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    [–] Veronica Avluv K-zi 3 points ago in ModelsGoneMild

    This woman has an asshole prettier than her face.

    [–] Is first love harder to let go of? K-zi 2 points ago in ExNoContact

    My first one was easy to forget, it's the second one I struggled with(still do sometimes).

    [–] What is a big NO-NO in coding? K-zi 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Well, how should coders share their work or collaborate then?

    [–] Racist Egg Part 2 K-zi 5 points ago in niceguys

    Since egg is reading this sub.

    How can you call someone a nigger,cunt and what not just because they decided not to talk to you. That is not what good human beings do. If you believe you're a good human, don't wish that people get miscarriages.Perhaps?

    [–] What is surprisingly NOT scientifically proven? K-zi 1 points ago in AskReddit

    We just figured out why we sleep. This year's nobel price in biology is going out to the guy who found it.

    [–] Should I expect perfect craftsmanship from a $400 shoe? K-zi -15 points ago in malefashionadvice

    For $400, it better come with a female concierge who'd put it on you and then finish with a blow job the first time you wear them.

    [–] Veteran banned from The_Donald K-zi 1 points ago in BannedFromThe_Donald

    So you think internet was better before 2015. Name one aspect.

    [–] Should I or Shouldn't I Buy? - December 16 K-zi 1 points ago in malefashionadvice

    I wouldn't. Patterns just stand out as something my dad would wear.

    [–] Sleep paralysis is such bollocks. First you can't move and your breathing is cramped and then your brain is like "here, have a demon." K-zi 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    next time when you have sleep paralysis, concentrate on moving your big toe instead of your entire body. You should gain back full control much faster than trying to take control of your entire body at once.

    [–] Are oligopolies inevitable conclusions of a free market? How are oligopolies prevented? K-zi 5 points ago in AskEconomics

    No they are not natural conclusions to a free market. Whether or not a market is Oligopolistic depends on certain properties of that market.

    If you have a market with high barriers of entry, like huge start up costs (e.g. broadband), proprietary technology (e.g. Pharmaceuticals) or reach economies of scale at a high volume of production (e.g. Cell phone Manufacturing) you will have an oligopoly. Not all markets, in fact very few markets have these traits. Most markets tend towards a perfectly competitive or a monopolistic market these days owing to really small fixed costs (sometimes) and nearing zero marginal costs (thanks to technology).

    At the end of the day, this innate idea that companies would compete with each other until there is one man left standing is a miscalculation of a thought experimentation gone wild. In a perfectly competitive and/or monopolistic market, regardless of how long the market exists, there will always be competition, period.

    [–] Trump isn’t welcome in UK after sharing far-right videos, London mayor says K-zi 1 points ago in worldnews

    I feel bad for Theresa May, it almost feels like she never wanted to be the PM but she realizes that this might be her only chance to ever achieve that position, so she took it. Also, it won't be too far fetched to claim that in all likelihood her party hates her personally. Thus, she's put under the bus by her colleagues.

    [–] People who contacted their ex's to get answers, how did it go? K-zi 1 points ago in ExNoContact

    that's an answer I wasn't expecting. They don't know the answers themselves. THanks for putting it into that perspective.

    [–] How is it possible for them to just stop caring? K-zi 11 points ago in ExNoContact

    I was in a state of disbelief when my ex did the same but when I saw so many people shared their stories, I just realized not only is it possible but it is commonplace.

    I don't know if it actually helps to know that people are shitty and they can be babies when it comes to breaking up. The truth is that it probably has nothing to do with you. Doesn't have anything to do with fact whether he loved you or not. It is just the kind of person he is, someone who doesn't have the decency to communicate in their relationship, someone who doesn't care enough about other people to break down a bad news gently as possible.

    People falling out of love is not rare and there is nothing wrong with it either. However, if you want to end a relationship with someone you should do it with dignity and kindly (as possible). Your ex didn't do these things and that makes him an asshole. I don't think you should take it as an indicator to who you are and what your relationship with him was like.

    [–] Strange encounter with a DT member while browsing YouTube K-zi -8 points ago in Dreamtheater

    I am one dream theater's biggest fan but that was just space vomit. Why would anyone do that to a more or less straight forward pop track?

    [–] How much does it cost to build an app like Uber? K-zi 1 points ago in AppDevelopment

    I've had a friend who wanted to create an Uber knock-off in my country (Uber is already here and massively popular). He wanted to outsource it to an Indian company, who asked for somewhere around $10,000. I'm guessing American and European developers would charge far more.