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    [–] Inxile's unannounced steampunk RPG could be Arcanum reboot. Johnny-silver-hand -2 points ago in GamingLeaksAndRumours

    Finally the 30 dead ips that was owned by Activation will be revived by Microsoft

    [–] The WSJ reports that Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard Johnny-silver-hand 11 points ago in pcgaming

    All cod players will move to xbox now that's half the player base of PlayStation

    [–] And at a fraction of the cost! Johnny-silver-hand 104 points ago in gaming

    Huh ? Deathloop is a great game why did you put it there ?

    [–] Giving away Project Winter (PC - Steam) Johnny-silver-hand 1 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming

    Halo Infinite, there aren't enough customization options and there aren't many weapons in the game

    [–] Soda is disgusting Johnny-silver-hand 1 points ago in teenagers

    Try diet coke no sugar and no calories

    [–] Insert Witty Title Here Johnny-silver-hand 2 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming

    1. Blasphemous
    2. Aegis Defenders
    3. Evoland Legendary Edition
    4. Dark Future

    My wish would be to have the ability to control time so i can have enough sleep before going to my class in college, because they really give us a lot of homeworks and exams