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    [–] Recreated the scene from Sicario 2 Joesphy-Stalino 2 points ago in Wildlands

    Should’ve done it in ghost mode so you stop the first tech convoy in the beginning of the game you can come across. I did it and it felt great. Got a clip I could upload

    [–] I don’t know what you guys expect Joesphy-Stalino 2 points ago in gtaonline

    New method came out that allowed you to do the SP2MP glitch again. Including frozen money and frozen chips and frozen rp

    [–] Rockstar are wiping cash from the recent casino chip glitch Joesphy-Stalino 3 points ago in gtaglitches

    They wiped me all right. Wiped me of fucking everything even my characters hahahahaha

    [–] [Image]I will say something controversial here. I will judge this game after played it myself. Joesphy-Stalino 0 points ago in PS4

    Ok I’m confused about the whole situation here. Can someone give me a spoiler free run down on what’s going on?

    [–] it’s true Joesphy-Stalino 1 points ago in gtaonline

    He’s on the PKA podcasts now

    [–] Watched Baby Driver a few weeks ago and this popped up in my mind Joesphy-Stalino 2 points ago in teenagers

    It is a amazing movie. You don’t know what your missing out on. It’s on Netflix in AU rn or you can just torrent it

    [–] Watched Baby Driver a few weeks ago and this popped up in my mind Joesphy-Stalino 1 points ago in teenagers

    Move director Rian Johnson (Director for knives out) said that Apple do not let film makers show villains use Iphone’s on camera in a interview with Vanity Fair

    [–] The war to end all wars? Joesphy-Stalino 5 points ago in AskHistorians

    Ok so I’ve seen the other comments on here are removed so I’ll say it just in case

    WW1 was called the “the war to end all wars” because there was no such large scale conflict ever before in history. It was believed that when the war was finished, humanity would learn from its mistakes in the war and never start another horrific large scale conflict. That though was until a certain artist took power of Germany

    [–] Greenland was accurate Joesphy-Stalino 4 points ago in dankmemes

    Ah true. Don’t forget the projectile vomiting combo

    [–] Greenland was accurate Joesphy-Stalino 29 points ago in dankmemes

    Are you sure the insanity trait hasn’t already been developed and you have it?

    [–] Artistic depictions, in fact, dont trigger any effect Joesphy-Stalino 114 points ago in DankMemesFromSite19

    They sunk a D-Class in a submarine of some sort down in some big under water trench near Australia on the other side of the world from 096. This D-Class was tasked into looking at a photo of SCP-096 and creating an artist impression and sending it back to the foundation. The D-Class still did die though.

    You don’t instantly die from 096 as he still has to travel to you. He will reach you though