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    [–] Whitebeard Plot Hole John_Wyser 0 points ago in OnePiece

    Looking into the future is how they dodge attacks. It's how Luffy avoids being shot from behind. But that's only a very short distance into the future, less than a second, enough to avoid an attack, to 'predict' if you may the opponent's movements at that moment.

    By seeing into the future, Relylight means even further. Like, legit seeing the future. To make your observation haki even stronger. You don't avoid attacks like Luffy did by simply sensing others. You have to 'predict' their attack.

    Katakuri is so good at it that he can see much further, so much so that he can see what people will say in a few seconds, not just a simple punch that they'll deliver in the next half second.

    Observation haki is basically what the jedi use in Star Wars but to a greater extreme.

    As for Whitebeard being stabbed, the explanation (excuse) that he is sick is simply to make the plot more interesting and create a dramatic moment for the story where this character gets stabbed, because it's inconsistent with what happens throughout the rest of the battle. He nonchalantly stabs a giant meteor that Akainu throws at him and blows it with his mouth to cool it down at one point.

    It reminds me of zombie scenes in The Walking Dead, where a zombie is stuck and can't even pull its' legs out of a mud in one scene, and in another scene the SAME zombie mind you, tears a living human being in pieces with its' bare hands. It's inconsistencies that are created in order to make space for more dramatic story plots.

    Or how for example Darth Maul in Star Wars allows Obi Wan to jump out of that hole without cutting him even though "he had the high ground" (like Obi Wan did with Anakin later on), and so Obi cuts Maul in half a second later from an extremely disadvantageous position and even though Maul was superior to him in combat and even killed his master, Qui Gon.

    You have to see these things for what they are and not allow the story teller (in this case Oda), trick you by throwing at you a poor excuse. I'm not saying Onepiece is bad and I think all if not most fictional stories will have a plot hole or two for the sake of story telling.

    [–] Whitebeard Plot Hole John_Wyser -5 points ago in OnePiece

    Anyone who has observation haki can see the future. That's what it does. The higher its' level, the further ahead you can see. On basic levels you can just sense what's coming and avoid an attack by a hair. Katakuri was really good at it, which made him see so far ahead as to even predict what someone would say.

    If Katakuri has it, then everyone above his level should have it as well. It's not a devil fruit power that is unique to an individual. It's haki. And so if Katakuri can sense your attack in the next ten seconds or something, imagine how far the "world's strongest man" should be able to see. Whitebeard should have seen Squard stabbing him before Squard even walked up to him and started chatting him up. And if he was so weak that he couldn't activate it to see that far, he should be able to use it at a lower level and see a couple of seconds ahead. He was in the middle of a giant battle where he was the number one target (perhaps even more so than Ace who was to be executed).

    And I'm pretty sure Whitebeard was calm at the moment he was stabbed. Much calmer than Katakuri during his fight, where he was engaged in one versus one with an opponent (Luffy) who was actively punching him. And being able to avoid a simple attack is the most basic use of observation haki.

    As for him dodging, he wasn't in that much of a bad state. We saw that from his role in the battle later on. He did way more strenuous things than simply dodging a stabbing. At one point he stabbed a small meteor that was sent by Akainu, with his lance and then blew it to cool it down. That doesn't seem like a guy who can't avoid the simplest attack.

    Everything you said so far was wrong. You seem to be coming up with excuses rather than explanations.

    When there's a story where a character is stated to have certain abilities and then having something bad happen to him that he should be able to have avoided with said abilities, then we have a plot hole.

    The real reason that this happened was so that we'd see this dramatic moment of Whitebeard being betrayed by one of his own. Oda basically bend the rules of the universe he built to built drama.

    If Whitebeard acted the way he should have acted, that moment would have almost zero impact and Whitebeard's forgiveness of Squard would not show us how much he loved his "children".

    So Oda basically sacrificed some technical parts of Onepiece for the sake of story telling.

    Perhaps you're the one who makes shallow observations and doesn't understand the story and when the story teller is willing to bend the rules a bit for its' sake.

    [–] Whitebeard Plot Hole John_Wyser -6 points ago in OnePiece

    This one's a plot hole. Plot armour is when a character comes out on top simply because he's the protagonist or he's important for the story. Going against all odds but staying alive, because the story would end abruptly if he died since he's the main character.

