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    [–] What if, after you die, Satan asks you "how was hell?" Jitenon 17 points ago in AskReddit

    I’d like to spend my mornings in the anus torture room, and evenings in the flaying room please

    [–] What could have been awesome if people hadn’t ruined it? Jitenon 8 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah, I wrote fics and was put on blast for a minor discrepancy, don’t do it. Teenage girls or older males that pour their life into fandoms tend to be the type of people that ruin them

    [–] You gave the wrong guy your number the other dayyy Jitenon 7 points ago in niceguys

    “Nudie” because he had to add more cringe points to himself

    [–] I(24F) told my best friend(27F) that I didn't feel comfortable being apart of her wedding due to the toxicity of her relationship. Was I wrong to do that? Jitenon 115 points ago in relationships

    Had an ex whose friends were exclusively serial cheaters. The company you keep is a reflection of your own morality, so I wasn’t too surprised when I found out he’d been cheating. Op’s bf probably doesn’t fall too far from his friend’s lack of morals

    [–] I wonder why! Jitenon 14 points ago in niceguys


    Wamyn probably don’t talk to him because he barely speaks english. Reading that gave me a stroke

    [–] My Mom (59F) wants me (24F) to financially support her Jitenon 44 points ago in relationships

    If they end up not wanting to use whatever you’ve saved up for them for school or anything productive, don’t give it to them. Simple. My mom saved up money for my sister and I, specifically for tuition. No vacation, vices etc. I am very grateful for it

    [–] From my friends instagram Jitenon 19 points ago in niceguys

    People that block when they get offended for no reason are probably the most immature creatures to skulk this planet

    [–] Girlfriend (25 f) dislikes my (30 m ) relationship with my baby sister (10 f) Jitenon 3 points ago in relationships

    So messed up. My sister and I are 23 and live together, we do shit for each other like laundry, buy food, clean the other’s messes etc. She sounds psycho honestly. Who even sees shit like this as an issue???

    [–] Skinny, white kid I know trying to become a rapper. Jitenon 13 points ago in iamverybadass

    This is literally a starter pack for white kid rapper wannabes

    [–] What even is this Jitenon 17 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in niceguys

    He’s pumping nut there because girls won’t enter hoe season

    [–] Mark Sixma Jitenon 12 points ago in Fiveheads

    Mark Sixma the Sixhead

    [–] My great grandma’s Facebook comments are gold Jitenon 3 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    Can confirm. Both grandparents on both sides of my family didn’t get past grade 9, and can’t spell for shit

    [–] AITA for pretending to be white on Tinder? Jitenon 4 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Like is this his thesis or something, damn

    [–] SHE IS MAD Jitenon 7 points ago in cringe

    Fellow Manitoban here adding to the count

    [–] I'm (24f) a higher earner and a lower spender than my boyfriend, (28m) and it's causing some arguments. Jitenon 13 points ago in relationships

    Ugh thank fuck that at least some people are seeing this. So many white knights on here “oMg ur boyfrend is so iresponsibal” when there isn’t even enough context to deduce that. I also hope he doesn’t stay with her, she is way too high maintenance.

    [–] I'm (24f) a higher earner and a lower spender than my boyfriend, (28m) and it's causing some arguments. Jitenon 52 points ago in relationships

    The whole post is a humblebrag, as well as an outlet to talk down about her boyfriend. Pretty immature... driving a car that is a danger to other people, and waiting until bed time to eat supper are just bad life choices.

    [–] I [25/F] have dating problems which stem from anxiety. Jitenon 12 points ago in relationships

    Yo I watched that movie and that quote stuck with me too!! It’s really sage advice for if you do go on dates with someone, and don’t know how to feel about them.

    I know you said you don’t like online dating apps, but they’d help you break out of the anxiety. Just be upfront about your struggles, lots of people are cool with just going out for something simple, and won’t expect anything but some company! Of course talk over text for a while until you feel like you’ve gauged their level of trustworthiness. I have this same issue as you, and have met a couple guys that understand. It’s getting easier to not dread plans to go out. I haven’t met anyone that I feel chemistry with, but giving people a chance is a step for eventually finding that with someone!

    [–] My (18F) best friend (18F) cheated on her boyfriend (21M), got pregnant and is lying that he’s the dad. Should I tell him? Jitenon 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Agreed!!! I’m astonished nobody else is calling this girl out. Fuck OP for advocating adultery. Unless she is okay with dating guys who cheat on her, then it’s just a garbage double standard. Fuck all three of these people except for eric.

    [–] I [38m] do absolutely everything in my 5+year relationship with my gf [27f]. Need opinions and perspectives. Jitenon 30 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in relationships

    Holy shit I feel bad for those kids. That’s shitty that you choose to put them on the couch, and that you have chosen to sink all of your money into this girl instead of your children. You’re almost fucking 40, your priority is meeting your kids needs, not the superficial needs of a sugar baby.

    Oh my god of course you’re both “artists” too. No money, and ass-backwards priorities. Makes sense now. If you’re barely scraping by at 38, you probably should figure that it’s not gonna pay the bills or provide beds for your children.