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    [–] YouTube pupper reviews different smells of pizza. Always 10/10. Joeymonac0 3 points ago in dogswithjobs

    Oh the title is very misleading. This is a screen shot from a drunk YouTube gaming channel. But here you go.

    [–] Got some colour changing gin in my advent calender! Joeymonac0 2 points ago in drunk

    Love the vid mate! Nice to know there’s other “drinking” YouTubers out there. Found yourself a new subscriber!

    [–] Are Jews Satanic? What evidence suggests they aren’t? What evidence suggests they are? Joeymonac0 2 points ago in AskReddit

    If your a fan I wish I could point you in the direction of the episode but I don’t know it. But hey ad it your vocabulary as you wish!

    [–] Day 1! I have waited so long for this! Joeymonac0 4 points ago in braces

    Little bit jelly. Always wanted braces but never got then cause I was afraid to be called a nerd. Now I got messed up bottom teeth. But I’m happy for you!

    [–] Day 1! I have waited so long for this! Joeymonac0 11 points ago in braces

    Yay congratulations on getting braces! Get those puppies looking straight!

    [–] Do horses get impacted by war? Joeymonac0 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Did not realize that. Very interesting question. Also great answer. I’m more knowledgeable now. Thanks!

    [–] 30 [F4M] lover pen pal Joeymonac0 -1 points ago in R4R30Plus

    Downvotes here they come. I just feel bad for the husband. Flew in from r/new

    [–] Just a normal day in Brazil Joeymonac0 9 points ago in instantkarma

    And my wife wonders why I reservations about visiting her home country.

    [–] The spirit of Christmas Joeymonac0 1 points ago in Unexpected

    Terrible day for rain.

    [–] Forza Horizon 4 Let's Play // Head to Head Joeymonac0 3 points ago in LetsPlayCritiques

    Quality video. Sound was good, I could clearly understand you. I’d say the opening was a little weak. Maybe that’s just me. I continued to watch out of politeness cause I know you’re trying here. It just didn’t suck me in you know? Maybe give yourself a little more screen time? Like you in full frame on some jump cuts? Good looking guy couldn’t hurt right? Other than that keep up the good work man!

    [–] SUSPICIOUS MINDS! - Cinnamon Synonym Joeymonac0 1 points ago in LetsPlayCritiques

    I like the way you read. Honestly did subscribe because I though you had a great voice, great energy, and I can tell you very passionate about your videos. If I had to give notes...maybe better camera quality or at least like get a green screen back there. I find the background distracting. Other than that I fully enjoyed the video! Keep it up!