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    [–] Anthony Bourdain mural goes up downtown JollyRhino09 2 points ago in Pensacola

    Says the guy calling dead people names on the internet

    [–] [I Ate] - shrimp and grits in FL JollyRhino09 1 points ago in food

    It was great, would recommend

    [–] Home Garden In Tampa? JollyRhino09 1 points ago in tampa

    I've been using soapy water with some cayenne pepper in it. Seems to work ok

    [–] Home Garden In Tampa? JollyRhino09 12 points ago in tampa

    I have a small garden. I would be interested as it is challenging to garden around here with the weather and the insects

    [–] Morning bridge traffic? JollyRhino09 5 points ago in tampa

    Because the Howard Frankland goes from 6 lanes to 2 lanes. Bottlnecks suck

    [–] Which airport do people get in line for boarding the earliest....IAD is prob the worst I’ve seen....usually 20 min prior. JollyRhino09 8 points ago in consulting

    I know most consultants knock on SWA due to the lack of first class....but I never got upgraded on mainline airlines. I get free drinks on SWA most flights ( I get coupons.) Flight attendants are less stuffy, and they are really flexible in cancels and routes.

    [–] I found the best burger place in Tampa. JollyRhino09 1 points ago in tampa

    Burger opinions are like assholes...everyone has one