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    [–] Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance Commits $5 Million to Amazon Fires JukeBoxDildo 20 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago) in UpliftingNews

    Edit: jesus fucking christ lmfao.

    Me: I want to keep my kid as far away from organized pedophilia as possible.

    Some of you fucking morons: awe, cmon. Just do it.

    You are all fucking insane.

    My son is due the beginning of next month and I will invariably have to fight my girlfriend's parents to not have him baptized or affiliated in any way with organized religion.

    It will be exhausting and I will hate it but honestly, if Chuck E. Cheez had the same reputation of their employees fucking kids and systematically covering it up nobody would bring their kids anywhere near that fucking place. If I told my family I was going to start bringing him to Chuck E. Cheez every weekend they'd call the cops on me claiming I'm an unfit father.

    Somehow people are still falling over themselves to put children in extremely dangerous situations because god, or some bullshit.

    [–] Is that so... JukeBoxDildo 103 points ago in Cringetopia

    Ah, the great equalizer.

    [–] This is why you don’t pound on your chest in front of a silverback JukeBoxDildo 1 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    It took me over a decade to actually realize what they were signing about. I looked up the lyrics and was like "what in the actual fuck?!" Lol.

    [–] This is why you don’t pound on your chest in front of a silverback JukeBoxDildo 3 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    Semi Charmed Life is one of the greatest songs that sounds so, so positive but is actually completely fucked up.

    [–] Billionaire David Koch dies at age 79 JukeBoxDildo 309 points ago in news

    Come gather 'round, people

    Wherever you roam

    And admit that the waters

    Around you have grown

    And accept it that soon

    You'll be drenched to the bone

    If your time to you is worth savin'

    And you better start swimmin'

    Or you'll sink like a stone

    For the climate is a-changin'

    [–] Blursed Maya the Bee JukeBoxDildo 8 points ago in blursedimages

    So am I 😭😭😭😭😭

    [–] Trump is convinced there is a conspiracy to distort economic data and exaggerate the prospect of a recession JukeBoxDildo 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in politics

    This is the correct answer. It's correct because it was quite fucking literally the playbook of Roger Ailes. The goal was to make hatred palatable and ignorance a virtue so that terribly cruel and unqualified people could maintain their political relevance.

    [–] i-is he here JukeBoxDildo 2 points ago in funny

    But why did ten have PTSD?

    He was stuck in the middle of nine eleven.

    [–] White supremacy-fuelled killings to be classed as domestic terrorism under new law proposed in New York JukeBoxDildo 14 points ago in politics

    I think it boils down to the differences in culture and it's why I'm disgusted but very unsurprised by the rise of fascism in the US.

    The children... and I mean children, in my high school in texas were emotionally and intellectually immature to put it bluntly. Pseudo-fascism is how I would describe the social climate of that school. The whole system was predicated on blind obedience to the faculty and the five armed police officers which the school really did not need.

    The system wields the law and school policies with an iron fist and simply talking back to a faculty member could result in out of school suspension. I was arrested for a fist fight which was absurd to me at the time. I was in a jail cell with a kid who'd been in there for two weeks. His offense? Truency.

    People who were raised in this shit don't look at fascism and authoritarianism as an anomaly. They look at it as the life they've known since Jump Street.

    [–] White supremacy-fuelled killings to be classed as domestic terrorism under new law proposed in New York JukeBoxDildo 86 points ago in politics

    known for being polite.

    Let me stop you right there. I was born in MA and raised in NY. I work in manhattan 5 days a week. I spent five years in the marines and lived in texas for two years during high school.

    The idea of southern hospitality is absolute bullshit. It does exist in some manner or another but it's literally just southern people being decent human beings and it is not the overwhelming majority.

    There are plenty of shit people in the northeast but there are far more decent people here than in the south from my experience.

    The south is riddled with racism, xenophobia, tribalism, and all manner of backwards thought. A lot of folks paint this veneer of forced politeness over it then call it southern hospitality because they use loaded language and subliminal racism.

    Here in NY, where we have this reputation for being assholes or something, it really is just people being forward and mature about their feelings. We don't mentally masturbate ourselves with "bless your heart" shit to sleep better at night. We just call you an asshole and leave it at that.