    Having the ability to see a few seconds into the future but still getting stabbed by some random guy, is a plot hole.

    [–] Whitebeard Plot Hole John_Wyser -4 points ago in OnePiece

    It also shows his back with no scars. I think Oda forgot that blade. His back is clean.

    [–] Whitebeard Plot Hole John_Wyser -5 points ago in OnePiece

    Seeing how he manhandled Akainu, I am sure he could have his observation haki activated in the middle of a giant battle.

    [–] Gosh freakin darn it John_Wyser 11 points ago in MemePiece

    *laughs in Berserk*

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    Was he really that angry over Luffy for disturbing the SMILE manufacture though? He just put him in a labour camp. Didn't even kill him.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    That's what I mean by "harvesting". I don't mean it in a literal sense, I mean they take the fruits. When you kill a fruit user, the closest fruit turns into the devil fruit (we know this to be canon by now).

    Blackbeard goes with a bunch of fruits to a user, kills him and has his fruit reborn in his fruit basket.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in OnePiece

    Again, I don't mind that he killed him, but it is important to contextualise it within the Onepiece universe and I think that "he used haki" is a vastly superior explanation than "lava is hotter than fire".

    It would change nothing on the story, Ace would still get killed by Akainu, but it'd make it better for us who are watching the Onepiece universe unfold and become familiar with its' laws (in this case, how devil fruits function).

    As for his band being black, first, I don't think that'd be a problem. It'd just be a mystery (there's nothing wrong with that), that would be resolved later.

    Secondly, haki was already established by that point. It's just that Oda hadn't come up with the idea to make haki imbued objects and bodyparts, black. Whitebeard used haki for example when he attacked Akainu to break him. He fucked him up. We also saw haki being used on objects (arrows) back in Boa Hankock's island where the amazons were chasing Luffy. There's probably more instances that I can't remember out of the top of my head right now.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    I responded to that but I can't see the response. Don't know what happened to it.

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    You know what? Call me crazy but I think he planned for the Magellan thing. I think that he thought so much ahead that he somehow planned for Shiryu to give them all the antidote, after convincing Magellan that he was defeated from his poison. I think it was part of his plan. I'm sure he knew of Magellan and his powers before he strolled down Impel Down.

    As for Vegapunk, Ceasar and Franky, these guys are different kind of geniuses. Blackbeard is a strategist and a planner. These other guys are scientists. Completely different. I know Franky or Ceasar would be able to build a giant robot that transforms into whatever and throws laser beams out of his eyes, but I wouldn't trust them with planning out a birthday party, let alone complex schemes and strategies. These guys are practically idiots when it comes down to anything other than their field, which is engineering and chemical weapons respectively.

    You can be a genius in one thing and utterly retarded on something else, and I'm sure that additionally, Blackbeard would be unable to do anything else in these fields besides changing a lightbulb.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    The point I'm making here is about consistency.

    You can't go and say "science says laval is hotter than fire so it burned through him" in one fight, and "rubber is immune to lightning therefore Luffy should be immune to 30,000 C" in another fight. It's inconsistent. It has nothing to do with seriousness or anything like that.

    And I don't mind that explanation, especially since it's fantasy, but only as long as they used an equally good explanation that was also consistent with the lightning one when it came to Akainu VS Ace. And you know what's the worst part? That there WAS a good enough explanation. Oda wouldn't have to think that much about it. It's called haki! And haki was already established in the story by that point, so why not use it? Why go with "lava is hotter than fire", which is stupid, when you already have a much better explanation?

    And even from a physics perspective it was wrong. You can't kill fire by hitting it with something hotter. As I said, if anything it should boost him. It's a bad explanation and more importantly, inconsistent with the rest. I like Onepiece but that doesn't mean I can't criticise it when I believe a part of it was badly written.

    Especially when that explanation was part of a very crucial, story-affecting result, which was the death of a very important character.

