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    [–] Hello There! Jithin_16 1 points ago in PrequelMemes


    [–] Sbeeeeeeve Jithin_16 1 points ago in memes

    Yes 🗿

    [–] I'm australian why am I here Jithin_16 5 points ago in UnlawfulMemes11

    Indian living in Dubai.. tf..

    [–] Template please? Jithin_16 2 points ago in MemeTemplatesOfficial

    Thx a lot, fam (:

    [–] Today I tried to fart on my dick. Jithin_16 3 points ago in copypasta

    You copy the copypastas put it as a caption (or even as comment) and just wait and watch (:

    [–] Original pic? Jithin_16 1 points ago in MemeTemplatesOfficial

    Just noticed, my bad.. thanks ^

    [–] Shotgun question Jithin_16 2 points ago in BlackSquad

    Imo, the M870MCS is the best sg but you gotta use it like how you quickswitch with a sniper to decrease the reloading time and increase accuracy..