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    [–] Just got this dirty little pup! Anything I need to know going in as a first time Aussie owner? JurrasicParfait 11 points ago in AustralianShepherd

    Mental stimulation > physical exercise! Best Aussie tip I ever got told, a walk will just not tire him out, but the 30 minutes of training where I make him use his brain sure does :) good luck!

    [–] Epic, please make sniper shootout a permanently available game mode! JurrasicParfait 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Is this a widespread issue? I haven't experienced this at all so far with fortnite

    [–] Alrighty then, let me just... JurrasicParfait 30 points ago in BadRocketLeagueGoals

    Was he actively trying to hit it that whole time?

    [–] Made a sick play the other day JurrasicParfait 27 points ago in BadRocketLeagueGoals

    You can really see he regret in this one

    [–] AMA Request: An EA customer service/call center representative. JurrasicParfait 16 points ago in AMA

    I feel like the last thing they would want during their time of work is to answer the questions of more angry customers... also EA probably wouldn't approve of them going off the cuff at the moment

    [–] The time me and my friends went to Pisa... JurrasicParfait 0 points ago in pics

    You are very articulate and good at grammar-ing