    As for Bartolomeo, he withstood the punch of that king guy with an immensely powerful punch. Again, I know that if it came down to a fight between him and Burges, Burges would win because the story dictates for that to happen, but I still think that he should normally win.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    I'm sure he'd find the time to get there. It's not like Doffy announced the tournament for the very next day.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 2 points ago in OnePiece

    Yeah but Teach is way stronger and more cunning than Luffy. He'd find a way around. I think that the Blackbeard crew would wipe Doffy and his family if they wanted to. Hell, even Blackbeard himself would maybe be able to wipe them all on his own.

    The only good argument here is Kaido backing Blackbeard, but even then I think that Blackbeard would risk that if he was to take all those amazing devil fruits that the Dofflamingos have, including the Mera Mera no mi.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    I don't care about rankings that much either, but I'm judging based on how the fight went between him and Sabo.

    Luffy took forever for Doffy and Katakuri and he won by a hair. He almost died from exhaustion and his injuries in both fights, which would mean that the difference between Luffy and Sabo would be astounding, something I highly doubt.

    And Bartolomeo's barriers can also be used as offence by pushing them against the opponent. I am positive that he would be able to take down Burges if he was used properly by Oda and wasn't made to lose just for the sake of the story of course.

    As for which logia is stronger than the other, that's very debatable. For example, if we take the scientific side here instead of going with "it's an anime", then lightning can burn even hotter than lava (I think close to 30,000 C) which would burn Luffy to a crisp (being a bad conductor doesn't mean you're immune to heat as well, a lightning can turn a tree into charcoal in an instant) so you can't be absolutely positive about these things. A single attack by Enel should then kill Luffy, Ace and Akainu.

    And I think the explanation "lava burns hotter than fire therefore it would go through Ace" is utter BS, and if Oda came up with it, it's a huge mistake on his part. If anything, it should just temporarily boost Ace's power by making him burn hotter, not kill him. You can't destroy fire by making it hotter. I like to think that Akainu simply used haki when he punched through Ace.

    Another example that you mentioned (and I know we're getting way off topic here but I like this conversation) is how Kizaru can travel at the speed of light, but Oda doesn't use that literally either, or else Kizaru (or anyone who uses that fruit as a matter of fact) would truly be the strongest in the world. No one would be able to survive him. Even if he didn't use his devil fruit's defensive power of intangibility (logia) or laser beams, but instead used only the speed that it grands him, he'd be able to beat any and every opponent.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 2 points ago in OnePiece

    Wait, they call him "cannibal", that's why I remembered it like that.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    I thought the guard's name was Hanyabal, while the other guy's name was Hannibal.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 0 points ago in OnePiece

    I disagree. It is very important. The dude's obsessed with having his entire crew using devil fruits, and that's a logia.

    Hannibal was the green haired guy with the barrier fruit (one of the best paramecias).

    And I don't think that the fight between Luffy and Burges would be closer than his fight with Doflamingo, let along Katakuri. I think Burges is way below those guys. I know he's Blackbeard's number one but come on. Sabo beat him so easily, which would also mean that Sabo would do so much better with Doffy or Katakuri than Luffy did, which I really doubt (even with the mera mera no mi).

    The difference between them is not THAT great. In fact, I think Luffy would actually beat Sabo (especially without the mera mera no mi).

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    I'm reading the manga, but if they were Oda would have shown something. Perhaps even a glimpse of them. Just to display Blackbeard's planning and preparation skills if anything.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    I believe that he is. The dude managed to fool everyone and become first a shichibukai and then a yonko. And he is indeed planning way ahead. He was planning this ever since he was on Whitebeard's crew, where he didn't wanna be a commander just so that he'd not get notorious enough.

    He's by far the biggest schemer in the show and has displayed the most intelligence out of all the characters, if you exclude scientific geniuses who just build crazy robots, artificial devil fruits and other shit, like Vegapunk and some others.

    [–] Blackbeard and the Mera Mera no mi John_Wyser 1 points ago in OnePiece

    As for the World Government, he'd just expose Doffy (I'm sure that as a fellow villain, Teach would be familiar with Doffy's underground business) and thus ensure they wouldn't persecute him since Doffy would now be yet another corrupt pirate (I know) that was taken down. Besides, the World Government is already on his tail after what he pulled on Impel Down and the war with Whitebeard.