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    [–] I sell on eBay and got this in the mailbox today. Joeymonac0 1 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Oi I’ve never met her before but I wanna giver her the biggest hug.

    [–] Just another lousy day in my worthless life Joeymonac0 2 points ago in drunk

    Hey man I’m sorry your going through some hard shit. I’ve been there and it’s super shitty. If you got an Xbox one, Switch, PS4 and just wanna play some games together I’m down brother! I know it’s cliché but it’ll get better my dude. DM me if you want to take me up on my offer. Cheers brother! 🍻❤️

    [–] Drinking for my best friend. I'll miss you Jax, you were the best dog I could've wished for. Time to to drink boys and girls. Cheers. Joeymonac0 10 points ago in drunk

    Oi Oi another one to a good boy! He definitely loved his daddy and I DEFINITELY know you loved him. I’m sorry for your loss but your memory of him definitely made me smile. Actually instead of Io io I say PAT PAT for the good boy.

    [–] Can't wait for a developer to hire me Joeymonac0 3 points ago in gaming

    Hahaha I wish my dad was like that and didn’t die from alcohol poisoning.

    [–] Japanese prank show, bricks were shat... Joeymonac0 2 points ago in funny


    Now I have to listen to that episode again.