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    [–] Kabooom. Johnko42 -6 points ago in dankmemes


    [–] We've all felt like Dylan once Johnko42 23 points ago in darkmemes

    So incredibly old you instagram normie

    [–] I'm sorry Michael, I clicked wrongly! Johnko42 14 points ago in dankmemes

    Who tf teams up with kahoot smh

    [–] I hate bad internet Johnko42 1 points ago in memes

    How does this old ass post get to 6k yall normies

    [–] Kankergave memerij Johnko42 1 points ago in ElectricJuice

    Ew daymode

    [–] 182 woooshes Johnko42 4 points ago in woooosh

    In what fuking language is "Like" spelled like the entire alphabet

    [–] ik_ihe Johnko42 23 points ago in ik_ihe

    Welke kurkentrekker gebruikt het woord "puntenlijst"

    [–] Population +0 Johnko42 3 points ago in darkmemes

    World population gotta stop somehow