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    [–] Meal ideas that aren’t carb based Jkizzle9 2 points ago in fitmeals

    Cottage cheese

    Nonfat Greek yogurt


    Protein shakes

    Brussels Sprouts sautéed with shallots with chopped bacon

    [–] Finessing the finessers never got so easy Jkizzle9 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Lmao just tell him to ask her to FaceTime him one single time

    [–] James Holzhauer wins 25th 'Jeopardy!' game, starts donating prize money Jkizzle9 2 points ago in UpliftingNews

    I mean god forbid something happens before james’ run is over as opposed to later on

    [–] James Holzhauer wins 25th 'Jeopardy!' game, starts donating prize money Jkizzle9 27 points ago in UpliftingNews

    He said he would do it in the past. Imagine if James is still going by the time ken hosts (god forbid something happens to trebek)

    [–] James Holzhauer wins 25th 'Jeopardy!' game, starts donating prize money Jkizzle9 5 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Did you guys see that cnn video from yesterday where robin was bitching and moaning about James “not being respectful” to her and the staff? Then the guy that almost beat James was immediately like “oh yeah after he beat me he went into the audience, high fived my son, and said he should be proud of his dad”

    Robin if you follow the jeopardy subreddit you sounded like a salty loser. You got all the daily doubles and he still beat your ass just admire the greatness

    [–] This may not fit this sub, but steel toe boots just saved my foot from being crush by a falling 350lb man lid Jkizzle9 2 points ago in OSHA

    I work in an ER and saw a toe injury yesterday actually. This soldier dropped something on his toes not wearing steel toed boots and fucked up his toe nail and complained about not having steel toed boots on (which probably would have saved his injury if he had but that’s beside the point.) the doc told us a story about how some guy once was wearing steel toed boots and dropped something on them that was so heavy the edge of the steel sliced his toes clean off inside of his boots

    [–] HBO subscribers leaving the platform - 2019, colorized Jkizzle9 -6 points ago in funny

    Honestly I saw all those people dying in the first episode and looked it up and it said only like 2 firefighters died in the original fire, and the rest of the stats weren’t as bad as I expected them to be, so it kinda turned me off from the show in a weird way. It felt more dramatized

    [–] Why am I so terrible? Jkizzle9 1 points ago in 2007scape

    I did jad this weekend in similar gear. Actually died on wave 61 my first attempt because I forgot to use a restore potion for my prayer. Just get to jad potted up, and only start watching his attacks. I kept my prayer on protect from magic by default and just switched to ranged every time I saw him stomp. It made it much easier to track for me. Once I got hit 0s by the range attack I switched back to magic and did my thing attacking healers or jad or potting up while I watched for the next stomp. Also make sure you’re using hot keys to be able to switch between your prayer and inventory screen efficiently

    [–] Anesthesiologists, what are the best things people have said under the gas? Jkizzle9 13 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m goin to med school and they had this guy under partial anesthesia while the docs were reducing his ankle. He saw me standing there watching and was so loopy he started rubbing his bare chest with both hands then noticed me and said “look at you. You learning!” Then fist bumped me

    [–] How do you play AFKscape? Jkizzle9 1 points ago in 2007scape

    Why obsidian and no rock cake?

    [–] How do you play AFKscape? Jkizzle9 1 points ago in 2007scape

    Obsidian sword? Why is that?

    [–] How do you play AFKscape? Jkizzle9 1 points ago in 2007scape

    NMZ- rock cake down to 1hp, pop absorbs as well as a super attack and super strength, 5 of the easiest bosses on normal custom rumble for max xp (sand snakes, Roald, Kendal, Count Draynor, one of the other ones near the top I forget). Go do literally anything you want and set a timer on your phone for 15 mins. Use google chrome desktop to check in on your phone and reduce your health back to 1hp and drink the att/str/absorbs again. Repeat for basically forever until you run out of absorbs like 6 hours later. I use Dharoks armor and the best melee gear I can find

    [–] This video of an alternate ending wins the internet today! Jkizzle9 1 points ago in freefolk

    When the music started I thought Jon was going to become a “north of the wall” locked ultimate iron man- Snowletics

    [–] Best selling jerseys of the year Jkizzle9 2 points ago in nba

    The same Vince carter raptors jersey will be in the top 10