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    [–] ACCC boss to investigate allegedly 'unfair' Uber Eats contracts JohnWilliamStrutt 5 points ago in australia

    Sure. The issue however is whether the contracts they make the businesses sign are legal under Australian law.

    [–] Hottest temperatures recorded in Australian states JohnWilliamStrutt 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in australia

    The hottest verified temperature on earth is Death Valley at 53.9oC.

    This link has more info.

    All higher records were likely due to inaccurate thermometers, incorrect measurement sites, or the inclusion of specific short term and or highly localised phenomena which make it not a true measurement.

    *edit: The links in the xkcd page are dead. Here and here are the updated links.

    This ABS yearbook lists the hottest temperature in NSW as 50oC at Wilcannia. It also lists the 53oC at Cloncurry, so maybe both are now considered inaccurate.

    [–] What is the worst case of "I know better than my doctor" you've ever heard of? JohnWilliamStrutt 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I agree with u/Thewalrus26. Your current doctor should be reported to the AMA.

    Keep looking until you find a competent doctor. If you are in a capital city it might be worth seeing if there are clinics that the uni med school run.

    [–] e-cig Parliamentary Inquiry report released. TL:DR - keep things as they are but streamline and simplify rules between states. JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in aussievapers

    This is incredibly important to bring to the attention of policy makers, they are considering vaporizers as a single stand alone unit, similar to the absolute dogshit cartridge based systems of yesteryear (think, the ones that look like a cigarette and charge with a USB dongle). These barriers ARE incredibly difficult to overcome because that is not how the vape market works. There is no way a niche independant company could or would be willing to fork out the prices for this stuff. They don't operate as global conglomerates in the same fashion as big Pharma and big tobacco. Now, I'm sure there are some companies that could afford it, Alien seems pretty popular, they probably could, im sure other brands spring to mind. But the point still remains that a vape isnt a top-down controlled device in the same manner as cigarettes and medication.

    Good point. However I think they are looking to devices like this one that BAT have approved in the UK. Which are essentially the old fashioned type device.

    EDIT: More detail on the "e-Voke" device mentioned in the link above:

    [–] Anyone been done for Vaping in QLD? JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in aussievapers

    AFAIK - and according to the parliamentary report, any quantity is illegal as it is a schedule 7 poison. Tobacco cigarettes and registered theraputic goods/smoking cessation aids are granted an exemption. You may be able to get a doctor's prescription.

    [–] Study finds alcohol use to be the biggest risk factor for dementia JohnWilliamStrutt 93 points ago in science

    Interesting study. I see that smoking was also a significant (independent) contributor. So the risk of dementia is reduced in those who drink but don't smoke.

    Most of those with dementia also had some form of liver disease.

    France does not allow ethnicity to be recorded in medical data, which is unfortunate as it would have allowed a more in-depth analysis of genetic contributing factors.

    [–] I asked my dad for a cordless drill and this is what he gave me. JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in pics

    I have one too. It belonged to my grandfather who built 3 houses with it.

    [–] Ice racing in Nh. My 91 GLI dominated JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in Volkswagen

    Where is this? That would be so much fun...

    [–] Scenery JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago in Volkswagen

    I wouldn't say so. Trucks are limited to 100 km/h. Most roads aren't higher than 110 km/h.

    [–] No-Till Farmers' Push for Healthy Soils Ignites a Movement in the Plains JohnWilliamStrutt 3 points ago in farming

    Broadacre organic farms here do, as it is one of their few means of controlling weeds...

    [–] No-Till Farmers' Push for Healthy Soils Ignites a Movement in the Plains JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago in farming

    No. Over here (Western Australia) it is all no-till. However Canola is the only GMO crop grown. Glyphosate (and many other herbicides) only effect actively growing crops, so farmers can spray paddocks to knock down the weeds and almost immediately (i.e. as little as 2hrs later) seed the next crop. The herbicide is no longer active by the time the crop germinates.

    [–] THREE DAYS Notice to Vacate Rental House JohnWilliamStrutt 4 points ago in australia

    See my my post below. They have to provide evidence if you request it. So your steps should be...

    1. Request evidence of unsafe wiring.
    2. Get a 2nd opinion (at your cost) if you are unhappy with 1.
    3. If 1 or 2 show the house is safe to live in continue paying rent and stay in the house and dispute through the appropriate channels with the landlord.

    However at the end of the day it sounds like the landlord wants you out, so you should start looking for new accommodation, as he will probably succeed eventually.

    [–] THREE DAYS Notice to Vacate Rental House JohnWilliamStrutt 5 points ago in australia

    This is only really possible if something has been really badly miswired - without using an RCD - and the walls are electrically conductive (metal or very damp). e.g. I have heard of a steel shed being live like this because someone wired the active to the frame.

    [–] Is there such a thing as a farm sitter? Like a house sitter / pet sitter that looks after milking cows and stuff if a farmer wants to take a vacation? JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in farming

    The cases I am aware of involved retired people farm sitting for free in exchange for accommodation.

    These were grazing properties though, so the work was just checking the stock were in the right paddock and had water - as well as looking after the farm dog(s).

    [–] THREE DAYS Notice to Vacate Rental House JohnWilliamStrutt 36 points ago in australia

    What u/no_proseletysing said...

    The rules state:

    If a landlord serves a notice to vacate under s 245 and the tenant disputes the notice, the landlord must prove that the premises are unfit by adducing evidence of their own.

    [–] Alright, which one of you edited the Roadster Wikipedia page after the launch? JohnWilliamStrutt 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in teslamotors

    Batteries don't like absolute zero -270.5*C (-455F / 2.7K).

    Edited for pedants:

    [–] Dirty Money on Netflix episode 1 about VW Dieselgate JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in Volkswagen

    Meaning lean mixtures lead to less fuel consumption

    Running an engine lean doesn't magically mean you will have better economy/efficiency, though it does help at times like idle and downhill situations. In gas engines a lean burn is high NOx however.

    The EU reduced emissions (including NOx) before the US. There were actually Journal papers from the EU since 2012 (or earlier) which found that "real world" emissions of NOx were many times higher than the emissions standards, however it was put down to the test acceleration rates being slower than reality, rather than emissions cheating.

    [–] Dirty Money on Netflix episode 1 about VW Dieselgate JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in Volkswagen

    I'm not sure "plenty" is correct.

    Put it this was, current (Euro 6) and US/CARB regulations impose the same particulate/soot limits for diesel and petrol/gas engines. All diesels need a Particulate Filter to meet this limit, some petrol/gas engines do as well.

    [–] Dirty Money on Netflix episode 1 about VW Dieselgate JohnWilliamStrutt 4 points ago in Volkswagen

    Diesels outsell gas engines about 8:1 in Europe. A diesel engine is inherently more thermally (fuel) effective than a gas motor.

    The problem (for VW) is CA/USA made the NOx emission limit the same for diesels as for gas engines.

    The other issue is that in a diesel, high power meams high NOx.

    Gas engines aren't all that clean though. Modern DI gas engines produce plenty of soot. Mercedes has voluntarily started fitting particulate filters.

    [–] True facts JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in australia

    The above is mostly true, except vegemite was originally made using CUB waste yeast, so mostly from VB. VB is a lager - lager yeast sits on the bottom, not floats on the top.