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    [–] Hurricane volunteer organizations? JollyRhino09 1 points ago in Pensacola

    Disaster areas like that are just unimaginable, it really has to be a coordinated effort from the state and government level. I would suggest asking the Red Cross first.

    [–] Hurricane volunteer organizations? JollyRhino09 2 points ago in Pensacola

    Downvote all you want. It's true. Same thing happened after Ivan. They turned away help that Pensacola needed. They didn't want amateur Joe blows out there with chainsaws getting hurt and adding to the casualty list when medical resources were limited.

    [–] Hurricane volunteer organizations? JollyRhino09 6 points ago in Pensacola

    They are only going to allow emergency and professional cleanup crews in that are for at least a week. Too much of a litigation nation to allow common folk to help out right now.

    [–] Heads up JollyRhino09 2 points ago in Pensacola


    [–] Got busted. JollyRhino09 1 points ago in tampa

    $280 is cheap! Just pay it. I got popped going 72 in a 55 construction zone in Ohio. $500. Ouch. It is actually a misdemeanor on my record. Oops

    [–] Throw your damn shit away JollyRhino09 2 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    Yakichan, you're never going to convince this internet troll anyone is right and they are wrong

    [–] Throw your damn shit away JollyRhino09 10 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    Must have been you that left trash on the table in the Starbucks I went to this morning.