

    [–] Casual Discussion Fridays - Week of September 13, 2019 JiraiyaCop 4 points ago in anime

    Planning to do an anime podcast episode in a few days with a friend. We have a list of questions already but does anyone have an anime related question to suggest? The episode is all about anime so can be a general anime question or a specific series question.

    [–] What is the criteria for an anime being "underwatched" or not mainstream? JiraiyaCop 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in anime

    I would agree. I tend to see how visible an anime is to my mainstream anime friends and mainstream fans in general rather than hard numbers when theres no one perfect source. Like none of my friends irl have seen Monster, so I thinks its fairly obscure to the mainstream. Its #159, so I seems that its still pretty popular compared to most anime. Someone might hit me with the numbers of #159 and say it's not that obscure. Then again, Pokemon is #240, so even though MAL is relevant I dont think it represents the average anime fan but specifically more experienced anime fans who bother to track their anime watching in the first place. I feel like the numbers could sometimes inflate or deflate the popularity of an anime to what the popularity actually is outside of MAL users.

    [–] Naruto JiraiyaCop 4 points ago in anime

    Yes watch the first 135 episode of Naruto, the rest to 220 are filler. I actually think the original Naruto is amazing. So many great characters, heartfelt moments, and every single story arc is fantastic imo.

    [–] Dr. Stone VS Jimmy Neutron: A Scientific Showdown JiraiyaCop 5 points ago in anime

    I remember that show's raunchy fanservice with Carl Wheezer, hot stuff!

    [–] Let's discuss story arcs JiraiyaCop 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in anime

    My thoughts:

    I love this arc. I think its fantastic. Starts off with a bang by introducing Itachi and Kisame and their epic encounter with the leaf. Then we get Naruto and Jiraiya going on an adventure to find a new potential hokage, the third Sannin aside from Naruto and Jiraiya, that Sannin being Tsunade. This arc is the most underappreciated arc in Part 1 Naruto (and probably all of Naruto imo). We get such great development in Naruto and his relationship with Jiraiya who is also an amazing and lovable character (as you can tell by my username). This arc is also in part a training arc, with Naruto learning the rasengan is likely my favorite training arc in all of anime. We are also introduced to Tsunade, who people forget is a fully fleshed out character in this arc. She is an excellent character with so many dimensions in her life story and where she is now. Orochimaru as well as Kabuto return, cementing them as the iconic villains of the part 1 story with all we got from them already in the Chunin exams/Devastation arc.

    This arc has SO MANY things that make it great. The faceoff between Itachi and Kakazu against the lead Jonin. Sasuke reuniting with Itachi, and failing miserably to inact his revenge further fueling his downfall. The backstory of Tsunade and her grief in which the people she lost reflects Naruto today. Naruto training to learn the Rasengan which is fun and intricate, and the story amazingly executes this in how he uses it in the climax. Naruto and Jiraiya's funny yet touching relationship. Orochimaru continuing to be one of the most chilling villains, but in addition Kabuta proving himself to be a beast when he goes toe to toe with Tsunade. Ends with Tsunade finding herself and growing past her grief, becoming the next hokage.