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    [–] It had to be done. Juthorian 8 points ago in dankruto

    its a repost tho

    [–] Live-action Fancast Juthorian 1 points ago in rickandmorty

    Shoulda had Richard Gere play Gearhead

    [–] Sometimes I do things Juthorian 2 points ago in Overwatch

    This guy shoots

    [–] The good, the bad an the living jukebox Juthorian 0 points ago in funny

    First song is “The Ecstasy of Gold”

    [–] This tv remote enter button location Juthorian 2 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    I was trying to figure out why the source wasn’t changing for so long

    [–] How do I generate random letters in CMD like in the movies? Juthorian 8 points ago in learnprogramming

    Open up notepad and copy paste this in and save it as <something>.bat

    @Echo Off
    color A
    Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
    Set _RNDLength=8
    Set _Alphanumeric=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789
    Set _Str=%_Alphanumeric%987654321
    IF NOT "%_Str:~18%"=="" SET _Str=%_Str:~9%& SET /A _Len+=9& GOTO :_LenLoop
    SET _tmp=%_Str:~9,1%
    SET /A _Len=_Len+_tmp
    Set _count=0
    SET _RndAlphaNum=
    Set /a _count+=1
    SET _RND=%Random%
    Set /A _RND=_RND%%%_Len%
    SET _RndAlphaNum=!_RndAlphaNum!!_Alphanumeric:~%_RND%,1!
    If !_count! lss %_RNDLength% goto _loop
    Echo !_RndAlphaNum!
    goto _loop

    Now run it!