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    [–] Plebeian life expectancy has finally caught up to mean Pope life expectancy for the past 300 years [OC] JohnWilliamStrutt 13 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Yes sure. I am the first to admit that. Your method would of course be better, however I didn't have access to the data.

    Even just selecting those who made it past 55 or 60 would be better.

    I would be surprised though if life expectancy for the general population plateaued in the late 1600s.

    The reason for posting was in case someone with access to better general mortality data can do a better job.

    [–] Plebeian life expectancy has finally caught up to mean Pope life expectancy for the past 300 years [OC] JohnWilliamStrutt -2 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Yes I could have. However I thought the 2 linear fits showed off the plateau better.

    The best fit to the whole dataset is a 2nd order polynomial. Which ends at the same age on the RHS as my linear fit.

    [–] The decline of Christianity in America [OC] JohnWilliamStrutt 5 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    I was trying to keep my dot points succinct, but I was really referring to separation of Church and State and the increasing attempts by Christian fundamentalists to backpedal on that principle and influence law based on what they think it says in their version of the bible. e.g. Same sex marriage, abortion, teaching of evolution in schools, etc, etc, etc...

    In a secular society, such issues would be decided based on what science and pragmatism says on those issues.

    [–] Plebeian life expectancy has finally caught up to mean Pope life expectancy for the past 300 years [OC] JohnWilliamStrutt 53 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in dataisbeautiful

    Hi, this was just something I did for fun a while back that I thought some might enjoy. Obviously popes generally don't get elected until they reach a relatively old age, meaning they are a biased sample, however I though it interesting that developed nation life expectancy has now caught up.


    • Papal death data from wikipedia
    • Developed nations life expectancy data from "The Improving State of the World: Why We're Living Longer, Healthier, More Comfortable Lives on a Cleaner Planet Paperback – by Indur M. Goklany"

    EDIT: Note I did not force the right hand fit horizontal, just extended the data included and stopped when the fit started to deviate from horizontal.

    EDIT2: Boring old excel was used to create the graph.

    EDIT3: There are obviously lots of issues with comparing these 2 datasets as pointed out in the comments. I did not have access to better data than overall life expectancy for developed countries. Happy for someone to do a better job.

    EDIT4: Updated version here that includes HealthGrove data for life expectancy of 60yo males. Thanks for the suggestion.

    EDIT5: Kind of embarrased this dodgy graph made it to the front page. It was just a bit of fun I did back when the last pope died and I remembered it today when I saw the religion graph u/academiaadvice posted... see EDIT 4 for a slightly better version and this link provided by u/cragglerock63.

    [–] The decline of Christianity in America [OC] JohnWilliamStrutt 18 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Many atheists/agnostics don't care what religion others have (or don't have). The ones that do would like to see a decline in all religions, not just Christianity, for one of more of the following reasons:

    • To have a society where laws are based on reason / logic
    • So that people don't kill each other just because they are a different religion
    • So we don't have to have discussions about teaching "intelligent design" in schools
    • There is a view that religion(s) are holding us back as a society

    [–] Question for Aussie plumbers - don't upvote JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago in australia

    This. I have removed this from every shower head i have bought. Takes about 2 min. We have a hydropower hws and with the restricter in the hws doesn't get enough flow to ignite reliably.

    [–] Does what my mother ate while she was pregnant with me effect what I like/don't like to eat? JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in askscience

    I have not seen any research which links food during pregnancy with food preferences in children/adults. However as u/normallyjustlurking posted above, studies have shown a weak but significant positive correlation between food eaten while breastfeeding and children's food preferences.

    Edit: I see others have linked to studies which have looked at food during pregnancy, again it seems to show a positive correlation...

    [–] What is the visual aspect of fire? JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in askscience

    The answers so far have covered the visual aspect but not the "flapping, wispy" part of the question.

    Flame/fire produces hot gasses that are buoyant, As they mix with the cooler surrounding air they produce turbulent effects. The image below shows different flame shape with respect to Reynolds number (ratio of inertial to viscous forces).

    Of course you need to have particles/molecules which are emitting visible light to see them. Methanol fires for example are not visible as the molecules emit little/no visible light:

    [–] How is there saturated fat in coconut? JohnWilliamStrutt 10 points ago in askscience

    Tropical oil crops (e.g palms) tend to contain reasonably high levels of saturated fat (compared to cold climate oil crops).

    However they are usually different molecules to those found in animal fat (there is some crossover though).

    There are over 50 molecules that are considered "saturated fat"(ty acids).

    A botanist or biologist will have to answer how and why tropical plants produce these molecules though.

    [–] This piggy is a little jerk JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    I used to have a pig that would come up and bite me on the leg whenever I went into her pen. Not aggressively I think she just wanted to see if I tasted good and/or assert her dominance.

    I had to keep pushing her back (I would press my hand on the hard region between her eyes).

    [–] FEL (pusher) HD stick rake - how wide? JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago in farmtech

    I have read some info on other sites (could be wrong) that putting too wide a bucket on FEL (relative to rear axle track width) can make the tractor more likely to roll. From a force perspective I could imagine that is possible.

    [–] FEL (pusher) HD stick rake - how wide? JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in farmtech

    Thanks. I was planning to do all of that. My concern is though that if I make it too wide I could unbalance the tractor if I hit a rock or stump.

    I suppose the question is how wide is too wide - relative to track width?

    [–] Ford / New Holland 6610 JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in Tractor

    This sub seems a bit slow. My 5 month old post is still on the first page...

    However since it is here, does anyone have a good source for a WS manual or a good parts source? My local dealer switched from case to NH a few years ago, so doesn't seem to have much interest in older stuff.

    [–] When harvesting vegetables or fruit, do you know whether they'll end up being sold frozen or fresh? JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in farming

    This is really the only answer that can be given. Most farmers know exactly where their crop is going and grow for that market. So there is not one single answer to your question.

    In general frozen produce has been found to have higher vitamin/nutrient content, but that is more because it doesn't sit around at a greengrocer waiting to be sold, and then sit in your pantry waiting to be used.

    If the transport time from farm to wholesaler/factory is the same though, most produce will be picked at the same point, but it really comes down to what the market/buyer requires.

    [–] What is your preferred backpack sprayer JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in farmtech

    I use a Silvan 15L (4 Gallon), which is quite good, but it seems to be an Australian made product so that may not be much help.

    [–] Nsw national parks don't muck around JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago in australia

    I was camping once and cooking a 0.5kg (1.1lb) steak. A kookaburra swooped down and grabbed it straight off the skillet.

    It was shocked by the weight and dropped it about 1m away.

    [–] California to list glyphosate as cancer-causing; Monsanto vows fight JohnWilliamStrutt 16 points ago in news

    The biggest risk group for glyphosate related cancer are farmers spraying it. Most people don't understand that the animal studies are trying to approximate occupational (inhalation) exposure. Not ingestion. It would be good to follow 100000 farmers around for 30 years to measure all their exposures, however instead we have to do animal studies.

    Source. Am scientist and part time farmer. A colleague was on the IARC panel for glyphosate. (I use glyphosate)

    [–] My dad has been trying to grow pineapples for the last year, today he succeeded, look how proud he is. JohnWilliamStrutt 0 points ago in funny

    Sorry but this is wrong unless it is a GM pineapple. Pineapples will ripen like all other fruit after picking. Especially if you store them with bananas etc... GM pineapple has the ethylene gene downregulated so they will hardly ripen without external ethylene..

    Source: Close relative is a pineapple farmer and i am a science guy.