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    [–] Why was Constantinople renamed to Istanbul? JosiahWillardPibbs 12 points ago in history

    I think the order of events implied here is slightly confused when you say

    the Greek language took control of that area

    Istanbul straddles the Bosphorus between Greece proper and western Anatolia and as such the region had been Greek in language and culture and to a large degree ethnicity for a good ~2,000 years prior to the Ottoman conquest. The original city (Byzantium) in the vicinity of where Constantine founded Constantinople proper was founded by the Greeks. Even if one disregards classical Greek civilization, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476, Constantinople remained the capital of the Eastern Empire, a thoroughly Hellenic state, for 1,000 years before it was conquered.

    [–] Nata Lee (natalee.007) JosiahWillardPibbs 1 points ago in goddesses

    Definitely not though they came out far better than most boob jobs

    [–] Sarah Rose McDaniel JosiahWillardPibbs 1 points ago in goddesses

    Hate on her fake iris all you want, she's hot AF

    [–] Jeremy Maclin announces his retirement JosiahWillardPibbs 35 points ago in eagles

    I don't care how many Super Bowls we eventually win, I will never stop saying fuck you Chip Kelly.

    [–] How true is the claim that America killed off 20% of North Korea’s population in the Korean War? JosiahWillardPibbs 3 points ago in history

    Yes, whether justified or not I believe the Western powers distrusted Ho Chi Minh and it was within the scope of the Geneva Conference that they remain there until the planned elections and reunification in 1956. The point is that the French absolutely did renounce their territorial claims and French Indochina was rendered defunct.

    [–] How true is the claim that America killed off 20% of North Korea’s population in the Korean War? JosiahWillardPibbs 3 points ago in history

    To be honest I'm unsure, but whatever was going on beforehand, and whatever the intentions of the French, the battle was so catastrophic that they had to abandon Vietnam in its entirety.

    [–] How true is the claim that America killed off 20% of North Korea’s population in the Korean War? JosiahWillardPibbs 32 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in history

    It's true that he once admired the US, but he brought the independence movement under the suzerainty of the USSR long before the US sided with European colonialists. In fact, during WWII, whenever Churchill and de Gaulle brought up the idea of the US helping Britain and France regain their lost colonies Roosevelt and Eisenhower scoffed, considering it a waste of American money and blood and because they had a low opinion of European colonialism. Eisenhower only begrudgingly backed the French as president in the first Indochina War after Ho Chi Minh had decidedly thrown in his lot with Communism. In Eisenhower's defense, this was coming on the heels of High Stalinism (1945-1953) in which Eastern Europe and its institutions were systematically crushed beneath the Iron Curtain. But the actual US phase of the war had nothing to do with protecting European colonialism; this is a common misconception.

    After the French was crushed at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, they categorically renounced all claim to Vietnam in the United Nations Geneva Accords (also in 1954). During that conference, a new independent Vietnam was recognized but it was partitioned between the non-democratic, non-Communist quasi-dictatorship in the South and Ho Chi Minh's even less democratic, Communist cult-of-personality dictatorship in the North. It was this independent South Vietnam that the US ultimately backed in what we call the Vietnam War in the US. The plan during the accords was for the country to be reunited following elections in 1956, though of the seven delegate nations at the conference the US and South Vietnam did not agree to this, as the south wanted to remain independent of the north and non-Communist. (Additionally, South Vietnam was not actually a democracy itself but also, on the other side of the coin, Ho Chi Minh's communist part was the only legal political party in the north so it was fair to suspect such an election couldn't be fair there.)

    Elections were steadily delayed and at some point there was a period in which people from the south and north were allowed freely to cross to whichever side they preferred, but Ho Chi Minh eventually put a stop to this when the flow from north to south proved to be about 4x that of the reverse direction. He then also began resorting to force, using the Viet Cong through the Ho Chi Minh trail as an insurgency to destabilize the South. This finally led to a bona fide US military presence in the South (initially through special ops and "advisors" to the South) and eventually both sides escalated to using their conventional armies and air forces as well, i.e. the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was a mistake but it is really important to keep in mind that the US phase was to keep the already independent South independent of the North (whether or not you think that was justified or a good idea), not to keep Vietnam a French colony despite a Communist independence movement. France had ceded Vietnam a good 10 years before the real US military escalation under Kennedy and then Johnson took place.

    EDIT: Didn't put a space in de Gaulle

    [–] [Game Thread] #6 Villanova @ #3 Purdue (8:40 PM ET) JosiahWillardPibbs 2 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    We were a 6 seed for a reason. We were pretty meh most of the year. Still shouldn't have gotten whooped like that but hell we lost to Penn earlier this season.

    [–] Alejandra Guilmant JosiahWillardPibbs 3 points ago in NSFWfashion

    Even by this sub's extremely high standards Alejandra is really something else.

    [–] Black top JosiahWillardPibbs 5 points ago in PrettyGirls

    I was thinking Melissa Benoist.

    [–] Examining the Differences In The College And NFL Overtime Systems And the “Fairness” of Each JosiahWillardPibbs 11 points ago in CFB

    Agreed, I learned a lot and realized I definitely had some big misconceptions. For anyone that thinks it's just too long I'd recommend reading it in pieces. /u/ktffan you should consider trying to submit this to 538; it's right up their alley.

    That said, though I always perceived college rules to be fairer than the NFL by a wide margin, the main reason I like the college system is that I think it's vastly more exciting with the call and response structure, akin to extra innings in baseball (maybe not the best example if you don't like baseball) and both teams always within striking distance of scoring.

    [–] [Post Game Thread] #6 Villanova defeats #11 Saint Mary’s 61-57 JosiahWillardPibbs 8 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Even numbered years: Steamroll everyone en route to a national title

    Odd numbered years: Lose in the first weekend [as a 1 seed]; incur eternal shame