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    [–] Scenery JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago in Volkswagen

    I wouldn't say so. Trucks are limited to 100 km/h. Most roads aren't higher than 110 km/h.

    [–] No-Till Farmers' Push for Healthy Soils Ignites a Movement in the Plains JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in farming

    No. Over here (Western Australia) it is all no-till. However Canola is the only GMO crop grown. Glyphosate (and many other herbicides) only effect actively growing crops, so farmers can spray paddocks to knock down the weeds and almost immediately (i.e. as little as 2hrs later) seed the next crop. The herbicide is no longer active by the time the crop germinates.

    [–] THREE DAYS Notice to Vacate Rental House JohnWilliamStrutt 6 points ago in australia

    See my my post below. They have to provide evidence if you request it. So your steps should be...

    1. Request evidence of unsafe wiring.
    2. Get a 2nd opinion (at your cost) if you are unhappy with 1.
    3. If 1 or 2 show the house is safe to live in continue paying rent and stay in the house and dispute through the appropriate channels with the landlord.

    However at the end of the day it sounds like the landlord wants you out, so you should start looking for new accommodation, as he will probably succeed eventually.

    [–] THREE DAYS Notice to Vacate Rental House JohnWilliamStrutt 3 points ago in australia

    This is only really possible if something has been really badly miswired - without using an RCD - and the walls are electrically conductive (metal or very damp). e.g. I have heard of a steel shed being live like this because someone wired the active to the frame.

    [–] Is there such a thing as a farm sitter? Like a house sitter / pet sitter that looks after milking cows and stuff if a farmer wants to take a vacation? JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in farming

    The cases I am aware of involved retired people farm sitting for free in exchange for accommodation.

    These were grazing properties though, so the work was just checking the stock were in the right paddock and had water - as well as looking after the farm dog(s).

    [–] THREE DAYS Notice to Vacate Rental House JohnWilliamStrutt 37 points ago in australia

    What u/no_proseletysing said...

    The rules state:

    If a landlord serves a notice to vacate under s 245 and the tenant disputes the notice, the landlord must prove that the premises are unfit by adducing evidence of their own.

    [–] Alright, which one of you edited the Roadster Wikipedia page after the launch? JohnWilliamStrutt 5 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in teslamotors

    Batteries don't like absolute zero -270.5*C (-455F / 2.7K).

    Edited for pedants:

    [–] Dirty Money on Netflix episode 1 about VW Dieselgate JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in Volkswagen

    Meaning lean mixtures lead to less fuel consumption

    Running an engine lean doesn't magically mean you will have better economy/efficiency, though it does help at times like idle and downhill situations. In gas engines a lean burn is high NOx however.

    The EU reduced emissions (including NOx) before the US. There were actually Journal papers from the EU since 2012 (or earlier) which found that "real world" emissions of NOx were many times higher than the emissions standards, however it was put down to the test acceleration rates being slower than reality, rather than emissions cheating.

    [–] Dirty Money on Netflix episode 1 about VW Dieselgate JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in Volkswagen

    I'm not sure "plenty" is correct.

    Put it this was, current (Euro 6) and US/CARB regulations impose the same particulate/soot limits for diesel and petrol/gas engines. All diesels need a Particulate Filter to meet this limit, some petrol/gas engines do as well.

    [–] Dirty Money on Netflix episode 1 about VW Dieselgate JohnWilliamStrutt 5 points ago in Volkswagen

    Diesels outsell gas engines about 8:1 in Europe. A diesel engine is inherently more thermally (fuel) effective than a gas motor.

    The problem (for VW) is CA/USA made the NOx emission limit the same for diesels as for gas engines.

    The other issue is that in a diesel, high power meams high NOx.

    Gas engines aren't all that clean though. Modern DI gas engines produce plenty of soot. Mercedes has voluntarily started fitting particulate filters.

    [–] True facts JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in australia

    The above is mostly true, except vegemite was originally made using CUB waste yeast, so mostly from VB. VB is a lager - lager yeast sits on the bottom, not floats on the top.

    [–] VW apologises for fumes tests on monkeys JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in news

    As long as they measured the levels of key pollutants during the study, the work is still useful even if VW were using a doctored vehicle. By not releasing the data it makes the suffering of the monkeys even more pointless. Most exposure studies are conducted with diluted exhaust.

    [–] VW apologises for fumes tests on monkeys JohnWilliamStrutt 5 points ago in news

    It would have been good if they linked to the actual study. There has been legitimate research involving controlled (chamber) studies of diesel exposure in humans snd animals.

    Diesel emissions have never been acutely toxic. I.e. at normal load conditions, diesel exhaust still produces a breathable atmosphere. It would probably give you a splitting headache though...

    The EU has banned animal studies (using EU funds). So studies like this are usually conducted in the US.

    [–] Anyone else having nbn problems? JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in perth

    The last 2 weeks we have had a few outages - some intermittent, some all night. FTTH.

    [–] [TV] My wife just started watching GOT - This will be fun to watch JohnWilliamStrutt 2 points ago in gameofthrones

    GRRM himself said he has received thousands of letters/emails complaining about the sex and nudity, but not a single one about the violence.

    [–] What is your internet speed and who are you with? JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago in perth


    • 810 MBps down
    • 730 Mbps up
    • 2ms ping

    Home (IINET FTTP/FTTH, "up to 25" plan):

    • about 24 Mbps down - will update tonight

    [–] Road Apology & Gratitude Emitter (Car LED Sign) JohnWilliamStrutt 5 points ago in DIY

    No. In fact I have never seen that anywhere.

    • In Germany/France it means there is a traffic jam ahead on the autobahn.
    • In Central America/Mexico it means they are turning - maybe they don't decide if they are turning L or R until the last second... :p
    • In Australia you would usually wave or hold up your hand

    [–] [Homemade] Australian Crayfish (2 types), Lamb, Roasted peppers, Spaghetti squash, Garlic bread and Mashed Potato. JohnWilliamStrutt 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in food

    Dinner for $0 (all ingredients were from our farm/garden).


    • Freshwater Western Australian Marron (Cherax Cainii) - the largest species of freshwater crayfish you can legally eat
    • Freshwater Australian Yabbies (Cherax Destructor)
    • Lamb chops
    • Various Peppers (oven roasted)
    • Spaghetti Squash
    • Potato
    • French Bread
    • Limes


    Lamb was cooked to medium (I was going for medium rare...) in a cast iron pan with finely chopped garlic & rosemary, butter and red wine.

    The crayfish were halved and cleaned. Garlic, Butter, Olive Oil, Rosemary and Curry Leaves (Murraya koenigii) were finely chopped and fried in the same cast iron pan the lamb was cooked in (retaining residual lamb juices). Crayfish were cooked.

    Mash as per the standard recipe.

    Peppers roasted in oven together with spaghetti squash (sliced and salted). Squash was then forked out and fluffed up.

    Garlic bread made using finely chopped home grown garlic + salt and a 50/50 mix of butter and olive oil.