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    [–] CMV: I don't believe that "developing countries" will actually achieve a "developed" level like the other countries. K-zi 1 points ago in changemyview

    It still is but it has faced tremendous economic growth and my point was that there are several countries from around the globe that had good growth.

    [–] CMV: I don't believe that "developing countries" will actually achieve a "developed" level like the other countries. K-zi 1 points ago in changemyview

    You can take singapore as a study case. Back in the 40s it used to be dirt poor. Slums everywhere. Forward to 2017, it's the richest country in the world (per capita). So, it happened, other countries that are a good example of this China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Estonia.

    [–] Simple Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE!- November 12 K-zi 1 points ago in malefashionadvice

    I have some flannels from patagonia and they have a relaxed fit, so even in my regular size they have a good amount of room

    That's what I'm talking about it. Flannels look better if they're a bit relaxed.

    [–] Simple Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE!- November 12 K-zi 1 points ago in malefashionadvice

    Should my flannel shirts be a little over sized? I don't know why but a flannel that fits perfectly to my body, looks a bit odd to me compared to one size larger than your usual size.

    [–] "Can I show you m'penis, m'lady" K-zi -23 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Technically that would not be harassment, if he asks permission, he is asking for consent.

    [–] What would the economic impact of restricting or banning advertisements be? K-zi 1 points ago in AskEconomics

    Advertising, if done honestly can provide an economy with the perfect information it needs to operate. It also allows monopolistic markets to exist by creating brand loyalty and one might argue, we need monopolistic markets because it allows for greater choice and more artistic expression.

    [–] Miss India again K-zi 4 points ago in NRIBabes

    How rare is it that you see a girl and go WOW?

    [–] The Lean Startup Overdose K-zi 1 points ago in startups

    Your co-founder's understanding of lean-methodology is completely opposite from mine.

    To me a lean startup tests core assumption but not every single detail. I felt at the core of lean start up, going to market, pace and just getting things are the important factors. I have a founder who thinks similary to your co-founder. He wants to do a humongous survey (but doesn't know what core assumptions he wants to test) before we even build the product. He works as a data analyst and wants to look at everything from that lens. But at the end of the day, I just don't see the point of conducting a very expensive survey to validate a relatively inexpensive product.

    [–] Niceguy wants to be praised for not sexually assaulting women! K-zi 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in niceguys

    While most armchair activism doesn't make a difference, I'm hopeful this one did. I don't think people here agree metoo is stupid.

    The idea was to make men realize that the issue is deeper than we thought. I was very surprised to learn just how many of my friends have been assaulted, and by assault I don't just mean cat called but forcefully kissed, touched and other shameful advances. We needed to become aware of this. We needed answers to the questions people kept asking the assailed, like why didn't you speak up before or why you didn't retaliate? This shuts a lot of people up. All those questions are answered by millions of women who have nothing to gain from, as opposed to lets say those accusing Bill Cosby and getting hush money.

    I'm hoping that if enough minds are changed after this hashtag campaign, we will take sexual harassment/assault more seriously (we don't do it now) and women will be braver to speak up.

    [–] Supreme Just Got Valuated to $1 Billion by The Carlyle Group K-zi 3 points ago in malefashionadvice

    Even if the hype does end, they could make bank in due time or they could grow a loyal base who'd stay with them afterwards. Moreover if managed properly, they will adapt with fashion trends and provide their customers with the kind of fashion they want. It's not like supreme is locked into creating one type of clothing. They will change and adapt and keep the ball rolling.

    [–] Supreme Just Got Valuated to $1 Billion by The Carlyle Group K-zi 2 points ago in malefashionadvice

    A billion dollar isn't much as it used to. Look at all the startups being bought up for billions and then shut down. There must be an underlying reason why they valuated supreme so high and that might be anything from brand value, popularity, supply chain, assets.

    [–] An email I’m writing for my ex K-zi 3 points ago in ExNoContact

    I didn't even have to read this to say that you shouldn't send this shit to him. Do your dignity and self pride a favor and don't forget about him.

    [–] User feedback vs failure to launch: Am I being too cautious? K-zi 1 points ago in startups

    Actually I've read lean startup. My co-founder hasn't. I agree with GaryArefuge and am of the same belief that we need to build a MVP. My co-founder doesn't realize that he is holding off a small investment towards building our MVP against a much more expensive market research which doesn't even validate the product.

    [–] Starting an App with my friend, best way to market it? K-zi 2 points ago in marketing

    Oh God! Try something, go to the richest person you know (or a VC), tell them you have an idea and you want this amount of money. See how many people jump at your idea and give you a shit ton of cash. And when they laugh their asses off as you're shown the door, come back and share your million dollar idea.

    Sorry bro/sis (whatever), ideas are not worth a dime. Everyone has ideas, tons of them. I thought of Uber before Uber thought of uber. I'm sure with the 1000's of entrepreneurs in this sub everyone has thought of an idea like airbnb, FB, Instagram or some unicorn at some point in their lives before these companies were formed. The only difference between us geniuses and Ubers of the world is that the latter executed their ideas we didn't or don't have the ability to execute those ideas.

    The point of this sub is to develop those skills that enable us to execute a good idea. Share with impunity, no one is stealing your ideas.

    [–] Preach lady! K-zi 2 points ago in exmuslim

    Ayee Bengalis Unite!!!

    [–] Hello MFA, I want to be more stylish but I also don't want to be "that guy" and really don't want to give up on the black clothes. Any advices? K-zi 1 points ago in malefashionadvice

    If I may, I'd suggest you move a bit away from all black, instead go for a look where you compliment a mostly black outfit with at least one non-black article of clothing. Like, a black leather jacket, black jeans, and a white t-shirt,or, black t-shirts, jeans and a white pair of stan smiths or any other kicks.

    [–] [17m] What to talk to her about? K-zi 2 points ago in seduction

    Don't talk so much. If you keep talking and don't escalate you'll just fall into the friendzone and also, eventually the spark will die out.

    [–] My brother called me an autist cringe lord for trying to get into seduction K-zi 4 points ago in seduction

    I'd be embarrassed to admit I used to hang around this sub but at the end it helped. So yeah, maybe we shouldn't really care what others think. Talking to women, if you're a guy is an expected social skill and if you don't have it, you'll be vilified anyways. Ironically, you'll be put down for learning those skills as well. It's almost like people expect you to be born with it.