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    [–] does anyone else feel that antinatalism is obvious? Juke_3 1 points ago in antinatalism

    "every idea is obvious given enough familiarity" Strikes the core of antinatalist bashful confusion to natalism as time passes. I love this sentence.

    It reminds me of those pricks who tilt their head and whine when you don't know something they supposedly categorise as "simple," when you have never been exposed to it. We need to be flexible to the mental barriers they put up instead of attacking them for missing the "obvious".

    [–] Living Life on Life’s Terms Juke_3 7 points ago in lifeisagift


    [–] Have kids, and forget the bad things in life!!1! Juke_3 10 points ago in lifeisagift

    Goes to show how this stupid shit really exists unironically

    [–] Jesus fucking christ Juke_3 2 points ago in antinatalism

    My mum is right there with yours. Takes away all ethical liability of anyone. I'd prefer they appeal to hard determinism theories which actually makes proper sense.

    [–] Even the king of reddit knows the truth Juke_3 6 points ago in antinatalism

    There was always an air of rationality about him, I could sense it. I'm a big fan now.

    [–] "Life isn't fair" Juke_3 1 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    Why was this down voted? It is reality. For the sake of the unborn we should promote the idea that hope prolongs the torment of man and we should keep then at a peaceful equilibrium.

    [–] 2meirl4meirl Juke_3 12 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    A fucking group of friends HAHAHA!

    [–] WTF Juke_3 13 points ago in antinatalism

    This made me laugh out loud

    [–] What things cause you the most suffering in your day to day life? How do you cope? Juke_3 7 points ago in antinatalism

    All because of a bit of cum in the wrong place. I very much hope we all go back to rest as unscathed as is manageable.

    [–] This guy is so stupid Juke_3 30 points ago in antinatalism

    "Just as the theist says that without God (and the threat of punishment), one would have no reason to be moral"

    He already does this as a theist Skip to 1:30

    I feel aggression towards this man.

    [–] HMMM Juke_3 27 points ago in teenagers

    Prolly, huh

    [–] The Antinatalism Magazine #2 is out Juke_3 2 points ago in antinatalism

    Purchased it now. Thanks. The 'list of literature' has my interest.

    [–] Triggerwarning: Spicy cringe material Juke_3 4 points ago in antinatalism

    "horrible situation" and the visual is a rich suburban house-wife exercising with a tire LOL!

    [–] MORAL REALISTS GET OUT OF MY SUB REEEEEEEEEEE Juke_3 1 points ago in nihilism

    If we invent bad and good they serve all of us well, no? Granted, morals serve some people better than others.

    [–] Feels appropriate for this sub Juke_3 6 points ago in antinatalism

    I know well what you're expressing. I have to be conscious of my cynicism in case it distorts reality for me.

    [–] 2meirl4meirl Juke_3 2 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    I have already waited for 18 years. When is it over ?